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    posted a message on Is it Worth It to Disenchant Wild Cards for Standard?

    standaard can be pretty expensive with all the set rotations, in wild most decks don't change that much over time. So if you're free-2-play player, I would recommend wild over standaard, and I would keep those wild cards (unless there terrible)

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Esports suspends Zalae

    first of all, i dont like zalea, so i could be biased. these alligations are horrible, but it's one-sided and not proven yet. its a shame zalea carreer could be finished, but blizzard has every right to suspend him. blizzard is protecting her brand and doesn't want to be assosiated with domastic violence. 

    but these alligations are not out of character, when i watch zalea clips on youtube, or his streams on twitch, i always get the feeling he is a bully. And I hate the push-ups for memberships or donations, it feels totaly out of place and a bit toxic to me. He often comes across as aggressive or arrogant. But we will see if the alligantions are thru or not

    i think, guilty or not zalea's carreer is over, but there are enough twitch streamers in the sea   

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