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    posted a message on Send In The Murlocs is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    I can’t even play it. Everytime I click Tavern Brawl the game just closes. Running on Ipad. :(

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    posted a message on Descent of Dragons - 10 Standard Bundle Giveaway + Battlegrounds Early Access!

    I think I did it correctly, but honestly, at my age, you just can’t keep up with all this, “Tweet us, like us, insta-mention us, watch our stream on twitch, do a special reaction on a discord, subscribe to our YouTube, watch 3 hours of gameplay on Vimeo” and win a card for a game.

    We just want to play the game. And visit websites relevant to it. When we choose. Using the platform we choose.

    Good luck everyone else though. I hope you did it correctly. I just can’t keep up! :(

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    posted a message on Empty Loot Box?

    It’s so you can draw your Best Friends Forever guaranteed on turn 1 each time.

    It makes doing the brawl very easy.

    See the image below. I completed the run in 10 minutes.


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    posted a message on Hearthstone is slowly dying, will it do any good?

    Has it been considered that Twitch in itself is the platform losing viewers overall, rather than collating that HS is dieing because there are less viewers on HS streams?

    A quick Google search confirms this!


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    posted a message on Power Heal druid STANDARD LEGEND

    This deck is terrible in the current meta. Not even playable in casual. I think the ‘new wild cards’ are settling in. Congrats on getting legend though!

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    posted a message on Card Nerfs Aug 26th - Including Wild

    I agree. And let’s be honest, Barnes isn’t so much the problem as the resurrected minions turn after turn.

    How about they print a new 3 cost neutral spell...”Transform all resurrected minions into 1/1 ghosts”?

    There is currently no counter to resurrect mechanics, and I think this needs to change.

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    posted a message on What is your favorite expansion now?

    Frozen Throne was epic. It introduced new play styles, new decks, multiple ways to play for each class. And of course, the death knights (and EVERY hero got one, not just 2 or 3 like they have now).

    I’m hoping for a reboot in the next expansion, seeing as this year is all about reinventing past mechanics. :)

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    posted a message on Armor Jade Auct

    This deck is ridiculously good.

    I played it 3 times in casual, won every game, and now won’t play it again through sheer guilt. I even friended one opponent to apologise. 

    This deck will lead to a resurgence of people running skulking Geist and mecathun for sure.

    Thank you for posting it. It’s was a very dirty druid! It reminded me of when Shudderwock was released and nobody could get around it for the first few days. It drives your opponent insane!

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    posted a message on 5 Legendaries in 133 packs, definitly my worst opening ever and you?

    I feel really bad for those of you who opened few legendaries or good cards.

    That happened to me last time, and being truthful, I began to feel like people were perhaps exaggerating some of their results.

    But tonight I was proved wrong. The 80 pack pre-order, plus 50 more packs with in game gold netted me 12 legendaries.

    My best pack was definitely this one - 4 cards I desperately wanted, one of them a legendary, and the other a golden legendary!

    Corrupt the waters, zephyrs the great, Tortollan pilgrim, Bees and Phlanx Commander!

    Have fun everybody! 


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    posted a message on [Exclusive] New Nerfs! Eviscerate, Secretkeetper, Bite.
    Quote from MrE4GLE >>

    I like the new changes, game designers shouldn't focus on sexual aspects

     I love cubes. Green ones especially. They get me off. Everytime.

    Especially when they eat me. Then spit me out twice.

    mmmmmmmnnn 😂

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    posted a message on The worst part of playing HS

    Try playing something like a Renounce Darkness Warlock in Wild Casual, getting matched up with a Big Priest, and the player still emotes, “Not quite what was planned!” everytime they destroy your unexpected board.

    It’s like, “Huh? Did you just pour all your gold into one Wild deck? Renounce Darkness has no plan! That’s the point! All my cards were just replaced with random ones. Just let me have some fun fgs!”

    Imagine a casual mode where you selected 3 decks to play, and you each could ban one of the opponents decks before the game began? Wouldn’t that be better? 

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    posted a message on Pop-ups on Hearthpwn

    I’ve just had 2 in a row after a week of not coming here! When will it be fixed? Any ideas? 

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    posted a message on ShuffleLock

    This deck’s really fun to play. Love it when people post Stuff Like That!

    Creates a nice bit of Drama when you get the plot twist combo with Fel. I Heard A Rumour he might be getting nerfed to a mana cost of 9, but that’s too soon to tell.

    Thanks for posting the deck! :) 


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    posted a message on Pop-ups on Hearthpwn

    It just happened again for me.

    its sending me to the following URL (I’ve removed the http://) goodluckday.site/prize/uklucky/lp2.php?c=2hztxamz2cz2&k=72fd80c2c29bdd246dd35717f758523f&country_code=GB&country_name=United%20Kingdom&region=Scotland&city=Aberdeen&isp=Daisy%20Communications%20Ltd&lang=en&ref_domain=&os=iOS&osv=12&browser=Safari&browserv=&brand=Apple&model=iPad&marketing_name=iPad&tablet=1&rheight=0&rwidth=0&e=5

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    posted a message on This deck deals with the Darkest Hour Warlock beautifully!

    Hey everyone, 

    I've been having great success playing this deck against the Darkest Hour warlock, so I've submitted it to the deck builder (for some reason it wouldn't import, so i had to do it manually?). 

    I've written a guide as to how the deck is used, and I hope you have fun with it. I don't submit many decks, and I'm open to feedback.

    The deck is named, "FCUK YOUR MOTHER WITH YOUR IDIOTIC DECK" after the lovely feedback I received in chat from my last Darkest Hour Warlock opponent. :D 

    Happy Easter!

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