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    posted a message on Which decks have potential to be Tier 1 when meta settle?


    Pirate package tempo decks.

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    posted a message on Something that needs to honestly be said


    All the emotes are voiced as sarcastically as possible, so I'd say it's a fair bit by design.

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    posted a message on Kingsbane...the new Marsh Queen?


    Think you'll probably be wrecked by aggro and tempo lists.


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    posted a message on Let me be the first to say....
    Quote from 3nnui >>

    The problem is that control does not pay off because of all the ridiculous RNG. Real control is grinding to a lock down position. There is so much RNG in the game (and there may even be a catch up mechanism in the RNG), that you can be punished for achieving a dominant position by the game itself. That is why Raza priest is so effective, it is actually a combo deck, not a control deck. 

    It relies on the blizz RNG in the card draw to answer each play until it achieves it's combo and then it is GG. Because there is not forcing discard from the other player, you cant punish a player for drawing or for holding combo pieces, so until discard is a thing, you are stuck playing aggro or combo.

    The game becomes more and more luck based, perhaps the average player does find that fun, I am finding it less so. 

     I think perhaps a slightly better way of putting it is that it isn't just randomness, there is a lot randomness with decent chances of highrolling.
    So if you play a slow deck, opponents will on average have more chances to highroll you. And you can't fight that.
    Last game I played with CW, a face hunter killed me with my own N'zoth and direhorn hatchlings. If I had played pirate warrior, his highrolls would have been completely irrelevant. And these days almost all competitive decks have plenty of highroll capability.
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    posted a message on Let me be the first to say....



    Latest expansion seems to be pretty much "let big shiny things happen randomly".

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    posted a message on New Mage Weapon - Aluneth


    Seems absolutely horrible.

    Can't use it as only draw, as you can have only one so you can't run it in freeze / exodia because it'll clunk up your hand... it has absolutely no use in tempo-based lists obviously and it's a death sentence for control decks. About the only place I can think it might have a niche fit is in burn mage, but even for burn mage to blow 6 mana on no immediate impact seems horrible.

    And that's not even counting it being counter by weapon removal. 

    Perhaps if some other cards come around to support it. Other than that... 400 dust as far as I have seen it. Looks to be on par with Loremaster Cho.


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    posted a message on Anomalus in DK Mage?


    No, doesn't work well at all.

    Or rather it works well when used, but it's just not something that comes up alot... and since it's situational, you often won't have it when you need it.

    Use it for fun, but it's not competitive.


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    posted a message on What is the current definition of Miracle? (terminology)


    Decks that suddenly generate a lot of cycle / resources "out of nothing" and turn the game around, a miracle. 



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    posted a message on Doomsayer I'm tempo/mid-range deck


    Yes, it's horrible in those decks.

    If you are making a mid-range list and you find yourself frequently needing doomsayer, then you should be rethinking your list, because  it is not a good mid-range list.


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    posted a message on What's really so wrong with Netdecking?
    Quote from scorpyon >>

    I mean, I am always quite flattered when I see people playing my deck ideas like Razakus Priest or Keleseth Rogue. XD
    Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know that I am shaping the meta...

    But seriously, I have often wondered why people get so tight in the pants over the idea of learning from those better than them. (Don't get me wrong, I have been frustrated to see the same decks used repeatedly, but I put that down to some people not having that particular skill - how to build a killer deck idea)
    I mean, if you want to get better at something, you have to learn from people who are better than you, right?

    In a similar vein, it's one thing to copy a deck you saw a Youtuber play, but another thing entirely to know how to play that deck (which is a separate skill entirely). I lost count of the number of times I see someone running a Pirate Warrior attempting to out-tempo me with board control, or a Dragon Priest playing synergy cards with no dragons in hand. Misplays are commonplace until you build the knowledge of how a deck is supposed to work.

    Perhaps much of the frustration comes from the usual salt of knowing that the particular deck you are running is not teched to beat the one you hate seeing?

    Without master deck-builders, those who don't know how to build a good strong deck will never get a real chance to let their play-skill shine as they need a deck that lives up to their expectations. And that's where us deckbuilders come into play, really. We do the experiments and the synergy investigations - and we love to test silly meme decks to find that one wild, unstoppable combo or mad synergy play.

    But without others taking those decks and making them work and rise to fame, our efforts our wasted. 
    So in short, a brief thank you to the netdeckers for stress-testing our decks for us and taking them up to tier 1, making us proud!

