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    posted a message on Kazakusan nerf unhealthy for Hearthstone

    Kazakus  should learn to behave like one other dragon. You may have heard about Galakrond.

    Blizzard should assign rarities to his treasures and you get to pick better rarity ones as you play more dragons. We do have treasures that do not win game on their own. And than you have rager, wand, queldallar and book. Give him more depth.

    And miracle growth is overpriced. It should be 5 mana draw 1 summon elemental with taunt and stats equal to your hand size. (Dark alley pact from Stormwind)

    And maybe replace mana Crystals for empty ones on Guff Hero card.

    Kaelthas was also hit too hard. They could change him to 7 and 1 cost but let him have old effect via corruption

    switcheroo cannot be abused hard if you swap stats between your and your opponent's minions. But 2 mana. But I do agree there is a card that does deserve a ban from priest. It a boar. Elwyn one at that. 

    Control doesn't have tools to beat this deck with how much removal priest has access to.

    Control has some chance against quest rogue (caverns) although nerfs to sap,vanish and Scabbs would be handy.

    With the amount of support pirates have gotten they should lose their southsea captain.

    make Mr. Smite battlecry ALL minions have rush. And to be honest we need effect like this in the game to make the game feel better. 

    I would also like to propose 2 nerfs to mechs click cloker 2 health but no divine shield and security automaton 4 health but only gains attack.

    And possibly nerf sweeper to deathrattles instead of battlecries 

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    posted a message on Patch 23.0 Known Issues - Balance Changes Feedback Heard

    Ban kaelthas in druid. 

    Remove switcheroo, add new card 3 mana draw 2 minions, set their attack equal to their health. For flavor purposes 

    Nerf pirate stats accros the board.

    Hunter can use hero power 2 times per turn refreshing on killing enemy minion.

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    posted a message on Potential Sunken City Nerfs

    Switcheroo can be remade into 3 mana draw 2 set their attack equal to their health. and rename the card

    And ban kaelthas from druid and make sure you cannot generate banned cards

    Lastly buff thaeilin to no generate other class colossal minions only - highlander decks

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    posted a message on How healthy is kazakusan for the meta?

    Maybe add more treasures into the pool but some classes have some treasures prohibited. And maybe change the requirement to play dragons before you can get the treasures. 

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    posted a message on Patch Notes 22.2 - Balance Changes, Battlegrounds Updates, Duels, Mercenaries, Lunar New Year & More!

    giving rokkara extra 5 armor is bad buff.  she doesn't compete with raid the docks and armor gain from her hero power doesn't compete against other classes - shaman does 3 dmg on avarage, mage can do 10, priest does 5 every 2 turns. so the buff should be deal 2 gain 3, and honorable kill gain 3 armor - this can be triggered by anything. + i would make the weapon 3/2 unbreakable but it will throw minions to enemy face only if you kill them with it. and flavor base nerf immovable object 2/3

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    posted a message on Datamined Balance Changes for 22.2 - Sorcerer's Apprentice - Rapid Fire - Rogue Changes & More!

    well if you want to see more control warrior 5 armor will not leave a dent.

    change the weapon to 3/2 permanent. and after you kill a minion with it throw it the opponent. and hero power gives 3 armor on use and 3 more if you honorable  kill a minion

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    posted a message on Mercenaries | Game mode

    I play daily. I'm f2p and acquired all mercenaries by daily login + task farming. i have most of the casters maxed. and most of my merc overall have maxed abilities but not equipment

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    posted a message on Mercenaries missing stats

    to unlock you need to max everything on a mercenary - level, abilities, gear

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    posted a message on I never saw an expansion so weak

    I do agree that the expansion is weaker than it should be. Although we do have impactful cards we still dying to uninteractive combos. We need nerds especially for wild since the only new deck that is in meta is freeze shaman. We need dial back warrior and hunter quests. Warlock has huge problem with his quest line too - it should be part of wild but we need to make it so instead when you would take dmg your opponent takes 1  or 2 dmg. - you are immune but it's not oppressive for opponent.


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    posted a message on Magister Dawngrasp, the most pointless hero card in HS history?

    we need some more defensive tools for a mage - 3 mana deal 1 dmg to enemy minions gain 1 armor for each dmg dealt - frost/fire

    the saddest thing about this is the achievement of dealing 8 dmg with your hero power - it's impossible to do without wildfire - 1-3-5-7-9 ...

    one thing to note is that wildfire used to be kept through hero power swaps and they removed it.  but when it comes to broken flamewaker/ignite/mozaki they don't do anything. they also haven't unnerfed pilgrim as a slower strategy. but it's ok to have heavy polarizing caverns rogue in the game.

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    posted a message on Heroic Corrupted Ancient

    i agree on nature comp

    i run malfurion brukan + guff as main dmg but you can also put in anacondra as a party member - she has a treasure to straight up kill the summoned minions

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    posted a message on Worst task?

    i just checked on google and there was a reddit thread about warden

    you need to go barens 2 heroic

    get glacial shard and set of healers(natalie + xyrella) 

    every 2 turns shard casts ice lance on natalie and you use yours too

    its not guaranteed to be first but after several rounds you will eventually do the task

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    posted a message on problems with no managerie in last patch

    one of the things that is missing in currrent battlegrounds version is no managerie support. 

    i would like to see each tribe have some card to scale all minions

    so here is a list of ideas

    bannerboar at the end of your turn cast a blood gem on adjacent minions
    golden : at the end of you turn cast 2 blood gems on itself and adjacent minions

    Pirates:peggy brittlebone: after card is added to your hand give random friendly minion +1/+1 permanently.

    Molten rock golden version: after you play a minion gain +2 health(normal still scales of elementals only)
    dazzling lightspawn: avange 4 minions in bob tavern have +1/+1 for rest of the game

    Goldrynn: deathrattle give your minions +4/+4.

    saltscale honcho:
    after you play a minion give another friendly minion +1 health/ +2 health

    Famished felbat: at the end of your turn you minions eat a minion in bobs tavern gaining its stats.

    omega buster deatrattle- buffs all minions not just mechs.
    new minion t5 3/6 avange 4 give friendly minion divine shield for rest of the game. - permantent buff to minion in tavern.


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    posted a message on For those who want Warlock Questline changed/reworked, how would you do it?

    if you would take dmg from a friendly effect - your side of board, cards you play, hero power deal 1 dmg to your opponent instead.

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds Update?

    they do not have enough resources thats why they are hiring new people for BG development

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