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    posted a message on I think your website might have been hacked.

    Hey Hearthpwn folks,

    Just an early heads up that I think your website files might have been hacked overnight. When browsing to the front page this morning I was presented with a pop up informing me I had won a free iPhone and to click OK to go register for it. The browser URL had also changed with a randomly generated url after the Hearthpwn.com web address. It’s pretty typical of a base64 hack going round at the minute which inserts PHP into the header of your index files to include an encrypted code from an unsecured file in your site. It checks for cookies too, so it only shows the first time a user browses to your site (in my case I was browsing using Safari for the first time on a new iPad, hence me not having the cookie already). For regular users it probably won’t show, even though the code is still triggered.

    It’s not a security issue for users of the site, but if left unchecked, you’ll end up hit by Google for spam generated urls in the search index.

    Maybe pass this to your web design folks so they can check on it?


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    posted a message on Is this rude? Or is it just me? Challenge a friend for 80 gold etiquette.

    Hey folks, can you help me out with what you’d consider regular etiquette when asking someone to help you complete a quest?

    I have a player on my friends list who often messages me asking for help to complete their, “Challenge a friend for 80 gold” quest. I don’t mind helping at all. I have over 100 players on my friends list and none of us are salty.

    But this particular player...I just don’t think they get how rude they’re coming across?

    I finished a game early by conceding after receiving their message asking for help to complete their quest. Of course, I get 80 gold too, so there is an incentive. I waited for the challenge.

    Once accepted, they immediately refuse my request to borrow a deck. Huh? Are we doing friendly here or what? It’s the only time we can really explore new decks and play something we don’t know the ins and outs of, surely? It part of the fun of completing the challenge?

    Then we open the game and I get no greetings, thank you, not even a Wow! Complete silence. I soon discover I’m met with the Paladin OTK deck - total tier net deck with every card, and they’re drawing through them as fast as they can.

    After my request to share decks was refused, I chose a quest priest from my collection, complete with Velen and mind blast. I played it all the way through to completion and won the game.

    I messaged thanking the player for the game and the gold. Nothing back. Total silence.

    It’s really miffed me that this particular player is always like this. It’s not even like they’re a new player. They’re usually always around rank 5 when they ask for my help with a quest.

    I never ever play a meta deck against friendly challenges, and I always share my decks too. I don’t play full on, nor do I go face. If I figure out they’re using one of my decks I’ll usually play sub-optimally to ensure they get long enough to explore the feel of the deck and the synergies available as the game evolves through early, mid and late game states. And after the match (however it ends) we always at least message each other with a thanks, if not a fuller discussion about each others decks and maybe share the deck codes.

    So who’s the odd one out here? Me, or this particular player? Am I just expecting a bit too much based on my own perceived etiquette of how friendly matches should be?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    posted a message on Has your Hearthstone account ever been hacked?

    So I woke up this morning, did some chores, then thought ... quick game of Hearthstone? Why not?

    Picked up my phone to be greeted with the log-in screen and country selection menu when I opened Hearthstone. How very odd?

    After 3 login attempts, and 3 red messages that my account could not be found (an account with 90% of all the cards in it btw) I panicked.

    Ran to my PC to login through the Blizzard app and the same thing again. Somehow...I don't know if it was an old cookie in Chrome or something, but I browsed to Blizzard on the web and opened the 'my account' link, l and I was still logged in with my username! Phew. Took a look at my account details and my email had been changed to BEIKUP341@163.COM.

    I checked my emails, and it turns out this happened at 2AM this morning while I was sleeping.

    I very quickly changed my email back again, changed my password, downloaded the authenticator app and then submitted a ticket to Blizzard to let them know of the account breach. On checking my collection, none of my cards have been disenchanted thankfully, but what a scare!!! I assume there's a bot going round trying to break through unsecured Blizzard accounts.

    So please folks, if you haven't already, download the Authenticator app for your phone and secure your Hearthstone account. It's currently at risk if you haven't.

    Has anyone else here been hacked before? :(        

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    posted a message on Rank 15 - normal rules do not apply - there is no escape!

    Hey guys,

    Can you give some tips for escaping the hell that is Rank 15?

    I was playing as Odd Mage and kept getting matched against Big Priest.

    So I swapped to Big Priest and kept getting matched against Hunters.

    Swapped from Big Priest and went to Odd Rogue - immediately was matched with...wait for it...Pirate Priest! Yep, full on Keleseth Pirate Priest!

