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    Yes, I've been having such bad luck with the card.  My opponent always pulls one of my minions with a battle cry, while I get them to pull down a large minion like Ragnaros or Sylvanas... They usually thank me for it too. >.< 

    Dark Peddler works well.  It doesn't have the health of Dirty Rat, but if you're having a lot of bad luck, then it's a decent substitute that works with Brann Bronzebeard.

    Edit: I don't know why people downvote when you answer a question and say that you have bad luck with a card.  It's not like I was critical of the deck, or anyone else.  :-\ Whatevs

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    I wish this deck worked for me but the lack of dragons was frustrating.  I guess you have to be really lucky to draw them together early in the game.  

    You must have a four leaf clover or some green-haired troll doll sitting on your desk or something. Seriously I was getting awful draws whenever I played this deck.. Anyway, thanks for sharing and good luck on the end of the season. 

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    posted a message on Trump's Karazhan Beast Druid(Big Update)

    Hey Trump, if you ever read this... Why?  You give us such consistent and effective decks.  This one, not so much. You're still the greatest.  Keep being awesome. xoxo

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    Yes, it's iffy since you're playing so many random decks at rank 15. I wouldn't recommend it, you'd probably be better off going full aggro or control (if you have the patience and time).

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    Agreed, I'm almost always disappointed when he comes later in the game.  

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    posted a message on [ONiK] Kevineter's Resurrect Priest

    Thank you for sharing this great deck.  I had some awesome comebacks with it and annoyed quite a few opponents, the ones who assumed they had the victory once they got board control.  Fun deck. Thank you again, sir/ma'am.

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    I wish I had as much luck as other people playing this deck, but I lost far more games than I won.  Usually, I'd get overwhelmed quickly because they had board control and my mulligans would be later game minions.  By turn 4 or 5, I was all ready to half-health and struggling to keep a minion on my side of the board.  Thanks for sharing and offering feedback.  Good luck this season.

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    Nice deck, I'm missing some legendaries on this account, so I replaced Hogger with Hogger, Doom of Elwynn, Soggoth the Slitherer for Ragnaros the Firelord and a second Obsidian Destroyer for Varian Wrynn.  Obviously not the ideal, but Soggoth is very effective against mages and rogues.

    Thank you, Trump!

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    I wish I could say this deck worked but when you get a bad mulligan, and don't see any source of card draw like slam or sir finley in those first few turns... it's brutal.  And without brawl or shield slam, well shucks.  I'm impressed this worked for so many people because I usually drew grommash, blackwing or leeroy, then got pulverized as they built up their side of the board.  When I did have a minion, they had their removal ready and it rarely survived a turn.  

    I guess some people have all the luck and skill. Grats on legend.

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    posted a message on Trump's FREE to Play Rank 1 Deck

    This isn't a free to play deck, but it requires a lot less dust than most of them.

    If you're climbing the ladder and facing a number of warriors and control decks, then this is a great little hunter deck.  Maybe some of the other midrange decks are better at higher ranks, but those acidic oozes are extremely helpful.  Cookies and creme kudos to Trump.  

    Hail to the mayor of Value Town!

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    Worked for me, Wobbling Runts is a fine alternative if you're missing a card.

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    posted a message on [Top 50 NA Legend] Oil Rogue Comeback!

    Congrats on legendary and thanks for sharing this deck.   I just want to commend you for writing this excellent guide that explains basics of oil rogue, that a lot of us often forget or miss when we're playing.  It's really straight forward and helpful.  Kudos to you, sir.

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    Deck felt way too slow, I was dead by turn 4 in most battles because my opponents were running a whole lot of 1-3 drops, desert camel always gave them a buffed one drop as well so it didn't give me much of an advantage.  Couldn't keep my board up or rather live long enough to use ram wrangler, etc..  Nice concept, but I'd recommend including cards like shattered sun cleric, hungry crab and flame juggler.  People are running a lot of aggro.

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    posted a message on [UPDATE/LEGEND] Rhonin Tempo Mage by Kiroskir

    I was a little reluctant to try tempo mage again, because there  were way too many hunters and ladder decks that countered this style but now it works so well.  I don't even have Rhonin so I subbed in Nexus-Champion Saraad, perhaps not the ideal choice but I'm not starved for cards and I make sure to get one inspire from the card, which usually prompts my opponent to try and use a major removal on it before Antonidas or Boom come out (even when I get something worthless like Sense Demon or Deadly Poison). I can't believe its done so well against the abundance of locks, freeze mages, and priests.  I've encountered one paladin using this deck, and I'm sure it might struggle a bit but in the meantime, it's great.  

    Kudos on legendary and thank you for sharing this deck.

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    posted a message on Dog's Pillager Miracle Rogue

    I like playing miracle but I found this deck too slow for the ladder.   I faced  way too many aggro druids and shamans with mech mages, and was getting the worst possible draws and dying before turn 6.  It can be enraging when you draw two cold bloods and conceals but don't have a single minion on the board.  Also, you feel like the unluckiest bastard on the planet when you don't see the likes of gadgetzan in later games; the same can be said when you're praying for a prep to drop and you get something else or they drop a loatheb.  

    It's fun when you get a nice curve and your opponent is playing a slower deck/bad draws, but if you're laddering and facing a lot of aggro and control warriors, save yourself the heartache.

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