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    Wait what ? What does eSports even had to do with this ? Whats next ? Getting kicked out from from any where even if you have a car crash ?

     Now that is a definite slippery slope fallacy argument right there. Domestic abuse and car crashes are drastically different things and making a comparison of those two is belittling domestic abuse. 

    As far as what Esports has to do with this, they're very much so connected. Zalae is a member of Hearthstone Esports, thus he is working underneath Hearthstone, acting as a face, a representation of Hearthstone, even if he isn't directly employed by Hearthstone. It's the same thing that the NFL has done, suspending players after child abuse or domestic violence cases. I could add several other cases but don't want to due to political charges that they can build as of right now. Anyway, it comes down to the fact that they (Zalae, in this case) is a public figure representing a privately owned company (Hearthstone, in this case) and so, thanks to laws (at least in the US) it is within every right for Activision-Blizzard to suspend Zalae, even just over allegations, as they are a private company and he is currently representing something that they do not want to represent. They're putting him on a temporary leave effectively right now due to the allegations, and should he go to court and prove true, I believe they should permanently ban him from their Esports. For now, though, he is on leave due to an allegation, and will likely be either unsuspended or banned upon trial. It's the same thing that happens through just about every other organization or business and it's well within their legal rights to do so.

     I just had to log in to say: oh my God! In democratic country everyone is innocent until proven guilty. With their move, they just cut him. im not saying that he is innocent, but to do something like this, until it is proven.... just shows whats wrong with society , and this whole "cancel" culture. and i cant agree more with the dude you are quoting. 

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