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    itz a sik idea blud hope they implement it

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    Quote from Machariush >>

    Guys I didn’t believed that hearthstone is somehow rigged, but during this week i faced countless mages/warlocks not a single paladin in more than 30 matches, I was playing mainly DH deathrattle. 
    Tired of losing I said ok let’s switch to poison rogue who obliterates mage and warlocks, and what the fuck just happend, i fucking faced 3 paladins in a row, and with poison rogue it’s literally impossible to win.

    what the hell, with DH never faced a paladin and then switch to counter mage/warlock PUM 

    this is a fucking joke

     blad i know what you mean this game is rigged big time i should be legend but stuck at diamond 10 facing 80% of games against quest magez cuz

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