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    Some people just couldn't have understood the weight of this card. The basic idea is that although C'thun has enough power for a 'starter deck', its battlecry damage alone is not quite enough for a direct win. It can be easily seen that your chance of an easy C'thun win is dampened by enemy minions on board, whose health can be modeled. The model turns out to be that C'thun is still a little behind the competitive frontline.

    So the winning strategy offered by this card Doomcaller is essentially a second C'thun shot. Blizzard has thought about it, and thus this card in every template C'thun deck. The reasoning is good, whereas the card also turns out useful. But since some mainstream removals can void the shuffle-back effort, the whold C'thun system is still not robust enough for everything.

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    Many have underestimated this weapon. There are loads of good 3/2 minions in TGT and I'm seeing a lot of them getting killed by this weapon. That is, Paladin decks without Shielded Minibots can practically compete before they took too much damage and got crushed by aggro.

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    This card is relatively intimidating, because your foe will die quickly by taking 8 damage per turn if this card survived. It attacks into the Sludge Belcher and survives while the 1/2 slime would be killed by the 3-attack hero. But it's still too easy to remove and of no use against aggro.

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    Heed my warning and don't have high hope on this card. The dragon-in-hand requirement is not something you can mess up with. Unless you constantly have very large dragons jammed in your hand, all these dragon battlecries only have very small chance to take effect. The deck must be fiendishly slow for this card to work properly.

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    It's not a demon. In the old WoW the shadowfiends were unclassified creatures. Later they were classified as 'aberration', not demon.

    Unfortunately a Priest has many ways to attain cards, but is not so good at drawing cards from his own deck. So this card is not good enough and don't expect it to add much value.

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    Quite a different card compared to Snake Trap. The bear has higher attack in actual game, even though the snakes have 3 attack together.  Meanwhile Snake Trap is not conventionally counted as a minion card, but this Bear Trap is.

    It is bad against control decks because they have no racing requirement, but good against everything else because they'll lose speed if they don't attack your face just to prevent the bear value.

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    This one can cause a disaster to the balance of Hearthstone. Think of it as a battlecry that has about 40% chance to draw a card, guaranteed a minion, plus a glimpse into your foe's deck. While it's quite reasonable that the face Hunter cannot benefit from this card, it remains unknown how powerful a midrange Hunter can be with such boost in drawing power.

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    A larger and unattractive Fire Elemental. I like this card because it is in no way short of damage. Its attack is equal to its cost, whilst it deals 4 upon entrance. Pick it like how you pick Fire Elemental or 7/7 divine shield tank.

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    I wonder how much this card costs if it were created by 'Echo of Medivh'. It'd be really good if all Frost Giants are of the same cost regardless of the time they're created. Play one or two low-cost giants, then copy another bunch of them. Just the same way as echo moltens. But that's unknown until the launch.

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    posted a message on I'm bored with Hearthstone. What do I do?

    There is this ultimate challenge. Take down Kolento on the EU ladder or when he plays his NA account, this will unlock for you the final achievement 'Slayer of the God' as a reward for your triumph against the true god of Hearthstone. Firebat and his Archon team will be easier challenges though.

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    posted a message on Is there such a thing as an "anti tempo" deck?

    There is not. Removals in Hearthstone are not strong enough. You can only counter tempo with tempo. Look at Patron Warrior and you can see why they need 2 Armor Smiths in the deck.

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    I agree that none of Patron, Frothing or Battle Rage is a problem.

    Specially for Battle Rage, many professional players have developed a countermeasure against this card, just like the way they play around Molten Giant. If you play heavy control decks it's very often that the Warrior remain uninjured before turn 6. One cannot perform this strategy if playing any current cancer decks, that's the gimmick.

    Besides. It is the first Battle Rage, that one without injured Patrons, that tells whether it's balanced or not. There is nothing wrong with Battle Rage without Patrons because Warrior is a class with fewer minions IN THE DECK than average, where Battle Rage can't have many minions. With Patrons you pay 5+2 plus whatever you need to spawn and injure the Patrons, and then draw 3 to 5 cards, which is only as problematic as things like Ancient of Lore.

    They can nerf Battle Rage like, the Warrior can only draw one additional card when below X health, instead of just being injured. Such nerf will be bad because both '12 health or less' Warrior spells have not been good enough. I don't think they will do this because that would fall very badly against combo Druid and whatever Rogue.

    Warsong Commander isn't an easy pick to nerf. When a new player joins Hearthstone, he can use Warsong Commander plus Gurubashi Berserker, both free and basic, to have a charger with relatively high attack. As he proceeds, Warsong Commander works with Raging Worgen and that 2-drop female Pirate too. So it seems that's how the commander should be working, giving minions with 3 or less attack charge, then throw in other resource to increase their attack for a higher charge blow. This goes even the same for Frothing.

    GPW is hated because it can be easily constructed to counter cancer decks in the games. It will take too long to have everyone playing enough control decks to counter it. It is not an aggro deck itself so I doubt any incoming nerf against with the reason of being too fast.

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    posted a message on So, who's ready for a Flamewaker nerf?

    You saw a lot of Flamewaker because it's an adventure card and not from packs. People use it because it's cheap enough when they don't have very large collection. Flamewaker is nothing overpowered if you killed it on sight.

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    Big balance issue.

    I don't think Blizzard will bother to design a large 2v2 table UI for such mode, so it might be that teammates share board and life( how about weapons?). In this way, a player makes moves every 2 turns, which will complete scramble the current hand consumption maths. Everyone will be playing aggro because he has too much mana to do anything else.

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    The order of this Hearstone content release has minor error. Perhaps the American think the new hero is of more fancy. The new patch is not about that. Trust me.

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