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    Lore fact on you, Rexxar from Warcraft 3 used an ability called "Storm Bolt" where he basically chucked a "Stormhammer" at an enemy that did damage and stunned them. Also, Brann Bronzebeard, the hunter hero is a dwarf. Dwarves ride Gryphons and Gryphonriders use Stormhammers as their weapons (I learned all of this from Trump's video).

    So Hunters having "Stormhammer" does make sense.


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    Reminds me of Into the Void from Yu-Gi-Oh, but much more powerful.

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    I really dislike what Blizzard is doing with their legendaries. Bloodbloom has the exact same effect as Cho'gall and is generally better. Also, Terrorscale Stalker has the exact same effect has Princess Huhuran.

    I mean, I like new cards, but I hate how they have the exact same effects as previous legendaries. Making the previous legendaries, less "legendary."

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    You can replace Reckless Rocketeer with Leeroy Jenkins. There are more but that is just one.

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    Hex and Polymorph make a 5/5 Frog and Sheep LUL.

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    Quote from zammE >>
    Quote from Banditheart >>

    Fiery Maniac: 1-cost cards are not easy to make. This one is powerful in right deck, like buff paly or stealth rogue. It's like Poisonous but only when it attacks. Cool not op but not worthless.


    This minions effect is not at all like Poisonous if it is consistent with the text of other cards.
    Since the effect triggers "After attacking", the effect would not be triggered if this minion dies during the attack. This means that this minion only kills other minions with 1 or less attack, making it pretty useless unless buffed.
    This is similar to how Wild Pyromancer does not trigger its effect when it dies after a Twisting Nether.
    If it is intended to kill all minions it deals damage to, it should say something like "When this minion attacks another minion, deal one additional damage until that minion dies."
     Haha whoops. My intention for Fiery Maniac was to do exactly what you said above, "When this minion attacks another minion, deal one additional damage until that minion dies." It was supposed to be like the Poisonous effect but somewhat different. It also has synergy with cards like Frothing Berserker.
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    Some of these cards are pretty cool.

    Antharx The Plague: A slow but powerful legendary. Unique effect that can easily stop aggro and pretty much force your opponent to remove the card as soon as possible.

    Multos, Lakarri Tyrant: I like the stat line associated with it but it doesn't really "feel" like a legendary to me. It summons two minions that can stop another minion from attacking. The effect is interesting but it is associated with the minions; the legendary itself isn't that interesting. It's still a cool card otherwise.

    Spawn of Multos: Interesting effect. It's kind of like the effect Ancient Watcher has but temporary. It seems somewhat good but because it has 1 health, it can get easily killed.

    Nerubian Mother: Very powerful card. Considering its a neutral, I think it should have less stats. The only reason why I think it should be weaker is because it has 2 very potent effects (board clear and summon) with a good stat line.

    Aphorrent Experiment: There needs to be a card like this in Hearthstone. I'm surprised Blizzard has not already made a card like this. Anyway, I think it should be a lower rarity like Rare or Common so it can be seen in Arena (if that is something you care about). I also think the stats should be lowered, because it is a neutral that can effectively work with almost every class but has a good stat line.

    The cards below are some that I created. Comment on them if you want to.

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    This is an interesting effect. I'm guessing it triggers just like Battlecry. If so, then I could see this effect being a main keyword for a whole expansion. I don't imagine it being used for spells, but definitely for minions.

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    The art was updated and isn't as blurry. It looks awesome!

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    Wow. This card is very well stated for its cost. I honestly thought that it would be 6-7 mana but it is actually 5 mana for a 6/9 Taunt! This card comes from Direhorn Hatchling after its Deathrattle triggers.

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    This card can stop Fireblast and spells. Glacial Shard can stop Dagger Mastery and Shapeshift. Both cards do their own purpose very well.

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    Very powerful card in Arena. Technically has 5/6 worth of stats which is already good for a 5 mana. It also has the beast tag on it and can gain taunt just by having two minions. 

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    It kind of sucks that the art for this card looks much better than the other dinosaur legendaries. I'm looking at you Tyrantus.

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    It can become a 2/2 with Stealth, Divine Shield 2/2 (Shielded Minibot), can have 2/5 in stats, or even a 2/2 with Living Spores.

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    I hope it is "meta-defining" because I want Paladin to be good again. Not "Mysterious Challenger" good, but just better than what it is now.

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