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    posted a message on The dumbest player I’ve met

    Do people seriously get salty enough to make posts on this website because of a meme deck? If he's running marin and not lifedrinker then what are you complaining about? People who complain about "stupid" opponents who still win are worse than the people who do nothing but go on about how broken all the meta decks are.

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    In the last patch (11.2), Blizzard changed the order in which minions' card text affects the board and when a minion is played. In short, before the patch the minion Dire Wolf Alpha's text (adjacent minions get +1 attack) could buff a minion like Azure Drake to be 5 attack when it entered the battlefield, thus triggering Jungle Giants. After the patch the effects of minion card text on the board isn't counted until AFTER the minion that is being played has completed its battlecry and such. Hope that made sense!

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    While I'm happy that giants aren't going to be a problem in wild anymore, I agree with the sentiment that this change shouldn't be happening. I don't know why they insist on keeping the mana reduction to the point where it makes the giants cheap/free, it feels wrong. I like the idea of it enforcing that ALL cards cost 5 regardless of mana reduction text. It's so brainless and it ruins this card flavor-wise.

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    The second version seems more in line with the language Blizzard uses on its cards; I can't think of any time they specifically say 'in the battlefield', that's more of a magic the gathering term.

    Overall though I like the design you have for a Monk hero, it's always really cool to see how people interpret the class into Hearthstone! I'm interested to see what kinds of new cards you could design, these seem really neat.

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    While I do think it's odd both Ben Brode and Hamilton Chu left, I wouldn't be too worrified for the future of the game. With as many people working on the game as there are, it's unlikely the team is facing a crisis. Higher ups leaving a company at the same time is not really unusual; it's likely that both Brode and Chu wanted to leave for a little while before now but chose to stay to see out the end of The Witchwood. I wouldn't be too worried about the direction the game is going, it's not like these two guys made up the entirety of the heart of the game, seems like people are making a mountain out of a molehill to me.

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    I just unpacked a golden copy of this in a free Un'Goro pack that I got from the Year of the Raven celebration. Gotta say, this card is a lot of fun to make gimmicky decks with! I've had a lot of fun in wild and standard with this card, and it's really fun to experiment with in aggro or control archetypes, it can fit either. Really a neat card that's just too underwhelming for standard.

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    posted a message on Wild Cards Return to Arena for Wildfest - A Three Week Long Hearthstone Event

    I would prefer not bringing back Antique Healbot and Justicar Trueheart. The last thing we need is more power for control decks

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    posted a message on Three High Legend Decks from Hearthstone's Pros + Bonus Community Deck
    Quote from RavenSunHP >>

    PS: i also see my post got severly downvoted. Which is sad, for it means either that people can't read or that they are severely biased themselves...

     "People don't agree with me? Heh, they must not be intelligent enough to see Jade Druid and Shaman are literally the only problem with Hearthstone!'
    I'm not one for lengthy rebuttals but I will say this: Your frustration with playing against Jade decks is shared by many, but almost everyone in the game complains about whatever deck is popular because it gets boring and frustrating to lose to the same deck consistently.
    It's not irrational to be frustrated with meta decks, but acting like they're the bane of the game and that Jade is a broken mechanic is just shortsighted. Having played this game since the launch of GvG, I can personally say I'd much rather deal with Jade than with a lot of other decks that have existed in the past that never even got counters.
    Also as far as the 'flavor' of the game goes Jade makes sense in the context of Mean Streets, because the idea of "Living Nature" has been warped criminals using Jade Golems to take over Gadgetzan, it's not stereotypical Druids using the power of the wild.
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    posted a message on Is Kalimos usable?

    I'd save him for later, wait until you know you want to make some other legendary from his dust, but otherwise I'd say elemental shaman is a fun deck, so maybe give him a try if you feel like having fun.

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    posted a message on How do you prefer to name your decks? Share some cool names!

    I usually stick with more practical names for my ladder decks, but I always makes my gimmicky ones as ridiculous as possible. My favorite name so far is "Thicc Bois Revelations", which is Jungle Giants ramp deck

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