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    Hi guys i play wild and i'm currently at rank 5. I'm searching for some fun decks which are not necessarily the best ( or even good) decks on ladder right now. Class and dust doesn't matter as long as the deck is enjoyable.

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    Probably yes, considering when Barnabus triggers it's battlecry all minions in the deck can be summoned via Oaken Summons as they all get reduced to 0 mana, this probably works the same way.

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    posted a message on Your call for the best card of the set

    I was just thinking about the upcoming set as it's fully revealed and i thought what would be the strongest card. my guess would be Lord Godfrey. What would yours be?

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    Hey guys i always get so hyped for these final streams whenever it is and witchwood's weak power level look doesn't really effect it. Anyone else hyped for it?

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