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    Jaina is by far the best.

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    Quote from aepic >>

    I see mage with high Potential but this list is too clunky (if you try to run it on ranked). Ooze+piper>>2xplated beetle and maybe alex>>pyros or acolyte. Maybe 2x acolyte. You need draw for jaina. Playing her on 9 is so important.

    Ehh, you're wrong. At least at high legend, though I don't think this decklist is optimal. If you don't run Alex, then alanna is pointless (she's really not worth it anyway, everyone runs AOE and you won't get a chance to play her against aggro unless you're already winning).

    Replacing Piper with beetle makes no sense, as piper adds draw AND armor because it always pulls out your artificer, and is never bad at any stage.  It's a fatigue deck, acolyte is not necessary. You should be dominating aggro anyway, and hard mulliganing for Jaina against everything else. Ooze is absolutely insane in this meta.

    My list runs the lich king and toki instead of alex and alanna, 1 voodoo and two piper.  I pushed up to rank 6 legend,  Dropped down to the low hundreds playing some random bad decks, and then climbed back up to rank 14 where I currently sit.   Shudderwok is literally the only bad matchup, and it's pushed out of the meta by all the aggro scum.

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    "I felt that way until I queued into about ten straight unfavorables yesterday on my big spell mage. But I'm sure I'll like it again once I mop up a few more taunt druids."

    Unfavorables? Literally the only think I'm losing to as Control / big spell mage is Shudderwok Shaman for obvious reasons. Everything else is extremely beatable. I'm rank 15 Legend.

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    No one cares about your rank 20 games.

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