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    posted a message on Should the rank 5 floor be removed?

    What is wrong if more players reached legend rank? The more the merrier! Implementing floor is one of the greatest thing Blizzard has done.

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    posted a message on Do you like aggro meta?

    Another thread with a grain of saltiness with a twist of poll. I am an aggro player and I voted "Don't mind the aggro meta" actually I don't mind  even if it is control, combo etc. meta. I choose to play Hearthstonne so I will have to adapt to the current state of the game. If I have to hate the game then I will just stop playing.

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    posted a message on Official Blizzard Wild Tournament, Top 64 Ranked Wild Players in May Qualify!

    Hmmm it seems it will be harder for me to reach rank 5 next month. But good Job Blizzard. Wild is life wild is love!

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    posted a message on Why do people get so salty?
    Quote from Absinth35 >>
    Quote from GhostTrickx1 >>
    Quote from gabugga >>

    Cause it's a children's card game played by children. Just look at this forum. People get mad about you playing any deck in the game, they get mad if you do any emotes, they get mad if you spend your turn thinking, they get mad if you get lucky, if you topdeck, and they get really mad if you take their blankey.

     Guess that explains why you are here.
    Honestly op, people are people and everyone has different reasons for getting angry. It's just the way people act when they are competitive. Personally, I just turn off the game and blame the designers for shit that pisses me of. Like who at Blizzard thought rotating Ice Lance and keeping Ice Block was a good idea?  Pirate warrior? Just fire the guy behind that, no one will miss him 
    Sorry but ice lance was something totally uninteractive, ice block is possible to play around it and don't sinergize with Malygos. Is 2 weeks that i don't lose to pirate warrior, play that crabs! XD you say Ice Block to the hall of fame? today i read about people askingo to rotate also Fiery war axe, Sap, Leeroy, Tirion, Edwin, Alex, Murloc WarLeader and Malygos. You see malygos on the ladder? I'm sure they will find a solution to pirates but there are plenty of decks and tech cards to face it, don't blame the designers, force yourself to be a more open and better player: you face only quest rogue? so run the Token druid. You face a lot of Pirates? play something with a good board control, come on, the game is amazing. try that shit of MTG than we talk again about HS
     I feel you about Magic the Gathering. Specially on Vintage format literal "TURN 1 KILL" or 2 turn lock opponents can't do anything or maybe infinite turns? As for MTG Standard format you will have to spend up to thousands of dollars just to be competitive that in a few months your cards are obsolete and you need to spend again. This also goes for other physical card games. But this game is great! And yeah you may say that I am a Blizzard Fanboy but who's not? People that keeps on whining about the game and yet they are still playing then again complain, cry for nerf, wish for someones death, oooh I am being salty now. Better stop typing.
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    posted a message on Why do people get so salty?

    About the game itself yeah I rarely get salty. As one guy mentioned maybe if I am having a very very bad day or my blood pressure is rising because of hot weather here or I just ate a very delicious food.

    But, I get very salty of this people keeps on complaining on everything. As if they pay taxes to live on this "game." Come on guys this is a cardgame. There are infinite possibilities every time an expansion will hit. Anyway as the other guy also mentioned different kinds of people to make one world.

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    posted a message on Ben Brode on Design Space, Game Design, Adventures, and Feedback

    Article is so short. I expected it to be a long read. Oh well I saw the word "Free" that is good enough. :)

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    posted a message on Let's fix some cards!
    Quote from Starmandeluxxe >>
    Quote from SchruteBucks >>

    Warrior (the entire class) - "Sorry, this class is not playable in Standard or Wild."

    Fiery Bat - 1/1 stats

    Alley Cat - summoned minion isn't a beast

    Kill Command - can't target face

    Every Priest minion - increase stats by +1/+1

    Holy Nova - deal 3 damage and heal 2

    Cabal Shadow Priest - cost 1 less, OR when the battlecry doesn't have a target it should get +1/+1 instead. 

    Shellraiser - 3/5 stats, not 2/6

    Move Win Axe, Frothing, and Kor'Kron to HoF. 

    Caverns Below - Summon 7 minions (not 4) with the same name.

    Sulfuras - Hero power goes back to the original form when Sulfuras runs out of charges, and is a 4/3 weapon. 

     Lol, and people say we has a bad dev team. Seeing shit like this makes me realize how much worse the game would be if the average community member had literally any say. "My favorite class isn't the best class, fix ur game blizz"
     That's why we leave it to the professionals :-D
    The title of the thread should be nerf the card I hate most.
    As for my contribution to the topic, rogue quest should be 6 then paladin quest should be 4. Yeah I hate Caverns!
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    posted a message on Misheard HS Quotes
    Quote from TrendyWolf >>
    Quote from Justice171 >>

    Can it also be misinterpreted ones?

    Tol'vir Warden has me cringing every time. The association with pedophiles is too high.


     When he attacks he even says "Down!" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) http://www.hearthhead.com/cards/tolvir-warden
    It is 9pm here and this made my day totally!
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    posted a message on What're you playing in wild right now?

    I am playing Renolock in wild right now. Leeroy combo and Nzoth version currently rank 4-5. I started last year's July so most of my cards rotated out. That is why I prefer to play wild. Aside from healthier meta I am more of a eternal player like in MTG so I enjoy more here in wild.

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    posted a message on The Rogue Quest, The Caverns Below, is OP. Nerf it already.

    I don't usually agree to these nerf thread like the jade idol or the frothing berserker. But this quest.........

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    posted a message on New to the game question about disenchanting golden legendary "Awaken the Makers"

    I prefer golden Legendary minions. If you have the normal one DE it and craft what you really need.

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    posted a message on Jade Idol - NERF

    So now where are these people crying for nerf? I think they just realized card is not that powerful at all.

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    posted a message on When to use removal against pirate warrior?

    Kill their minions. Destroy their weapons. And heal like hell.

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    posted a message on Why does Curious Glimmerroot see play?

    A 3 mana 3/3 semi Drakonid Operative what's not to love...

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    posted a message on 68 % wr Mountain Miracle Rogue (Anti priest update)

    Well this deck is way way better than the questing rogue. Upvoted!

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