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    Hi, A couple of questions on Full Dive VR

    1.How close are we to full dive VR at least 25 years I am guessing. I am mainly referring to systems such as Neuralink(Brain Computer Interfaces), some kind of nerve block not headsets/glasses? Or it will never happen and stay in the Science Fiction World?

    2. Will it cause an extinction level event where everyone is in a virtual world and the real world is abandoned for good? Or will only a small percentage of people will stay in a virtual world forever such as 5% of population will enter and stay in a virtual world while the rest of us will live in real life with the occasional use of Full dive VR where people constantly switch in and out of real life.

    Excluding factors such as morals and religion, eating and drinking, bodily functions, need to reproduce.

    Maybe the definition of reality could be extended to include VR metaverses as viable living spaces

    In VR people can do things such as fly, and do magic effects which can't be done in the real world which increases their happiness. Or even people can have virtual girlfriends, kids or families.

    3. Will real life physical travel still exist where maybe people want to see still the world such as someone flying from Australia to Singapore to experience the real life Singapore instead of the FDVR version of Singapore. Or will people still travel downtown in real life to visit actual friends instead of virtually

    Many Thanks

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