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    I love this deck! So funny. I changed the following cards:

    • -2 Raven Idol, +2 Azure Drake: seemed much better to have spell damage for the 8 damage spells.
    • -2 Moonglade Portal, +2 Healing Touch: cheaper and more heal (no board presence though).
    • -1 Jade Blossom, +1 Barnes: more and more Jade Golem Druids are only using one Jade Blossom, mainly because it is not worth summoning a 3-mana Jade Golem after T6 (assuming you don't play both Blossoms beforehand, which is rare anyway), when you could be doing it with more cost-effectively. Barnes is super in this deck (if you play it with at least one Arcane Giant summoned or in your hand) because it can give you a Thalnos, a Drake or a 4-mana Gadgetzan Auctioneer, which could boost your card draw if you play your hand right (hence also the addition of cheaper healing).

    Let me know what you think and how you fare with the deck.

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    Great deck by the way: had a couple of unexpected victories with it. I just made the following changes:

    • -1 Quick Shot, +1 Unleash the Hounds: i don't have the card; Unleash the Hounds is 1 mana more expensive but could proc Kill Command if needed, as well as dealing with small Totems or ganging up against a minion.
    • -1 King's Elekk, +1 Bloodmage Thalnos: I don't have the card; besides, with 6 damage spells, I believe more spell damage is helpful, not to mention the card draw, which is the main reason why Elekk is there in the first place.
    • -1 Call of the Wild, +1 Arcane Giant: i don't have this card wither, but with 14 spells, the probability of it becoming a 9 mana drop is rather high (so it fills the mana slot Call of the Wild offers and with the possibility of further cost reduction).
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