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    posted a message on Archdruid Naralex's RNG is Rigged?

    its nice to see someone like 3nnu1, i always think that everything its rigged in HS , its logic and its common sense, no company will rely on luck his incomes, they need a 50% winrate to maintain everyone happy and playing (and paying)... soccer video-games implement this algorithms 10 or 15 years ago to maintain the 50% winrate...

    I dont have a big sheet with data but i can count a lot of times that things with infinitesimal probability occur to me in HS... if were lottery i had won the big prize so many times with that odds...

    the last one its happening now, with imprisoned felmaw (thats the reason i keep reading this post, because that initial message), im on a streak of 19 times imprisoned felmaw go face, this one i was counting with a friend just for the laughs... of the people who thinks that the RNG its not rigged...

    goes like this... 8 times go face with me having 2 minions, 3 times go face with me having 1 minion, 4 times go face with me having 3 minions, 1 with 5 minion, 1 with 6 and 2 with me having 7 minions on board... all the times to the face, all the times in a row... keep defending blizzard monkeys

    with this i dont want to demostrate nothing to nobody, just to show some support to 3unn1, my  man

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    posted a message on How Arena Matchmaking Works in Hearthstone - Games Decided on Skill & Tracking Of A Skill Rating

    XDDD i have this feeling since i play this game, the matchmaking its bullshit and this game its rigged in basically every interaction but the most frustating its you face opponents based in your deck, not rank, not some skill value, just to maintain around a 50% winrate across all players to maximize incomes...

    its also fun i keep playing for the same reasons, i like to collect Wow cards XD

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    posted a message on Barrens Achievement Farming

    i understand what you are saying, i had nice interactions too but its very unbalanced. For one nice interaction i get ten toxic... If i didnt attack you the whole game with a hunter (WITH A HUNTER!) and suddenly i play that garbage Tarvis and a lot of tiny minions, if you think an OTK will came form that you are a very religious person, and on top of that in the next turn you use all your arsenal to just kill that poor bastard of Tarvis, you know very well what you are doing... not happen once, not happen twice, happens a lot

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    posted a message on Wich is the best use for classic packs??

    With the new upcoming changes anyone figured out wich its gonna be the best use for the classic packs we already have??

    open now? open after release?

    try to avoid ironic answers i know that they are pretty useless

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    posted a message on Option to ban a class

    i was hoping they develop this feature since the beginning

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    posted a message on achievements in BG

    Ive got number one position with almost all of the heroes on the current BG meta but they didnt gave me the achievement of anyone... instead they gave me the achievement of getting above 4 for all of them... its a bug? why they did gave achievements of getting above 4 but not number one? im not doing all the job again, you can put the achievements system right in the center of his...

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    posted a message on Interesting Details, Stories & Facts From The Scholomance Academy Card Arts

    excellent!! i will love to see older expansions!!!

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    posted a message on [Detailed!] Yoshi Highlander Illidan - D10 to Legend in 4 days.

    dont try this deck its a waste of time, i lost all my games against fuckings rogues, i dont even had any chance,not even doing what the creator said to do, dont waste your time

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    posted a message on Alexstraza to Hall of Fame please?

    i vote for Alexstrasza to the HoF because i have her in golden! Nice 3200 dusts!

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    posted a message on 17.0.2 Balance Patch - All the Nerfs and Buffs - Including BGs

    they have big money in their accounts, thats why they tolerate the "ungratefulness"

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