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    Been working on this for a while now, and am a little stuck on how to improve it.
    The crux of this deck is using the Curator to pull Finja, The Flying Star and Gentle Megasaur, then after Finja pulls more Murlocs drop Megasaur for massive value.

    Constructive feedback is appreciated.  the card I'm most uncertain about is Moonglade Portal.

    mer-beast Curator
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    Made a major update to the deck.  The original version was too slow so I re-focused the deck to steal wins with burst damage after getting a bunch of Murlocs on board and buffing them with Savage Roar and/or Power of the Wild.  Backup win condition is using Living Mana to flood the board in case I've already gone through all the Murlocs.  Deathwing has also managed to swing some games for me as well.
    Threw in an Enchanted Raven to help early game as well, and so far it has helped.

    Here's a break down of the changed cards:
    Removed:                                             Added:
    Sated Threshadon        Enchanted Raven
    Bittertide Hydra            Power of the Wild
    Druid of the Claw x2    Savage Roar
                                               Living Mana

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    So after being severely disappointed in the mage specific Elemental support I decided I should at least try to do something with it.  However it felt the mage elemental synergies were more interested in generating bad cards then actually developing tempo, though it did improve in the late game slots.  As such I began to think of another forgotten Mage archetype that actually got some good support this set, Secret Mage, and decided to try and hybridize the two utilizing the secret theme for early game and leveraging the elemental theme to provide power for the mid-late game.

    Secret Elemental Hybrid
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    Quote from Nemast >>

    Added another tech card for you to consider. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on what I had to say and whether you feel I understood what you were aiming for with your deck. :)

     Certainly, I'll start from the top.
    The aim of the deck was initially to explore the inter-racial play between Gentle Megasaur and murlocs using the Curator to facilitate that.
    Since this deck is meant to act as a sort of midrange/control deck I wasn't too interested in swarming the board with murlocs and instead wanted to focus on the stronger ones that'll actually provide real board presence and value.  A good way to look at Megasaur is if you only hit one murloc with it, then it's effectively the same as a Crackling Razormaw which is a good card in midrange Hunter, and any other hits beyond that can be seen as a bonus.
    Sated Threshadon's pretty interesting as it's another example of the cross-race synergy that inspired the deck in the first place.  I've been worried about how to guarantee Primalfin Lookout's battlecry both in the early and late game and Threhadon may be the extra push I need.  Thanks for that suggestion, probably gonna use that as my replacement for moonglade portal.
    You're pretty spot on in assessing my use of the water package.  Though lookout "waters down" the package it's still a solid Murloc body that benefits Megasaur.
    Not much to add on the Curator segment.  I will say though that I intentionally limited the number of Beast I put in the deck to better guarantee pulling a Megasaur when I wanted it.
    I did think of Corrupted Seer when building the deck but have never liked the card for it's abysmal stats to mana ratio, plus it waters down the murloc pool even more.  For now I still prefer Primordial drake for it's better stats and dragon tag and I could always discover seer with lookout for a win/win.
    Menagerie Magician is an interesting choice.  I'll have to do some testing to see how often I have a mixed board after turn 5 before making a decision on it.  The dream scenario of course is turn 9 with Finja already on board pulling two more murlocs followed by Megasaur into Magician.
    I don't think I have enough beasts in the deck to be able to consistently make use of Menagerie Warden.  Though the faceless cards could be good depending on how the meta turns out.
    Crazed Alchemist is a strong tech/utility choice whose value is heavily dictated by the state of the meta.  A good example would be when ZooLock made a comeback after Whispers of the old Gods released people began teching Doomsayers against them so they in turn teched in Alchemist.
    You brought up a lot of good points, some of which I hadn't even thought of and you don't have to worry about whether you missed the point of the deck because you didn't.  This is probably the deck I'm most excited about building and testing once Un'goro releases, since it's kind of a non-obvious archetype and I've pored so much thought into it.
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    a cross between Babbling Book and Webspinner?  Sounds good.

    It's like how Kabal Talon Priest is better than Dark Cultist.

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    Interesting card, more flexible and yet just as unplayable as Soul of the Forest.

    Though to be fair, I get why blizzard gave it this mana cost when you consider that there's a 30% chance of this being a strictly better bloodlust.

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