    So now I'm on Odd Shaman, and I'm getting matched against Taunt Warrior with the old "whenever a minion takes damage gain 1 attack" card thrown in behind the taunts.

    It just seems as if there's no logic to Rank 15 as every deck you play against is so different that playing one consistent deck is impossible?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.  

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    posted a message on Cannot login using Safari on mobile/tablet

    Recently I’ve been unable to login to Hearthpwn at all on my iPhone or iPad when using Safari.

    When trying to login, I go through the process as usual, but when I’m redirected back to Hearthpwn from Twitch login, I am not logged in. I get no pop ups or errors to inform me about it. It just refuses to log me in, despite being logged in to Twitch successfully.

    In the meantime, I’ve downloaded Chrome just for browsing this site.

    There may be other users though who are experiencing this issue and are therefore unable to login to report it here.


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    posted a message on What do you do in real life?

    Hey everyone, 

    I'm really interested to know what we all do in 'real life'?

    I'm in my early 40's and run businesses and properties - and for the purpose of this thread I'll say 'some well, some others could be better. I'm certainly not rich or anything by lottery standards' because the competition stays inside the game; right?

    I've amassed loads of friends in Hearthstone after some great games from all over Europe. We chat about our decks and strategies and share ideas. 

    I've recently tried to introduce 'real life' friends to the game, and I've noticed a key trend when we play friendly matches. The younger people are, the more likely they are to 'emote threats' or just use 'general bad manners' during a game...such as the passive stance of staying completely silent until they play the winning move with their spell hunter, and emoting "Greetings" once they've won.

    So to go off on a tangent; this festive season was all a bit shite for my family. I found myself in A&E (ER for our American cousins) when I had to call an ambulance to my home for my 'better half'. They are looking OK now hopefully, but when your other half is stretchered out of the family home and ambulanced to hospital, you do weird things - like look for routine once you get there with them by going for a cigarette outside.

    Once outside, I'd find myself opening my phone and opening the Hearthstone app for a quick game while I had my cigarette. Anything to keep me calm.

    I played that long night against many who couldn't possibly have known the state I was in. Their victories were well earned, but would they have BM'd me as much, had they known what I was going through? I'd like to think not. I wouldn't expect them to concede, but it did get me thinking (because of my previous experience, that they may be younger).

    But then tonight I went out to a 4 year old's birthday party - first night out since our nightmare of a Christmas. I'm really close to the lad, but I'm not biased when I say this - he made me reflect on my views - (maybe it 's not because they're younger - it's because of how they feel about life?)

    So rather than 'how old are you' (which has been done) I thought it might be interesting to ask 'where are you now?'         

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    posted a message on Respect the game and the game respects you.




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    posted a message on Harrison Jones = Indiana Jones

    I'm going to stand up for the OP here and say that they probably aren't trolling, and that it's just a case of them being younger.

    If they are trolling, it's a parody of being a younger person today.

    I employ younger people regularly on apprenticeships (aged 16-18) and I once tried to help an apprentice appreciate that the pop group Bananarama (who they hadn't heard of) were like the Spice Girls of the 1980's.

    I was met with the question, "Who are the Spice Girls?"

    We need to appreciate that 16 year olds today were born in 2002. The Twin Towers falling, the Berlin wall being taken down (nevermind built) and the launch of the Euro to replace all European currencies are just things that get talked about in History at school (assuming they took it in their options). 

    Indiana Jones preceded even the earliest of these events by 8 years. So yes, to a young person, the Indiana Jones franchise may as well be Gone With The Wind and Harrison Ford didn't hook up with a Kardashian so who the hell is he? 

    We need to accept that we're getting older folks. I have a friend just 6 years younger than me who refuses to watch certain movies I recommend because they're not available in HD on his Kodi box.

    I would say to the OP...what did you think of Indiana Jones? Did you enjoy it as much as we did?

    Merry Xmas everyone...young and old(er)!


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    posted a message on Mirror Mirror On The Wall
    Quote from Sorakie >>

    ... can't copy buffs...



     Have you played my deck yet? 

    Most of the cards in the deck actually copy your opponent's cards with their buffs intact! 

    Kingsbane is wonderful. Destroy it then own it! Feels great :) 

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    posted a message on Mirror Mirror On The Wall
    Quote from C_A_W >>

    Why odd when you are not playing card Glitter Moth and/or Quartz Elemental ?  The hero power is not worth it and you are missing out on strong even cards like Shadowreaper Anduin and Shadow Visions

     Hi C_A_W

    Because you really need the healing in this deck for the early stages against aggro decks. Without the 4 heal points per turn, I'd be relying on using cards for greater healing. The problem is, the more priest cards you run, the less stealing cards you can use in the deck.