    Now, go invent your own blasted deck ideas, yer scum-sucking netdecking waste of spaces...! *ahem!*


     Your e-peen is cashing some large checks there buddy. Which is my way of saying that your post is pretentious shit.
    Seriously, this was just "I'm brilliant!" spelled out in way too many words for its own good.
    People play whatever they want, and afaik nobody is "making your decks rise to fame".
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    posted a message on Where'd all the Old Gods go?


    Sounds like you mostly bumped into bad players and / or players with incomplete decks. 


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    posted a message on Beginner should i be using these legendary?


    With jaine you should be able to craft a decent mage deck for low dust. 

    Get free firelands portals from first wing of Karazhan, use wyrms, sorc apprentice, arcaneaologist, counter spell and mirror entity and a couple of big cards.

    Easily good for rank 10 as you improve as a player.


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    posted a message on So "priest nerf" patch is coming?
    Quote from robert_fanr >>
    Quote from byzants >>
    Quote from Ravzar >>

    If you think anduin is fair and fun you shouldn't be making card games. Even if it is balanced it is a stupid and unfun design. You have to sit there through relatively long turns for this game trying to win when there is about a 70% chance you are going to lose. It feels like a waste of time and that it may be easier to just concede and move onto the next game.

     It's necessary. Semi-broken win conditions are the only thing that can make controllish decks viable.
    Classic control builds are cramped down to about max 2 cards for win conditions, maybe 3 if you are very greedy. Simply because aggro / tempo / curve cards have such obscene power, and because you have so many RNG cards that can highroll (which they have the time to do versus slow decks). It used to be that we could fit 5-6 big cards in control decks, and if you consider how laughable that is now - then you understand how incredibly strong curvestone has become. Control warrior is hovering at below 40% avg winrates, which is ridiculous for a class with the strongest removal in the game... but it's what you get from a meta with evolve / stonehill / firelands / glyph / exodia.

    Look at the only other competitive control deck in the meta, big priest, it basically has to cheese out enormous threats early to contend.

    Heck, raza-priest isn't even that solid (good, but not T1) in the meta according to VS stats, that's how much the game is geared towards curvestone.
     First of all : Highlander priest is not a control deck ! It's a combo deck . Big difference .
    Control decks usually try to win by having answered all of the opponents threats until they either concede or are out of steam , while combo decks cycle into their deck to find their win condition before the opponent can kill them .
    Big priest is not a control deck either . Big Priest is high roll deck . Saying big priest is control is like saying astral druid is control . They are both something else . High roll decks are the most degenerate decks imo, as they plan to win is based solely on draw RNG , the same principle as flipping a coin . The only thing that prevents them from being nerfed is that their "coin is rigged against them" meaning they usually lose to draw RNG . But that makes the player they manage to eventually high roll feel so much worse , it's a shame .
    Second of all: Most of the powerful combo decks have been nerfed in the past, because as Blizzard admits, watching hopelessly as your opponent burns you down from hand in one or few turns is completely un interactive and un fun .
    This is what should happen in this case as well and the only reason it's not it's cause Blizzard didn't milk enough money from Raza and Anduin yet .
    My personal opinion on Priest is that the combo is way too easy to achieve meaning it's OP . I think Anduin should read: "After you play a card refresh your hero power this game" . So if you want it to deal damage you should play Shadowform, a cool card that thanks to Anduin will never see play again .
     He said "controllish", which is correct.
    Also, combo and control are not at all mutually exclusive concepts. In MTG you often talk of hybrid decks, "combo-control" etc.
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    posted a message on Way to make Raza/DK priest less oppressive: nerf Raza the Chained


    Why nerf it?

    It isn't anymore broken than other top competitive stuff. It's brokenness just happens at the end of a controllish deck with strong control tools. 

    I'm sorry you guys can't roflstomp yet another slow deck just because you have so many chances to highroll, but my sympathy is limited. I've played CW a ton and seen how completely rotten this game has become towards slow decks. You have to wade through oodles of bullshit rounds compared to a fast deck which can just kill people before they get a chance too. And it's boring and frustrating as hell.

    I'm glad there is a slow deck now that puts you guys on the clock.


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    posted a message on Need help with Razakus


    Clear the board religiously. Tempo rogue doesn't use cycle, so eventually they'll run on fumes. 

    You have to be ready for bonemare turns, waiting with DK untill after that if you have limited clears is obviously advisable.



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