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    Contrary to the popular disappointment, it seems a number of players, myself included, are very HYPED about Everyfin and the possibility that the Tunnel Trogg can bring Shaman to a new archetype. I understand that my take is not the first attempt but I am not seeing many aggro Murloc Shaman ideas around.

    I have proxied the deck in the game by replacing the Sir murloc, Tunnel Trogg and Everyfin with cards of same mana cost. Then I tested it with the help of another friend against popular decks in the current meta such as Secretadin, Tempo Mages, Combo Druids, Zoo, Dragon Priest and Aggro Hunters. Although the games are played with theoretical assumptions, most of the moves are discussed to be very close to the real ladder playstyles with my communication to my friend. Based on the results, I am very excited to see that this deck has a great shot against all the decks we've tested.

    However, without actual cards in the deck, I am unable to announce matchup stats in future ladder. The way I see this deck though, is that it is not super expensive clocking below 4000 dust including no Legendary that requires dust. And it can end game very quickly if your threats are left unanswered, similar to most cancer decks on ladder. Furthermore, it doesn't have a high learning curve because all a new navigator of the deck needs to know is when to play the correct minions.

    Certainly, this type of strategy can be countered easily because it is minion-heavy. I am seeing the decks that can easily counter it are, for example, Control Priest and Freeze Mage. These decks are nevertheless inefficient to play on ladder and expensive to build. So I am expecting this archetype to lead a player quickly to a Rank 5 at the beginning of a season at least. There are potentials for this deck to be tuned towards Midrange to include more silence effect and burn damage to help fight against decks that are targeting to disarm minions.

    I hope every Shaman lovers can share my HYPE and discuss the possibilities of this archetype :DDD

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    posted a message on New Warlock Card - Dreadsteed

    Guldan: "Brother Malfurion, now I know exactly your feelings during each spoiler season T_T"

    Malfurion: "You BMing piece of Kappa! Are you telling me you believe every Kappa word Ben says? Didn't you see my new legendary?"

    Guldan: "I.. I do apologise. We now shares the same fate of getting faced in the future with the crazy Lock n Load hunters..."

    Rexxar: "(secretly laughing and says nothing...)"


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    posted a message on The 4th Button - speculation?

    Looks like an effort to put conquest mode in game. Possibly, with an entry fee, a number of players, say 8, go into several swiss rounds. Then get prizes according to final standings?

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    posted a message on [Infographic] All the Dragon cards and their Synergies!

    Impressive! Please keep your graphics coming:D

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    posted a message on Should I buy it ?
    Quote from Arks0 »

    Blizzard aren't dumb, they will make cards you need in this adventure to be competitive with certain classes

    Exactly. If they were not making staples in new adventures at all, it would only be assuming that Blizzard had no plan to make profits.

    Not every card can be undertaker, Sludge Belcher, Loatheb or Dr.GG. Bad cards need to exist to create more variety in limited environment (Arena), and tell players what a great card in constructed should look like. With the cards spoiled so far, I'd say I'm seeing cards that fit in certain decks already. I'm expecting hungry dragon to be a staple in midrange decks. Rend Blackhand is a powerful meta-tool for control decks from my perspective as well.

    In Naxx, one undertaker as an aggro staple was enough to make cancer deathrattle decks, and one Sludge Belcher as a midrange staple was once so annoying to deal with that I remembered almost every player had at least one owl in their decks, not mentioning the almost auto-include Loatheb which challenges spell-heavy decks such as Miracle and Freeze Mage. Those three cards alone were shaking the meta. Besides those three staples, we're seeing good cards for certain decks as well.

    Therefore, if you're not buying BRM because you're not yet impressed with the cards spoiled so far, I'd suggest you reconsider it. However, if you are a casual player that only plays for fun, I'd say you don't even need to bother worrying about it.


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    Quote from bennyvavoom »

    Aggro declining? What are you smoking, I wants some.

    I have no intention to argue with you here. Please be noted that I posted that not long after the release. The metagame is always changing. During the first week of release, I didn't play against as much zoo, hunter players as I before. Now the implosion version of zoo is really popular on my server right now. Dr.Boom is seen much less play compared to two weeks ago from my experience.

