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    posted a message on Out of Cards Welcome is Beautiful

    Also, if you register early, you get a better choice of nicks.

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    posted a message on Hearthpwn RSS Feature

    If you want a feed that will continue to provide news, might I suggest:


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    posted a message on All Rush Warrior

    Is it worth playing the Dr. Boom hero with just 3 mechs and no Omega Assembly in the deck?

    Versus Token Druid, Warpath would be better than Brawl, since it can deal with Soul of the Forest. Might be better versus Zoo as well, since it can clean up the tokens from Scarab Egg. That substitution would make the deck even worse against Mage though, but if there aren't all that many on ladder or it's a matchup you don't think you can win anyway, maybe that doesn't matter.

    In my own experiments with Rush Warrior, I often ended up playing Oondasta without any beast to pull, which didn't feel great. Perhaps the addition of Hench-Clan Hogsteed helps here, although saving 2 mana isn't all that much of a game changer either. Alternatively, just drawing more cards would increase the chance of being able to pull an Amani War Bear or Akali, the Rhino.

    I don't have Countess Ashmore; I'm reluctant to craft her since she hasn't seen all that much play. I'm assuming you're using her more as generic card draw and less as a tutor, since the only thing she reliably draws is Zilliax and while that is a great card, getting to play it on turn 8 might be too late. By which I mean that if I think I'm facing aggro, I'd keep Zilliax off the mulligan and not Countess.

    Perhaps a different draw engine could work as well, like Acolyte of Pain when using Warpath. Or maybe replace Eternium Rover and then use Battle Rage: having a lot of rush minions means it's easier to get damaged minions on board, so drawing 2 or 3 cards consistently if your hero is already damaged from weapon use should be possible.

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    posted a message on Dalaran Heist special interactions

    The Paladin with the shiny armor mocks your Ice Barrier.

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    posted a message on Dalaran Heist is a bummer
    Quote from Omicron_Persei >>

    The first Dungeon run was amazing as free content. This is Dungeon run  with more bosses and options so It is Dungeon run 2.0. There is nothing wrong with that concept but dont try to sell It as a new and refreshing mode.

    It is indeed an evolution of the same game concept as Dungeon Run. However, while Monster Hunt and Rumble Run only made minor changes to the format, the Dalaran Heist feels like big improvement to me:

    • more variation with the starting deck and hero power selection
    • more deckbuilding decisions with the friendly encounters
    • it seems more likely you'll get combinations of special powers that amplify each other (or I just got really lucky)
    • it tracks which classes you have completed each chapter with (this was sorely missed in Rumble Run)
    • you get progression on unlocks even if you don't defeat the final boss (Monster Hunt in particular felt demotivating to me when I'd breeze through the first 7 bosses only to get a hopeless defeat at the 8th)

    The normal mode does feel a bit too easy though: I defeated the final boss in 3 out of 3 runs so far, never really getting into trouble. Several bosses I even defeated at full health. I haven't tried the heroic mode yet though.

    As for value, I don't think this is worth getting unless you actually enjoy the PvE content. However, because there is nothing in there that you need for PvP, if you don't enjoy it, you can just skip it and be fine.

    So I don't think this is "greedy AF" as some people have been saying. In fact, I think paying for content is the fairest way of monetizing games; if you want to be upset about greed in Hearthstone, point your pitchforks at pack prices and the 25% disenchant rate. However, I would have preferred if it were $10 and included fewer packs, so you'd actually pay for the PvE experience only.


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    posted a message on The Great RoS Nerf Bingo!

    I think they'll be forced to nerf Rogue if that turns out to be the only viable deck in the first week of the Grandmasters competition. My guess is that they won't touch other classes until they've seen how the meta changes around a weaker Rogue.

    Question about the rules: which patches do you count? For example, there was a patch for the Heist release that also fixed several issues.

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    posted a message on Nerf Prediction Game

    What period of time are we talking about? It would be foolish to predict no nerfs happening ever again in Hearthstone. Similarly, predicting any Hall of Fame rotation before the first set of 2020 would be a very bold prediction.

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    posted a message on Ads for boosting service

    I got the following ad a few minutes ago:

    Screenshot of the ad

    Since boosting is both against Blizzard's terms of service and generally unfair, I think it would be a good idea to reject ads for these kinds of services. 

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    posted a message on Leyline Manipulator Big Spell Mage.

    You could consider Stonehill Defender over Tar Creeper, as the discovered minion can be discounted. Even without Leyline Manipulator in the deck, I preferred to run the turtle back when this deck was in Standard.

