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    posted a message on Rule supreme with divine tech (or... just die shamefully)

    Great write-up! Laughed quite a bit. This could also be called the "Great Tech Deck To Rule Them All" (if you don't get burned down ruthlessly). 

    Alternative title: Walletadin. 

    Alternative, alternative: ALL UR DUST

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    Always wished I could gift packs to friends to get started or for holidays. What's better than opening 50 presents?!

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    posted a message on S20 Reincarnate Shaman

    In my screwy reincarnate deck, I have explosive sheep instead of lightning storm, since I despise overload.  Only negative is killing your own board, however, it is sometimes necessary to clear all the damn pally minions.

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    posted a message on Tips for winning in Randemonium?

    Yep, kick back anything on curve and hope for an OP legendary. Don't sweat a loss here, because the games are over in 3-4 turns. Also, it seems like class legendaries are given priority in the randomizer, so pick classes with better legendaries. Had a lot of luck with Pally thanks to Tirion. 

    Also, druid is pretty good too because of so many big taunts and heavy minions. 

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    posted a message on What should I take out to put 1 or 2 hexes in?

    These type of decks are made for Sylvanas! Double steal omg. Also, Dr. Balanced's boombots with Rivendare on the board are amazing. 


    Two bloodlusts are too much. You aren't going to win via board control b/c this is a pretty gimmicky deck overall. I would consider putting in an Argus over an annoyotron to give you another Nerubian egg activator. Agree on ditching Fuegen and Stalagg. In 2,000ish games of hearthstone, I've seen that combo successfully pulled off one time.  

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    posted a message on Your Arena Run In 6 Words

    What happened to the bourbon bottle? 

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    posted a message on Help me get better at arena

    I actually love counterspell as a mage because you face so many mirror matches in the higher win columns. There's no better feeling than counterspelling a flamestrike or fireball. Makes such a huge difference. Sapper is fine though as an early 3 drop.

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    posted a message on Why isn't Windfury used more?

    I had someone in arena windfury + rockbiter an ogre for 18 damage on turn 7. My face felt that it was viable :P

    Salt aside, i think there's some experimentation to be had with it. It just hasn't been popularized by a streamer, so it hasn't happened.

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    posted a message on What is Your Biggest Weakness as a Player?


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    posted a message on What do you think about Gazlowe?

    I've played him in  shaman deck with frostshock, which is hilarious in its own right. Your opponent will give you an epic side-eye when you play frostshock, but I did have it win some games. Think he'd also be solid in mechmage, which I've never tried.

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