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    posted a message on Which nerfs will be reverted?

    Demon hunter:
    partial revert on twinslice twinslice: 0 mana +1 attack second slice 1mana  +2attack

    most of the classic cards should be reverted about  nourish/wild growth - only one of those.
    force of nature: also gives your treants rush for rest of the game to make it feel more epic.
    small buff to ancient of war give it full transformation like other choose one minions.
    some changes to savage roar- nerfs

    agree on hunters mark to 1 (equality at 2)
    bestial wrath gives rush

    if you nerf flamewaker to be more reasonable you can bring back evocation to 1 and can print more cheap cards. flamewaker is cheaper mozaki and more efficient than her except for cram session.
    we need bring back torttolann pilgrim at the cost of him being 10 mana card. it was very good way to counter priest.
    quest should require spending mana on the spell to count progress - maybe turn it into spend 20 mana on spells that did not start in your deck.

    equality to 2
    hammer of wrath to 3
    truesilver champion has lifesteal but
    lightforged zealot: your hero cant attack enemy hero this turn - same but for minions should be on libram of justice.

    Raza the chained: your hero power costs 1 less for the rest of the game.- does stack
    some big priest nerfs - catrina,blood,vargoth nerf these 3 and it should be more handable
    maybe make vargoth return 1 spell to your hand but it will not trigger him again when you play the copy - like gallywix of sorts.

    Vanish should provide stealth and bounce your minions back to our hand 4 mana ?
    Sap should make minions dormant for a turn.
    blade flurry : 2 mana your next Attack deals damage to adjacent minions aswell.
    leaching poison revert.
    kingsbane: 1 mana 1/4. after attacking hero destroy this. 






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    posted a message on Developer Interview - Battlegrounds, No 10 Gold For 3 Wins, Next Patch & More

    i would make it that sometimes quest can give additional gold. or maybe if you play every day you get some gold bonus.

    since the new system im stuck with 40 gold and i dont want to play arena to get even.

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    posted a message on Community Nerf Suggestions [Wild Edition]

    Raza the chained : reduce the cost of your hero power by 1 for rest of the game.(stacks )

    Counterspel and explosive runes reworked into new secrets.

    Cloudprince deal 2 dmg for each secret you control.

    Or cloud prince 10 mana 4/4 deal 4 dmg costs 2 less for each friendly secret that was revealed.

    Kanrathed ebonlocke first demon costs 2 less each turn.

    Darkglare 4 mana 3/4 your hero power costs 0 and can be used 3 times each turn.

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    posted a message on Weekly Community AMA From Dean "Iksar" Ayala - New Class? Game Modes, Bots & More
    Quote from FreeDrinks >>

    What I am asking myself is if they have actually played the game lately or if they only watch stats and interpret data? Like why doesn't Rogue have a board clear, why is Shaman still op, why is DH such a bad class? why is there only a handful of viable decks if you don't wanna lose all the time? I am talking Standard here, not wild. 

     so you want another demon hunter?

    rogue is good at single target removal. if there is 1 thing i would make blade flurry 3 mana your next attack have cleave(dmg adjacent) draw a card.

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    posted a message on 19.4.1 Balance Patch Notes - Changes to Hysteria and Duels

    what about keywared ivory? why is she not offering new dual class spells?

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    posted a message on Keywarden Ivory

    its weird that i havent seen any new dual class cards offered from her(darkmoon races)

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    posted a message on The Pepper Thread - Share your good vibes!

    my good old trusty thief/oil rogue got a lot better.

    lynnessa sunssorow + nitroboost poison + togwaggle scheme figure the rest

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    posted a message on Is this a world record? I have been killed in turn 3 in Wild.

    Record was t1. Before kaelthas nerf it was possible apm opponent to death on t1 with UI and other spells.


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    posted a message on People who don't play wild, do you disenchant cards that rotate out?

    i play wild only. some time ago i used to disenchant some cards to get new expansion cards. now? missing ~ 180 epic and 80 legendaries to full collection. i dont have ghuun onlz from madness. and last released cards i dont have are from boomsday (5 legendaries)

    slowly i fill my collection

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    posted a message on Eye for an eye bug?

    same goes for no surrender

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    posted a message on Tickatus would have the perfect nerf, yet Blizzard...

    10 mana 8/8 taunt battlecry shuffle cards you drawn with your heropower into your deck. corrupt they cost 0(demonic studies have same rotation)

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    posted a message on We are likely to see a renerf to Raza in Renopriest in the near future!

    dont kill raza just slow it by making it reduce the cost of heropower by 1( you would need brann to make it 0)

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    posted a message on 19.2.1 Patch Notes - Edwin & Boggspine Nerfs - Battleground Change

    they just should have swapped edwin with shaku the collector

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    posted a message on Gift Exchange is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    Have they fixed tickatus? I got him from gift and after corruption he went back to 6 mana



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    posted a message on Need some help for Lich King encounter with standard deck (AoO expansion)

    As a pally play on my yogg t1

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