    Arcane Keysmith might be worth trying out. If you can find Ice Block you're in a great spot. And even if you don't, you'll likely disrupt your opponent's plan whether they do or do not play around your random secret.

    You have lots of AoE, but only Meteor as single-target removal. Replacing one Arcanosaur by Voodoo Doll might be useful. It's probably meta-dependent though.

    Arcane Artificer used to help a lot versus Mindblast Priest and Malygos Druid, but I don't know if those archetypes are common at the moment.

    Skulking Geist could be a useful tech card, since it won't delete any of your spells. Useful if you face a lot of Jade Druid.

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    posted a message on Game of Thrones is disappointing
    Quote from Danton >>

    The way I see it, she didn’t want the bells to ring. That was Tyrion’s plan, and Danny wasn’t into it, suspicious as she was that everyone was conspiring against her.  She wanted to have it her way and accepting surrender was to have Tyrion’s way, a Lanister. I think if you see her snapping as paranoia, it makes much more sense. Burning the city was a mad way of saying « I decide », and al your manoeuvrings to ploy my will have failed. I’m the queen. And thats been part of jer character for a long time: look at me I’m the Queen. That’s what makes her so annoying. 

    Is it even paranoia? Varys did actually conspire against her, Tyrion at least considered it and Jon was more loyal to the Starks than to her. Her most loyal advisers are both dead.

    I think she's a control freak who feels control slipping away from her and takes this extreme measure to get it back. She knows she doesn't have Jon's charisma, she needs something else to keep people in check. "Let it be fear" she tells him, so this action may be more than just pure rage.

    Her claim to the throne has been her first priority ever since she got her dragons. She did commit her armies and dragons to defeat the Night King, but only after Jon submitted to her rule.

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    posted a message on For people who think Casual sucks...
    Quote from DiamondDM13 >>
    Quote from scorpyon >>

    Casual means "Unranked"

     Not exactly. The word doesn't mean that. It is functionally Unranked.

    Casual would be "relaxed and unconcerned" Mode.

    I think this is the core of the conflict: the name suggests "casual" is relaxed, while mechanically it is indeed "unranked".

    The only solution I can see is to split it into two modes: rename the current mode to "unranked" and create a new casual mode that doesn't provide rewards.

    Quote from DontDirtyMyRat >>

    Intact, there are countless meme-level cards hanging around in top-tier decks at the moment. So I've no idea how you'd expect a meme mode to be implemented...

    Yeah, decks like Nomi Priest or Tess Rogue or Muckmorpher Shaman feel very meme-y, but are also somewhat competitive.

    Star Aligner in Standard is still a meme, right?

    Quote from DontDirtyMyRat >>

    Besides, if you want to play meme decks, do what I do - either play them on a rank floor or play them on casual and just concede to the matches you clearly aren't going to win. 

    Rank floors works best for me, I get more opponents who are also playing meme or experimental decks there.

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    posted a message on Wild advice

    My advice would be to first play a bit in Wild with a Standard deck, just to get a feeling for it. Look at the decks your opponents are playing and which of those you think you'd enjoy.

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    posted a message on Blizzard Skips Out on Gamescom to Focus on Development

    They fired a lot of their non-developers earlier this year, so they may simply not have enough people left to do events like this regularly.

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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows Card Nerfs - What Do Pros Want To See Smacked?

    The Lackeys are strong for 1 mana, but I think that is by design: you have to play a sub-par minion to get Lackeys in your hand and playing the Lackeys is the pay-off. For example with EVIL Cable Rat you're paying a significant cost to get a single Lackey. The problem with EVIL Miscreant is that combo is an easy condition to fulfill and a 1/5 turns out to be more useful than people had expected, so the cost isn't all that high for getting two Lackeys.

    I like your "Leeroy dies after attacking" idea. It addresses the insane value Rogue can get out of him without making him unplayable. And it also fits the theme.

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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows Card Nerfs - What Do Pros Want To See Smacked?

    The power level of Dr. Boom, Mad Genius was fine when the Death Knights were still around, but I think it is too strong for the post-rotation meta. I think though that the only nerf that would actually make a difference is not giving all mechs rush, but removing that property would likely make the card unplayable. Maybe it would be enough if only the first mech you play each turn gets rush? Or add "your mechs have rush" as a passive hero power to the pool of cycling hero powers.

    Regarding Rogue, nerfing Raiding Party, EVIL Miscreant or Waggle Pick would help balance the current meta. However, the fact that Rogue's Basic and Classic cards are just a lot better than other classes' will introduce balance problems on every future rotation, so it's probably better to nerf one or more core cards instead. That's also in line with what they did to Druid.

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