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    The fact that they mentioned the communication ("We're going to share more than we ever have before") as a hook for the hype is a good and a bad thing at the same time: good because who doesn't want to know more about the game you play? But bad because (although things have got slightly better than in the past) we haven't received that much communication, which is what we were promised more than a year ago during the Year of the Dragon announcement video.

    Hearthstone's last year had a lot of highs (Rise of Mechs, quick nerfs, Battlegrounds, 5 Galakronds gifted to everyone,...) but also a few and, I dare to say, non very justifiable lows (November's Shamanstone with no response other than "the meta is challenging", some DoD cards that were clearly over the top, even just on the paper, the need of a community uproar in order to push the devs to answer some problematics, continuous bugs patch after patch and brawl after brawl,...). No one is perfect and no one is asking for things to be always correct and bulletproof, but I think you got what I'm trying to say.

    For what concerns the announcement, I'm not particularly hyped: not just because I find harmful getting excited over what is basically nothing (for now), but also because my expectations have been failed too many times. Game changing year? I really really hope so, but for now I'd like to keep my feet firm on the ground.

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    This comment may have aged well

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    These changes will be buffs and not nerfs, therefore we won't receive any sort of dust compensation.

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    I wonder what brings you to the conclusion that Rogue will absolutely play Grand Lackey Erkh. I mean yeah, the class will try it for sure, but most of the lists right now have the issue of hand space since they generate more cards than those they can play in one turn.

    Moreover, GLE is a low tempo minion that you can't just jam on curve (like Spirit of the Shark) and expect to survive unscathed your opponent's turn: it is at least a turn 6/7 play, turns in which you play Heistbaron Togwaggle for a 3 mana draw 3 0 cost cards Wondrous Wand or fully invoke/play Galakrond, the Nightmare. Which alternative is better?

    Again, I'm not saying GLE is bad or that it won't see play (in Rogue or in general), but it won't be the card to force a nerf to Valeera.

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    Maybe you forgot it, but in Uldum each class got a Quest (both explorers and EVIL).

    It's true, Sky Gen'ral Kragg works with sidequests as well, but where did you read that

    Kragg is supposed to be Explorers payoff?

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    Quote from FortyDust >>
    the raw number of cards is not a correct metric for this comparison.

     Completely agree: people tend to evaluate cards based on the number and not on the rarity.

    Based on what we've seen so far (not much, so this is a bit of speculation), we'll probably get at least 4 Legendaries and 9 Epics (I suppose Warlock won't be the only class getting an epic).

    Now, not all the 35 cards will be good or will se play, but how many packs on average do you have to open in order to get 9 epics? 45. How many for 4 Legendaries? 80.

    The adventure costs 2800 gold, the equivalent of 28 packs. I know, spending gold in this way doesn't give you the orange glow thrill, but as FortyDust said,

    Quote from FortyDust >>

    This is a no-brainer.


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    The Sir Finley of the Sands - Making Mummies synergy is on a whole other level

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    Not you: the guy above.

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    They love trolls like you as well, cause you keep giving relevance to the game.

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    Quote from Adusak90 >>

    I expect the standard players to be more mature rather than moaning for nerfs every expac. Wild gets only one card changed per year on average and we're fine with our meta. Standard players needs entire patch around cards and they still complain and get it just because it is the Blizzard "main" gamemode.

    Learn how to counter your damn meta and not wait for Blizzard to counter the deck with nerfs for you

     There are so many wrong things with this post that I don't even know where I should start.

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