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    posted a message on Cloneball is This Week's Tavern Brawl!

    This really is one of the most awful brawls I've played. What is happening with the decisions since Ben Brode left? Who thought it would be a good idea to bring this brawl back? Is the new head of game design a Yahtzee fan or something? Honestly; the least fun in HS I've ever had! :(

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    posted a message on Absolute deck (supposed to be impossible to beat :-))

    Maybe change the title then? By your own games, it's hardly IMPOSSIBLE to beat?

    A new player might end up crafting cards and spending dust to create this deck - it won't be very fun for them ;) 

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    posted a message on I'm wild now (noKappa)

    This brawl's easy enough to find a winning deck without cheating. 

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    posted a message on Absolute deck (supposed to be impossible to beat :-))

    Impossible to beat? More like impossible to win lol.

    So you have a rogue, with "Give your weapon 2 attack" and a taunt card? As a priest you have no weapon to play with (they be using their hero power).

    Or a mage playing black cat and arcane missiles? They're drawing more arcane missiles to shoot you with, you're drawing more thought steals.

    Was an awful combo. Sorry.

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    posted a message on Nobody else is playing this ... yet! It's Banana Man for Tavern Brawl! Fun x 10

    Hey folks,

    Thought I'd share the deck I've been playing with in this week's tavern brawl since yesterday - it's is so much fun to play!

    Banana Man
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    I cannot count the amount of times that my opponent has ended up buffing MY minions just to be rid of the bloody bananas and prevent their cards from being milled! 

    Hope you have fun with this deck :) 

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    posted a message on Fun Combo for Tavern Brawl "Top 2" (May 16th 2018)

    I’ve had great fun today playing as a Druid with:

    King Mukla (costs 3, has 5/5, and gives your opponent 2 banana cards)

    Naturalize (costs 1, destroys a minion of your choice, forces the opponent to draw 2 cards)

    The idea is basically to fill your opponent’s hand with banana cards as much as possible before deploying Naturalize on either their minions, or even yours, to force them to draw (i.e. burn) their own cards.

    I’ve had opponents buff my own minions with the bananas I’ve given them, simply to try and get them out of their hand! 😂

    Great fun to play and has a high win rate too!

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    posted a message on My ShudderWall (Infinite Taunts, AoE, Impossible Fatigue)

    Prince Valanar with 2 other 4 cost cards?

    how does that work?

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    posted a message on Disguised Toast just said WHAT??? :D


    Quote from Velrun >>

    Could you please next time post it in the right thread where it belongs?

     Sure...where's that? 
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    posted a message on Disguised Toast just said WHAT??? :D

    Crikey guys, some of you are a bit grumpy today.

    It was something I found on a video about Hearthstone, by one of the players, and I found it amusing, so I thought I'd share it here in the general discussion about Hearthstone.

    I wasn't to know it's been a meme before (not everyone's played since beta), or that some of you used to like Toast, but now you don't?

    It's a forum people. If you don't like a thread, just move onto the next one. Jeez. 

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    posted a message on Disguised Toast just said WHAT??? :D

    So guys, I'm browsing through my recommended videos on Youtube, and I come across a Disguised Toast video that explains how the Shudderwock deck combo works.

    It's a great video, with some pretty funny moments, but even funnier than the gameplay is Toast's innocent suggestion that, "The idea is you play lifedrinker, and then kill your opponent by sucking him off!" :D 

    Perhaps killing your opponent by sucking him off means something entirely different here in the UK, but wowser - Toast's suggestion has been my highlight of the week so far :D 

    Here's the exact moment in his video for you guys to enjoy! https://youtu.be/C2Zjj-3iN6E?t=32m3s   

    I wonder if there are any other creative ways of killing your opponent? Perhaps our Australian friends might root him to death? :) 

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Today I faced a Warlock who had a golden hero - that means they’ve won 500 ranked games? - in casual playing a fully refined cubelock.

    Then I faced a golden paladin playing odd dudeladin.

    Why? Why are these people there? 

    If a deck has been known to win X games in stats it simply shouldn’t be allowed to be played in CASUAL. 

    The player should receive a pop-up innkeeper stating, “Whoa dude. That deck’s been played too many times to be classed as casual. You’re a great net decker, so how about you play this in ranked and put yourself to the test? Or shall we go back and make a different deck that’s a bit more...well...casual with your awesome collection?”

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    posted a message on Classic pack quest Vs 50 Gold ?

    If you aren't playing arena, I'd probably say the pack quest, as that's guaranteed dust for 5 cards in exchange for 50 gold, rather than grinding for another 50 gold (15 more wins)...to buy a pack which might also be 5 dusted cards?

    Of course, if you've no other packs than classic, you may as well go for 50 gold and start expanding your collection :)  

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    posted a message on Do Blizzard increase the rate of Legendary drops for the first few days of an expansion?

    Just something I'm wondering, following my experiences with both K&C and WW?

    Both sets were pre-ordered, and both times, I saw more legendaries in the first 40 cards than I usually ever do?

    I'm just wondering if they 'pre-set' the amount of legendaries (and specifically the amount of each) they'd like to see in the meta as a new season begins...you know...to increase the competitiveness between players, and to reveal lots of new play styles immediately?

    Let's say they have (to make it easy) 100 pre-orders for 70 packs each? That's 7000 cards going into the game on day one. Knowing that, they could easily temporarily set the legendary drop rate at X, and not only that, but of that X figure, they could set it for each legendary card too...so Hagatha is 3% of the X, Shudderwock is 2% etc.? They'd know exactly how many of each game changing card would be getting released into the game at any one time, and probably predict how many users would need to purchase more packs in order to counter that deck?  

    Business wise it would make sense...but then again, I'm the guy who over-salted fries on purpose in Roller-Coaster Tycoon in order to make my peeps buy more drinks! ;) 

    But I do wonder if this has been thought about before?

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    posted a message on Revival of Quest Warrior

    Quest warrior is terrible against Shudderwock - infact any warrior is terrible against Shudderwock!

    The quest can't do anything for you when you've 7 Shudderwocks against your face! :o


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    posted a message on The Pepper Thread - Share your good vibes!

    Me against a taunt quest warrior...I was nice...I clicked on each card to speed up the animation! :) 

    Shudderwock is crazy when you play aggro first! All those guides telling you not to play battlecries that could be random...are simply wrong!

    You need to play control cards all the way to the end. Freeze your enemy, destroy your enemy, control the board...then finally...make them SHUDDER! ;) 


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