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    posted a message on Why when I play vs rogue...

    I always play rogue. It is very fun but there are many drawbacks of this class. No heal, no board clear, and the deck is kinda slow. So, if it is really difficult to deal with aggro deck (hunter) or deck that creates crazy board in one turn like druid and shaman. But is so fun to play against priest though...


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    posted a message on How many packs are you gonna buy for Scholomance?

    Control and combo player here.

    70 packs from gold.

    No pre-order this time due to "Glide"

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    posted a message on Glide

    I am reluctant to purchase the new expansion. After seeing this card, I decided not to buy.

    I only play mage and rouge. Their legends are not even close to this DH broken rare card...

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    posted a message on Are you happy with puzzle box and insane RNG from Mage

    From mage perspective, it seems fun as you just wait turn five or six and cast the box. Then most of the time the game is decided. 

    In my view, after facing puzzle box in three games consecutively, feel like I am wasting my energy and wanna quit Hearthstone. What do you guy think?

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    posted a message on Slow Spell Mage!!

    I think spell mage is too unreliable to climb the ladder (diamond 5). I have tried this deck 10+ times. It takes effort to win but can lose easily. I think the only winning factor is to maintain the tempo and try to win by mid game.  However, since minions are so random, the game can easily swing to disadvantage. Apexis blast gives me 0-5 minion stat several times.

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