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    Both of them have excellent value. IMO if you can only craft one, try Al Akir.

    The weakness of Neptulon is that it is vulnerable to removal such as shield slam, hex, polymorph, siphon and bgh. It doesn't have immediate value upon landing the board, which gives you a great disadvantage in tempo on your following turn with its heavy overload. Al Akir's ability means it can work both aggressively and defensively, working as a taunter or finisher as your wish, giving you immediate value when you play him. 

    In a Dr.Boom popular meta, most midrange and control decks have a least one copy of bgh. Therefore it is highly unlikely that Neptulon will stick on the board. Al Akir is weak to tbk and priest spells, but tbk is not widely played any longer and priest is becoming less popular, so it's not hard for it to stay on the board for another turn.

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    I love Malorne as a wow character. I also found it has awesome animation upon landing the board through webspinner before GVG. So I crafted it and included it in my ramp druid deck just because I like it.

    If you take an objective review on this card, it is not played by competitive decks majorly thanks to its competitor Dr.Boom. Both of them have intimidating stats, and both of them don't have an immediate impact. However, there is literally no single card in current card pool that can deal with Dr.Boom efficiently with one shot. This means that the best part of Dr.Boom is that it is resistant to disruption such as removal. Therefore it's a one for two plus a minimum of two random damage to enemy characters. According to Blizzard's logic, since it's becoming an auto-include for almost all midrange and control decks, it is highly likely that Dr.Boom will be nerfed. Imo, they're probably making his boom bots 0/1 and deal damage to random characters instead.

    On the other hand, Malorne is weak to removal. When it is removed by destruction effect, you do have it back in your library, which means you can get a card advantage around half of a card. But druids are not specialized in card draws. What it actually does is thickening your deck in late game, unless it's almost fatigue. This can be particularly horrible if you're relying a certain top deck in late game. Overall, its effect is medicore compared to Dr.Boom's.

    Still, with these said, you can play Malorne in your deck if you love it. HS is about fun isn't it?

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    posted a message on Your first GvG legendary?

    Crafted Trade Prince Gallywix right after release. Pulled a Gazlowe in an awesome pack along with a normal Coghammer, a golden Tree of Life, and a Priest rare. Literally the best pack I've ever opened, although it's the only legendary I pulled so far from around 40 packs.

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    posted a message on Dr Boom. One of the top 5 best non class legendary right now?

    I like this card because of its stats and being hard to deal with, but it never occured to me that it's becoming almost a must have in almost all current midrange and control decks.

    During the first week of gvg, most players don't have enough tools for midrange or control, I played a lot against aggro mechmage, paladin, hunter, mechzoo. There were control warrior and priest but Dr. Boom was way too slow at that time.

    Now the metagame shifts, more players have a better collection, and most of my opponents I encounter play midrange or control as well as myself playing a slightly modified version of the old midrange shaman. Dr.boom was literally seen in my 14 out of 16 games I played over the last few days if my memory serves. And everyone in those games were either playing midrage or control. Every mechmage I played now plays midrange instead of aggro. I believe Dr.Boom is one of those cards encouraging you to go midrange, and to spam it on board most of the time in your game considering we no longer need to worry too much about OTKS.

    Nerfing soulfire and auctioneer reallys hurts the variety of deck types. Zoo and miracle got slowed and axed too hard, or at least that's how I feel after my testing. Now that hunter is given stronger late game card to have "more options". As an experienced MTG player, I'm not happy but still okay with zoo players topdecking doomguard right after they played a doomguard or soulfire, and miracle players drawing many cards a turn then getting OTKed. I'm well aware of the fact this is part the of CCG and what makes it fun. The problem I believe is that there is no interruption opportunities in your turn, no sideboard, and no chance of a second game being a best of 1 format. There is nothing you can do to manipulate the odds against your favour.

    I am worried about the future of hearthstone right now because the game now simply goes too much with board building and trading since aggro and combo decks are declining. I understand this is exactly what Blizzard think hearthstone is. I just never felt this repetitive about hearthstone games before GVG.  

