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    posted a message on Is Eater of Secrets a worthwhile tech card?

    I don't think its about justifying how good Eater of Secrets is, but rather crushing the soul of mages everywhere.

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    posted a message on Lost ranked due to visual glitch

    You can write a death threat to blizzard employees... Or you can just suck it up. 

    There is no in-between.

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    posted a message on Cheap deck suggestions?

    Elemental shaman needs a few epics and basically only 1 legendary. It's also pretty fun to play IMO.

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    posted a message on Rogue quest counters devolve!

    Rogue quest is pretty pitiful against shaman decks, they just get out tempo'd in my experience.

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    posted a message on Nice meta

    erm.. what rank are you playing at? 

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    posted a message on Disturbing lack of Legendaries
    Quote from fractl >>

    I've played Hearthstone for two-and-a-half years, and have spent over $1000 on the game during that time.  I'm an adult, good natured, and not someone that has ever complained about the game here or elsewhere... but I just opened 114 Un'Goro packs and got 3 legendaries. and a moderate amount of epics.  This is extremely disappointing, to the point that I 've begun to feel rather ashamed of having gotten involved in what, in any other business arena, would essentially be considered a scam.  With two legendaries being released for each class, and my now having only one quest card, plus this incredibly poor rate of drawing legendaries, the prospect of my getting to the point where I can really enjoy this expansion and get to play many different type of quests seems as if it would be absurdly expensive.  And, like I said, this is from someone who has had no regrets spending over $1000.  But this is totally ridiculous, if I project what this expansion would potentially cost me if I wanted to continue playing with a wide variety of decks.

    I've been wondering how the game's makers would respond to the probability that the game's user base does not likely have much more room for expansion, since, occasionally, businesses with little perspective and a bad business model sometime attempt to compensate for such a situation by trying to take advantage of their existing customers when growth slows down.  I was afraid I might see this happen with Hearthstone, and was concerned that the release of two legendaries per class might be a (not too subtle) sign of this, but I tried to keep an open mind.  Getting only 3 legengaries in 114 packs, on the other hand, seems only to confirm my worse fears, and is making me wish that I'd never gotten involved in this illogical, virtual-pack nonsense to begin with.  Maybe I'm the fool for having gone this far, but this is utterly ridiculous.  In any other business arena, this business model would in itself be considered a scam or fraud, never mind with this type of result.  I can't see myself continuing with the game.

     Theres a fucking thread for mega salty dudes like you. 
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    posted a message on Is Priest really dead now?
    Quote from bofeity >>

    Dead. Dead as Birdperson.

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    posted a message on How many cards are in hearthstone
    Quote from Serge2904 >>

    If we talk about collectible cards and include 2 number of each card rarity common, rare and epic than we have 1659 cards.

     I think including 2 of each card except legendary is a mistake, rather I think OP means unique collectible cards.
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    posted a message on Everything You Need to Know for the Journey to Un'Goro Launch This Thursday

    On the adapt overview, the deathrattle option has the : is on a separate line from the word "deathrattle". 

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    posted a message on Nerf Volcanosaur!

    Turns out playing cards is PREETY GOOD

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    posted a message on New Card - Free From Amber

    I feel genuinely sorry for anyone who thinks this is a good card in constructed. 

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    posted a message on [GAME] Preemptive Salt
    Quote from SDhn2a >>

    So as you may have heard, Un'Goro is going to be released pretty soon. But as always, there will be salt threads. So let's have some fun!


    Say the above post looks something like this:

    "I was playing my discolock on ladder the other day, but I keep on losing to Buffadin. How are you supposed to deal with a 14/5 Windfury Stealth? It's completely broken, and Blizzard needs to nerf it. Team 5 can't balance cards, yet again..."


    Then we would complain about a different card/deck from Un'Goro, from the perspective of the previously complained about card/deck. So:

    "Okay, this is the last straw. I had a full board of 1/4 Silver Hand recruits and my Galvadon (in stealth). Then the Warrior that I'm playing against drops Sulfuras, hits face, then Fiery War Axe and hero powers. Does it hit face? No. Does it hit any of the 6 Silver Hand recruits? No. No, it goes and kills my Galvadon instead. Wtf, Blizz?"


    Then the next person would complain about who-knows-what from the perspective of a Taunt Warrior.

     Warrior would almost never Fiery War Axe after Sulfuras right? its a 3/2 wasting a 4/1 weapon.
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    posted a message on Played my first volcanosaur - won the game

    Even good cards like volcanosaur wont see constructed play :(

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    posted a message on Is It Possible To Disenchant Ragnaros and Get Gold Back After Update?


    Quote from Adernain >>

    Since you have a normal ragnaros then don't do anything. You will get tomorrow 1600 dust back. If you disenchant him now before the expansion launches you get nothing. 

    For people who have normal Ragnaros, there's no more profit if they craft a golden.

    LEt's say you have given 1600 for a normal one. And now you give 3200 for golden. You have wasted so far 4800. Expansion launches, you get dust back only for the golden one. So you get back 3200. So you still lost 1600 dust but you got yourself a free Golden Ragnaros. If you disenchant the golden afterwards, then you came back where you started so there was no point in crafting him or dusting him. If you keep the golden and dust the normal, you get anotehr 400, so in total you have given 4800 and aquired 3600, so you have lost 1200 dust and got a golden.

    LEt's say you craft only a normal Ragnaros and don't do anything until the expansion comes. Then you gained 1600 dust, so you got back what you gave to craft him and if you DE him, free 400 dust.

    If you have neither version, you should craft the golden Ragnaros, since you will get 3200 dust back, so the dust you wasted to craft him, and then if you DE him you get for free 1600 dust.

    So, in other words, since you have the normal one DONT DO ANYTHING

     I dont think you can count regular rag in the total dust count since you probably would keep it.
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    posted a message on Am I right in thinking Rogue is completely screwed in Un'Goro?

    Miracle rogue is ALWAYS hiding in the shadows. Blizzard cannot get rid of the deck archetype. Every expansion rogue gets dumpstered but valeera still finds a way. 

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