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    posted a message on Why you are not playing Hearthstone as often As you can?

    There is no variety right now. It gets boring fighting the same deck over and over again.

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    posted a message on XilinhungHS' Top 10 Legend CTRL PRIEST! Metabreaking!

    I played 20 matches, won 17 lost 3. Mage is a mixed bag, if they go full face we can't outheal their spells and their card draw is way too insane for us to match.

    Paladin is easy to beat if you tech in The Nameless One. I don't think I lost a single match against that class.

    Warlock is a massive pain but winnable if you can make good use of Mindrender Illucia. I like to steal their Envoy Rustwix using The Nameless One. People say keep pressure on Warlock but thats hardly possible with all the removal they have. Best bet is to hope they either don't draw Tickatus early or try to steal it and play it using Illucia.

    Getting a 1 Mana Illucia through Insight means you can try to do this on Turn 7 (Turn 6 with a Coin). If their Tickatus isn't corrupted, you can burn their own deck. Even if it's already corruped, I think playing it is the right choice. it's an 8/8 body + they can't summon it back with y'shaarj.

    Overall, this deck seems really strong but card draw is a massive pain in the ass + surviving against aggro decks can be tough. This can't be autopiloted like other decks. One wrong move is the difference between win and loss. Personally, I'd rather play something else since every game turns into a 30 min match.


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    posted a message on What do you think about Pen Flinger

    A nice nerf would be to speed up the animations

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    posted a message on Lunacy draw rate

    I'm not a math whiz but the odds of drawing it on turn 1 aren't that bad. It's around 3% for it to be the very first card you draw. The next cards you draw increase that probability to around 3.8% if you draw 4 cards on turn.

    The odds of NOT drawing lunacy as your first card is 1 - 1/30 = 29/30 or around 96.66%.

    Odds of not getting it on the next 3 draws (turn 1 assumes you draw 4 cards total )

    Card 2: 28/29

    Card 3: 27/28

    Card 4: 26/27

    Totalling those 4 gives you a percentage of around 86.6%. So the chance of NOT drawing lunacy on turn 1 is 86.6%.

    Inversely, the chance of drawing lunacy on your first hand (assuming you start without coin) is 13.3%.

    This is not accounting for mulligan which should double your chances for the first 3 cards. Or the fact that player 2 gets an additional card draw.

    All things considered, the chance of getting lunacy on turn 1 should be 15-20%. Which are very very nice odds.

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    posted a message on Let me tip bonus XP to my opponents as a "good game".

    Yes I like this change which is probably why it's never going to see the light of day.

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