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    posted a message on When will the card reveals begin?

    Hi, just wondered when will we get to see the first reveals for the upcoming expansion. Usually there was a panel for the upcoming events in hearthpwn but i couldn't see it and just wanted to ask.

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    posted a message on Upcoming Hearthstone Balance Changes - Giggling Inventor, Mana Wyrm, Aviana

    There is a worse nerf than the warsong commander one now, it's the giggling inventor nerf. This card will be absolutely dog shit.

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    posted a message on Card Nerf - Giggling Inventor

    This cards is fucking destroyed lol, it will be beyond unplayable. If i ever see someone play it against me i will instantly concede for the pure despair that they are in.

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    posted a message on Nerfs are here

    As you might've seen, the nerfs are announced. Aviana now costs 10 ( up from 9 ), Giggling Inventor costs 7 ( up from 5 ) and Mana Wyrm costs 2 ( up from 1 ). What do you think about these changes? I think Aviana nerf is a pretty good one, mana wyrm one is slightly an overkill while the giggling inventor is absolutely destroyed and will never be seen ever again.

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    posted a message on Three New Cards Revealed - Swift Messenger & More!

    Rest in peace, Dalaran Mage

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    posted a message on Clockwork Automaton

    It heals for 12 as you also double the lifesteal from the 6 damage. Works like Velen does.

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    posted a message on Warpath

    This might create a very good duo with Sleep with the Fishes in wild, as it will both enable it and clear the left over.

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    posted a message on Immune to [x] - Is this a thing?

    i like your concept and idea but there is a chance that it would be too broken so i'd prefer not to have this mechanic

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    posted a message on Speculations about the upcoming expansion

    Hey guys i feel really excited whenever a new expansion comes closer and i think it might be announced in the next 2-3 days. What do you guys think about the upcoming expansion's theme would be and when it would be announced?

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    posted a message on Unneccessary rants about hall of fame

    First of all, i'm a wild player and hall of faming a card doesn't mean anything to us as you might guess. But there seems to be a group of players who always cry about the cards they don't like. If you feel angry about a match you recently lost ( which very stupid as it's just a game,) there is a thread in this site for it, you should go there and shouldn't create a thread for everything.

    Secondly, i think team five mostly knows what they are doing and with the recent nerfs, meta became very diverse even in standard. Don't start to cry every time you lose a game. You can't expect to win every single game. There might be times where you lost only because of RNG but that's normal too as you are playing a game where you randomly draw cards, you simply can't control the main outcome of this game.

    I think everyone needs to chill out a little bit and remember the fun element of the game. And if this game doesn't entertain you, then simply don't play it until you feel like it.


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    posted a message on They Hall of Famed the wrong Mage card

    Well mage secrets aren't really secrets, if you are an above average player you probably can guess correctly what's the secret. There are just a few playable ones and you can easily play around them. There must always be some counter plays and decks that counter each other in the game otherwise it would always be the same match on and on. You should keep some cheap spells if you think the secret is counter spell and you can easily trigger it. Or you can even tech a eater of secrets when meta contains a large amount of secrets as it is right now. The reason ice block was hall of famed was not because it was OP or anything, it's just that most of the mages run it from aggro to control and it makes them a very annoying and one sided opponent.

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    posted a message on Coldlight Oracle

    Well, most of the mill decks are already here in wild so it doesn't change that many things but if i don't want to face any annoying mill decks i might play at standard for a few matches from now on.

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    posted a message on Molten Giant

    Holy wrath OTK paladin is secretly nerfed by this change

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    posted a message on Power Word: Shield

    This card seems to be not popular as it was a few months ago since i don't see it in many priest decks. That might be mostly because of spiteful decks and big decks.

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    posted a message on [WILD] Headed for Legend! - S48 March 2018

    I enjoy playing BIG priest but i don't know how to tech against some certain decks. I would appreciate some recommendations for teching against meta decks like tempo mage, aggro paladin and so on.

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