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    posted a message on POLL: Rank the Classes with the Best Legendaries

    It seems like warrior is top 1. For warrior, grommash is definitely a must have in control as a win con and removal. I still believe Iron juggernaut is overestimated as I said in my previous post.

    In arena, it's too random to get value not mentioning you may have better choices over it. In constructed, in most of your matches against non-draw heavy opponent, it's most likely a worst boulderfist ogre that's way too slow for all kinds of warrior. Now that soulfire and auctioneer are nerfed, I don't think top draw heavy decks such as zoo, handlock and miracle will be played a lot in the meta anymore. Freeze mage relies on heavy draws but warrior has had no problem dealing with it. Even for mechbrew fun decks, being a legendary really hurts its consistency.

    IMO I would give grommash 8 out of 10, juggernaut 3 out of 10. That's 2.75 out of 5.

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    Quote from Snow_King »
    Quote from Kaile95 »

    They gave us some nice cards to deal with hunter so we will see if the hunter manage to survive. Also most cool hunter cards are for control so it supports different playstyle which is good.

    As for a legendary, not even close to being the best, warrior and priest legendaries beat Gahr'zilla without any question. I also prefer druid and warlock legendaries over this one - that is arguable but i think they will work better than big scary hydra.

    How did you not even mention the best legendary in the set? The rogue legendary is gonna be a pretty-much auto-win card if you ever manage to cast in on an even board. 5/8 for 6, plus one-way lorewalker action??? Yes Please!

    On-topic: For sooooo long now, this game has missed an entire archetype of the common CCG, midrange. For the past year, Hearthstone has been purely Aggro Vs Control, with the rare combo deck here and there. Finally we're going to see the holy trinity of card games in action. [Control beats Midrange beats Aggro beats Control] instead of control and aggro just ramming heads again and again. That's what makes me most excited about the new post GvG meta. 

    The prince will be my chase legendary and the first card to craft for sure. I wouldn't say it's an auto-win but at least it shall be almost 1 for 2 every time you play. I find that many folks have trouble understanding the real effect of it, as well as not paying enough attention to its excellent body at its cost, and doubting its usefulness because it doesn't fit current rogue archetypes without realizing the fact that the meta is not going to stay the same.

    IMO the meta on ladder will still be mechaggro based during the first several weeks simply because most of the players won't get full tools for midrange/control that fast. In casual, I suspect there'll be a lot of players trying combo, fun and never-existed-before decks such as combomech rogues utilizing Mimiron's Head, murman and demonlock. With this many new cards to impact the meta, the only thing for sure is that the meta will not settle in a short time.

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    posted a message on New Card: Target Dummy
    Quote from veiphiel »

    Compare this card with ornitopter in magic, and mech decks with affinity. I think, this is a great card.

    I would love an affinity deck in hearthstone. Sadly this card doesn't have evasion. And I don't see enough buffing cards and mana generating cards to present threats and obtain tempo here. Mox and Cranial are cruical to affinity.

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    posted a message on New Card - Grove Tender

    The effect is symmetrical thus it's hard to time the right turn to play. On turn 3, druid players don't really have other good drops to play right now. This fills the 3-mana gap in druid decks and gives you early board presence with a resilient body. In mid or late game, you usually get to use the effect before you oppoent does. Therefore I believe it's undervalued. I'll try this as a 2-of in my druid.

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    posted a message on New Card: Flame Leviathan

    Thank you Blizz, you make me love Bolvar and Nozdormu now.

    What's more disappointing is that mage players are not given a card to manipulate the top cards of library like tracking at all. IMO, the concept of this class is similar to blue planeswalkers in Magic where you have quite much control over the game, which would suit the profile of the class. Yet I see nothing but more RNG coming.

    None of the Mage cards excites me. All of them are medicore. Rogue players got axed but they have the prince now. Mage gets nothing but opposing threats such as Kezan mystic. Great Job Blizz, you just made a rarely played class even less popular. I don't think anyone will agree this is good for the metagame if we only see same classes in the meta over and over.


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