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    posted a message on The Naga Giants deck is at the point where if my opponent sees I'm playing either Warlock, Druid or Hunter, they just concede
    Quote from ArgentumEmperio >>

    Secondly... this is wild we are talking about. This is kinda what you signed up for where people figure out the absolute best combinations of cards from all of Hearthstone... and that's awesome!

    I started playing with beta, and that's was not what I signed for when I spent money on that game. I expected instead they will try to keep some kind of balance that rewarded skills and that my cards didn't end up being only usable in a joke-modality. These "best combinations" you talk about often involve RNG and close-to-zero skills and make me really wonder why I haven't yet dusted my non-standard cards...

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    posted a message on Blizzard must act faster with his nerfs
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    You cannot design a nerf on a meta snapshot. 

    I agree it takes long, but it is necessary, in order to understand if they are going against a passing meta trend, or a consolidated situation.

    Nerfing a passing trend, even if it lasted for 1 month, could lead to dire results, for more than one reason.

    I am pretty sure they already know they have to nerf Druid. The question is HOW, and they must find out with precision, which takes huge statistics.

    PS: not here to defend Blizz nerf decisions, i think they made huge mistakes sometimes, just for fanbase service, like in the nerf of Quest Rogue, which happened when the deck was already T3. But the time they take is for good.

    Even if they takes months, that doesn't mean they will take the right decision on what and how to nerf. In fact, many of the nerfs they have done in the past, after months of thinking and accumulated statistic, missed the point or were too much. From that point of view, I would prefer that they just acted quickly since their pondering has seldom resulted in leaving the card or deck viable. Which was a pity in the case of some OP decks that could have been just "adjusted" instead of "erased".
    But if I have to chose between the erasure of current Druid decks and keeping the things as they are... well, the choice is obvious as the memory of Un'Goro meta is still too vivid and makes this one even more appalling.
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    posted a message on New Paladin Minion Revealed! - Blackguard

    Where is the LifeSteal buff for this and the Paladin quest?

    Two cards still to reveal, let's hope we don't have to wait the next expansion :D


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    posted a message on New Warlock Card Revealed - Gnomeferatu

    Independently from the real power of the battlecry, what I don't understand is why a lot of people says that playing a 2/3 on turn 2 will cost the player the game. It's not a Totem Golem, but if it's a fairly stated minion. If you play this in turn 2 and you lose, it's probably because of the rest of the deck (of course Warlock is not at his best atm) and not for having played a 2/3 on curve.

    From the comments it seems like it's a 0/1 that damages the owner every turn!

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    posted a message on New Priest Card - Embrace Darkness
    Quote from CypherBenkes >>

    Why anyone would think this is bad is beyond me. This card is great.

     Maybe because is not a straightforward "play and win the game" card but it actually involves some thinking
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    posted a message on New Rogue Quest - The Caverns Below (Crystal Core)

    By the way you play Quest Rogue then it seems you also shouldn't be included in your own "we".

    About my choice of decks: for example I started to play Miracle Rogue only now. Leroy nerf long time ago and conceal going to standard have taken away the consistently not-interactive ways to win of the deck.

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    posted a message on New Paladin Card - Lightfused Stegodon

    From Dean Ayala's description of Gentle Megasaur:
    "Whenever we make a card that requires you to build a specific deck, it allows us to be a little more generous with its stats than we otherwise would be."

    Can someone explain to me why this doesn't apply to Lightfused Stegodon? If you want to you this card, you have to purposely create a deck that makes your Silver Hand Recruits a bit more sticky. And if a specific deck is built, why the stats of the Stegodon are not only not generous, but even under par?? And, even if they add some more card that work with SHRs, this still means that the deck built is a specific one, so there should be such a difference between Stegodon and Gentle Megasaur...

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