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    posted a message on Void Contract Bug?

    In order to emulate this i just made a deck with one void contract.

    I drew and drew until the 29th card which was Void Contract. The 30th was Keleseth. Therefore, Keleseth is bugged even more than Void Contract.

    Fact. :)

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    posted a message on Innkeeper Errors on Collection Sync w/ Rastakhan's Rumble Expansion

    I dusted my half-time scavengers, and the Innkeeper is updating my collection again, however, on the decks page here at Hearthpwn, I still see the banner advert "Get Innkeeper" - and in the column table for 'dust needed' I just see 2 question marks for every deck.

    I've tried logging in and out with Hearthpwn, Innkeeper, and even re-authenticating the Innkeeper client. Nothing works. I'm on version 0.4.30 of Innkeeper (it just patched as I logged in).

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    posted a message on Innkeeper Errors on Collection Sync w/ Rastakhan's Rumble Expansion

    Same here ... but what's even worse is that it's also 'taken cards out of my collection' on Hearthpwn too, so I can't even rely on my previous collected cards being correct. :(

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    posted a message on More Bots? Whats happening these days

    I've noticed that if you play any card that 'gives them a card', e.g. Battlecry: Give each player a random spell, that the bots never know what to do with the card/cards. It messes them up and they concede.

    There are tons of them these past few days. 

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    posted a message on Why people should never dust rotating cards - epic replay!

    I've been trying out some Wild decks over the past few days whilst waiting for the new expansion to launch, and honestly ... just watch what happens in this replay! 

    I could not believe it. I won't spoil the ending, but my opponent was playing as Tess Rogue, and I was playing as Mage with Yogg's End (for those who don't know that card, Yogg casts a random spell for every spell you've played this game...yup...similarish to the new Hunter hero!) But this game didn't just end with Yogg ... my opponent had a lifesteal weapon with something like 17 durability and plenty of minions too...what happened next, and then kept happening, blew me away!

    I'd honestly recommend anybody who is thinking about playing Wild to watch the replay, then go craft Yogg as your first Wild minion! The rest of the deck can be any spells you already have. 

    So now I'm wondering if the new Hunter Hero could be placed in a Standard deck to achieve similar results come Tuesday? Anyone have any idea?



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    posted a message on Do Blizzard hire marketing people for Hearthstone? Or just game designers?
    Quote from MexRNG >>

    Is this for salt tread ?

     Nope. It's a question about whether the marketing has always been this lapse, or just recently?

    I'm excited for next week, but I'm wondering if every dept. in Blizzard is as much as we are?

    What did they do in the past before expansion releases? Surely not the same?

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    posted a message on Do Blizzard hire marketing people for Hearthstone? Or just game designers?

    I am utterly perplexed. Is anyone else?

    Here I am for only my 4th expansion season...I'm sure most of you reading this have been playing for much longer.

    We've had a week of drip, drip card reveals followed by a full on final card reveal tonight before the new expansion launches in 6 days.

    Brim full of excitement, I ate dinner after the card reveal live stream, and logged back in to play the newly launched tavern brawl. What would it be? Which Loa would we get to play? Which spirits would we play against? Would they make us choose a class and lock us into it for the Tavern Brawl with one predesigned deck, or would we choose 3 cards from the new expansion and build a deck around it? I was genuinely excited to try just a small part of next week's new game design! It seemed so obvious. Tonight would be our small taster of what's to come. 

    What did we get? A co-operative brawl, with none of the new cards to tease us into pre-purchasing, and absolutely nothing to do with Rastakhan's brawl whatsoever. Just something picked out of thin air with zero re-playability either. 

    Anyone with a GCSE grade C in Marketing would have recognised a problem and come up with a solution, "Hey, you know all those players who didn't pre-order yet? Or the ones who ordered only one of the bundles? Let's give them a teaser of how the game will be played from next week onwards in the Tavern Brawl, so they get really excited about these new cards going into their decks and actually buy some stuff before Tuesday!"

    What on earth, or where on earth, are Hearthstone's marketing department? Were they shuffled into a deck somewhere with The Darkness's candles? 

    I'm so shocked they are so lapse...especially in the current climate with 'other' games launching soon (one I won't mention because I'm sick of seeing it's name thrown about here by paid trolls who should frankly bugger off to a forum dedicated to that particular game if they'll love it so much). For a multi-million turnover company though, I think Blizzard should hire some better team leaders to guide the game designers how best to market what they've designed. 

    Tonight was a HUGE missed opportunity in my opinion. Has it always been this way around new expansion releases? 

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    posted a message on New expansion (custom) cards... Must haves

    Huh ????

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    posted a message on Getting banned. Again.

    My favourite streamer is Dane.

    Check out his past vids on YouTube and you’ll see why. He plays some really wild decks, and he’s always involved with his chat too. 

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    posted a message on RenoJackson's Fatigue Benedictus Quest Priest

    I tried this deck and it became totally stuck against academic espionage rogue.

    Reason being there is no weapon removal, and the dirty rats often pull out minions you can’t deal with.

    I replaced the 2 dirty rats with 2 deathlords. The deathlords actually help towards achieving the quest, plus they give more early game protection.

    I took out 1 polluted hoarder and replaced with a weapon removal.

    The deck worked much better for me after these changes. 

    Perhaps something to think about?


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    posted a message on Duel of the Death Knights - Tavern Brawl #171

    Beware if you’re playing as a Priest and you get the 3 cost “Shadowform” card (your hero power becomes deal 2 damage. If already in Shadowform, your hero power deals 3 damage).

    If you play it, not only does your hero power still only cause 2 damage, but it doesn’t refresh after playing a card. 

    Basically, you nerf yourself on turn 3 :(

    I don’t think this was playtested at all!


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    posted a message on Lethal Boomsday Puzzle - Lil' Stormy

    On iPhone, in puzzle 3, “a corrupted spirit” there’s a bug. When you cast circle of healing, it deals 4 damage to all minions instead of restoring 4 health, thus making the puzzle unfinishable! :( 

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    posted a message on TOP LEYENDA [ 80% WIN RATE ] Sacerdote New Meta

    Warrior warrior warrior...that’s all I get when trying this deck :(

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    posted a message on A Co-Op Brawl This Week - A New Year Bash

    So as Rogue I play the card, "At the start of your opponents turn they have a 50% chance to draw an extra card" followed by "Gain 1+1 whenever your opponent draws a card". 

    The druid has 4 cards in hand at this point.

    So what does he do? 

    Naturalizes me!

    I'm not sure if it's the brawl that's stupid this week, or the players? Jeez Louise! 

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    posted a message on I am such an utter idiot...
    Quote from Dooogs >>

    Right, 7000 gold, let's buy 70 Boomsday packs. Click, click x 70 - OK, time to open them...

    I'm in the card page, looking at 3 free unopened Boomsday packs and 70 unopened Witchwood packs.


    Once you've quite finished laughing... is there any way to persuade Blizzard to take pity and swap them for 70 Boomsday packs? Nothing's opened yet.

    This didn't happen. At all. Lovely story though.

    If you ever make more than 5000 gold, you'll discover that you can't order more than 50 packs with your free gold in one transaction.

    I do wonder why people make these stories up? 

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