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    Your proposed combo will probably work if it states "(3) more". As currently worded, I do believe the card will set your opponent's hero power to (3), no matter how many times you play it.

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    Biceps... Online!

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    Really good tempo. Power plays usually happen at turn 6 (Reno the Relicologist, Kronx Dragonhoof, Emperor Thaurissan, etc.) This is a perfect answer to whatever your opponent plops down on 6. It gets stronger the longer games go, because it wipes out priority targets that require multiple damage sources to clear. 

    It opens plays, helps you push for lethal, and makes your opponent think twice about relying on multiple copies of taunt minions to avoid lethal. It's not even a Combo effect. Auto include, I'd say.


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    Simple combo activator.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 10.13 - Submission Thread

    It's been a while! Good luck, all. :)

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    posted a message on New Common Rogue Spell Revealed - Praise Galakrond!
    Quote from Pizzacats >>

    1 mana generate a lackey and give 1 attack is so good in rogue right now. If you think that’s bad, are you kidding?? Think of what this is:

    2 1 mana cards for edwin or questing adventurer, both with instant effect. That is a great tempo boost and rogue has really been lacking in 1 mana cards which fit the archetype since the loss of fire fly, and once swashburglar rotates out again, this will be the perfect replacement. Tempo rogue runs cable rat which is a 2 mana 1/1 with the same effect. I’ve played a lot of rogue and I would definitely trade the 1/1 body to just give 1 attack for one less mana. Although this deck will still probably run both.

    On top of those advantages, you of course invoke Galakrond, which can replace myras unstable element. 4 cards which cost 0, and 10 damage from weapon. That’s exactly the kind of burst tempo rogue needs, and the same reason why it runs king togwaggle.

    Not only is it good for Galakrond, but you fullfill the condition of umbral skulker, which is amazing with edwin and questing adventurer since it’s free stat boost for them. Umbral skulker could also singlehandedly revive miracle rogue and malygos rogue, so a card which enables it (And is a cheap spell for gadgetzan auctioneer) seems pretty good to me. 

    This is easily the best invoke card released so far, and you can even play it with just a few support cards for it to be good enough.


     Agreed on all points. I think most people are discounting the 5/2 weapon on Galakrond. That's 1/6 of your opponent's health.

    Let me just put it this way. If you can hit a fully upgraded Galakrond as a Rogue, you pretty much win the game. The amount of burst you can find, all of which cost zero mana, is crazy. Evis, Cold Blood, Leeroy, SI:7, etc. (in addition to the weapon). Assuming you don't find lethal, the tempo Galakrond gives is off the charts.

    Also, you still have 3 mana worth of wiggle room, supposing you get to turn 10.

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    Wow. Cube shenanigans in Wild, especially with Leeroy.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition - Season 9 Finale Poll!

    I guess now is as good a time as any to say farewell to the community, not the Hearthpwn community but specifically this community - the one that kept the great designs flowing up to the end of Season 9. Surely the card design competitions here will continue, but the contributors will not be the same, as people will be migrating towards other sites.

    Truth be told, these competitions have been welcome breaks in what would have otherwise been pretty droll and monotonous work weeks. In hindsight, I wish I could have participated more in the Discussion threads, but work has largely kept me from doing so. I hope I did not come off as a snob. 

    That said, thank you to everyone for your amazing entries, and the laughs (because almost always, there's always a Rager or a Pepe waiting to be submitted for each theme). LOL. GLHF everyone. My gratitude for the memories.

    (ALSO: Fell short in the season finale AGAIN! I recall it was by one vote last season, and now it's by five votes. CG to our design overlord, CheeseETC!)

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