    Have you given it a go yet? You'll see what I mean if you do. Anduin isn't the aim here - 3 Shudderwocks is ;) 

    Give the deck a go and see what you think?

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    posted a message on Mirror Mirror On The Wall

    Just wanted to add a link to a replay against a Divine Shield Paladin deck in casual that I've just played against.

    This is your typical type of game - opponent threatens you at the start, BM's you for the first 2-3 turns as they lay out their Divine Shield minions, then starts to go quiet when they realise things aren't all as they seem.

    This guy probably had the quest to play X amount of Divine Shield minions based on his deck, but all the same, it gives an idea of how to play with these cards.


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    posted a message on Mirror Mirror On The Wall

    "Mirror Mirror on the wall, your cards look great, I'll take them all!"

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to share a deck I've been building over the past couple of days, and ask for your help by you playing it and helping refine it.

    This deck is great fun to play (almost feels like you're playing a Wild deck!), and has a surprising win rate too. I wouldn't say it's ready for ranked play, but it's getting there.

    I put it together after seeing that Priest is the lowest rank on HSReplay in Standard play. Obviously, if we have been given no amazing cards this expansion, we'll just have to go out there and steal some for ourselves.

    Already with this deck I've played the new Hunter card "cast every spell you played this game" against my opponent 4 times in the same game :), I've Shudderwocked the Shaman more times in one game than they could even Shudderwock me (stealing their cards and hand as I go), and I've laid out 3 Ragnaros the Firelords against my Mage opponent neatly in a line.

    I'm onto something here...I can feel it. The power of this deck, is that whilst your opponent is limited to one each of their legendarys, you have no such limits in play with them. You can play multiples of their legendarys and keep clearing the board too.

    The deck needs refining now though...give it a couple of play throughs and see what you think we could drop and replace.

    Card draw isn't an issue - if anything, you're sometimes stuck between playing cards just to be rid of them or replacing a great hand via Azalina to reduce your chances of being milled.

    Chamaleos is VERY strong in this deck - he can be used to get a preview of your opponents strategy and possible next 2-3 moves. With your manipulators in hand, you can be ready to copy said minion and then return it to your hand to take advantage of the battlecry (e.g. Shudderwock).

    Benedictus isn't played until the end game, so perhaps he could be replaced with a Spirit to ensure you end up with the best cards going back into your deck? I haven't tried that yet, but I'd assume if we did that, it would also free up some of the psychic scream slots?

    Mulligan is easy - keep your low cost cards, and begin stealing ASAP as well as healing yourself until you build up a nice collection of your opponents cards.

    Let me know what you think? If we work together on this I'm sure we can come up with a viable ladder deck!

    Thanks and have fun! :)

    Mirror Mirror On The Wall
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    Minion (17) Ability (13)
    Loading Collection

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    posted a message on Shudderwock.
    Quote from JarlBallin >>

     Whoever decided to add this absolute joke of a card in this game should seriously go check on his mental health. I've had a Shaman come back from 4 HP to full health and 20 armor.


     Will this card be actually balanced when Worldshaker rolls out? Perhaps. But my point still stands: who and why did you think it was a good idea to add this card in this game,Blizz?

     Only 20 armour? That's a disgrace!

    Here's a screenshot of the game I have just finished playing against a Kingsbane Rogue in standard. I think your opponents need to learn how to play Shudderwock better! :D 


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    posted a message on I need help of controlling anger/sadness when losing

    The replies to the OP’s post have given me some hope.

    Since RR came out I’ve not been enjoying the game at all. It feels too much like my real life. Aggro aggro aggro. Defend defend defend. Win or lose. It’s not what I downloaded the game for. It’s not relaxing and there’s no escape.

    I just can’t seem to find a deck that plays a fair strategy and stands some chance at playing a game. I actually dread opening the game at the minute. I’m hating this expansion. :(

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    posted a message on Innkeeper Errors on Collection Sync w/ Rastakhan's Rumble Expansion

    It's 'kind of' worked for me.

    However, on the decks page of this website, I still see "??" for every deck in the 'dust required' column.

    Is this something I've done wrong at my end, or is this still to be fixed?

    I've logged in and out of both Innkeeper and this site too?


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