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    I don't know, but do you think they knew how Dr. Boom was so OP that changed the meta and how bad Purify was?

    Either they have subjective idea of card beforehand and then play test them, and some times stuff slips under their radar, or evil Blizzard have perfect control over the game and relase those cards unbalanced on purpose.

    Pick your poison.

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    yea, you can't evaluate the average value of those cards easily, but you can always calculate the value of the card in a specific case, because eventualy all cards change the cards in yout hand, the minions on the board and the hero HP. Thats the power of those equations, because everery card eventualy effect one or more of them.

    If you like you can look at the end of the article the is a part that I talk about Game State and I talk about that.

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    Even more!!!!

    Because the formula asumes that the hero is at 12HP, the value of using Reno at low HP is even higher.

    for example: Reno at 5HP

    V  = 12(ln(30)-ln(5)) = 21Mana

    if represents reality tends to you to judge, but a Reno at 5HP is indeed a game changer

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    Most cards in Hearthstone are very simple and can be decribed with a couple of numbers, it shouldn't be very difficult to exist an objective way to measure their strength and be able to balance them properly.

    I'm a Physics student and know the power of mathematical models, with just some simple afirmations you're able to make incredible predictions. In 2016 I played a lot of Hearthstone, I even got 1 star away from Legend :( , and on my free time just for fun I made a mathematical model to describe Hearthstone.

    Since then I lost intrest on the game, mainly because it costs a lot of money to keep playing and because I hated the balance (I'm looking at you Mysterious Challenger), but in this year I remembered that mathematical model, and I wanted to share it with you all.

    There is all of the details and demostrantions on this article: https://sites.google.com/view/laws-of-hearthstone/p%C3%A1gina-inicial

    But all of the results can be sumarized in those 3 fundamental Equations.

    I) Value(V) in Mana of a card with cost (C):

    V = 2(C+1)

    II) Value(V) in Mana of a minion with attack(A) and Health(H):

    V = sqrt(5*A'*H)


    A' = A , if A<3

    A' = A - (A-3)2 /12 , if 3<A<9

    A' = 6 , if 9<A

    III) Value (V) in Mana of dealing (n) damage to enemy hero:

    V = 12*(ln(12)-ln(12-n))

    Let's take the example Antique Healbot, to calculate the strength of a card we can calculate it's efficiency by dividing it's effect value by the value of a card with the same cost:

    Antique Healbot :

    Cost=5 , V = 2(5+1) = 12

    Minion = (3,3) , V = sqrt(5*3*3) = 6,7

    Heal(negative damage to heroes) = 8 , V = 12*(ln(20) - ln(12)) = 6,13

    Card's effect value = Minion + Heal = 12,83

    Efficiency = card's effect value/card's value = 12,83/12 = 107%

    With this method we can estimate that the Antique Heal Bot is 107% efficient and therefore a strong card, wich makes sense considering it's strength at the time it was played.

    You can try this method with every card in the game an check for yourselfs if it works, if there is an interesting case or a card that the method just doesn't work please let me know, but probaly most edge cases where already been addressed on the article above, so it might be worth taking a look.

    What I would like to see is the developers taking an approach similar to what I did, not necessarily the exact same thing, but at least a method that balances the game and makes it fair and fun again, at least on my opinion, I bet there is a lot of people that are happy with the game right now, but I beleve that it could be mutch better.

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