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    It's working for me, maybe the deck is hard to play.

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    God damnit why the F does warlock have so much removal? HOW HAS TWISTING NETHER NOT ROTATED OUT? It's been run in every control Warlock deck since forever and the core set was supposed to bring change to the game. The ONLY new card Warlock is playing is Tamsin Roame, which essentially just generates more of the cards they have been playing for a year. 

    Warlock has a lot of frustrating cards, but they obscene amount of removal they have is just disgusting. Siphon Soul, Hysteria, Cascading Disaster, Soul Shear and Drain Soul (which are basically just the same thing) should be more than enough. Twisting Nether to let them clear your board for the 10th turn in a row and then dropping free 6/6's is too much. Also the new jaraxxus so they don't have to worry about anything but removal is really, really bad game design in my opinion.

    - End of rant - 

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    He said free to play MOSTLY. Do you not understand what mostly means? He's implying that he doesn't often spend money on the game and needs help deciding how to get most value out of it. If you're not going to offer advice why even bother replying at all?

    @OP Maybe you can theorycraft some decks with the cards in the Darkmoon races bundle and see if you have any synergies you want to try with the cards you already have. If not, the crossroads bundle is probably better because you get more cards for your money with two legendaries you may be able to build some decks around.

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    This is not ment to be a rant, but I want to share my thoughts on the current meta and rotation.

    Every year when the first expansion comes around and three old expansions rotate to wild the total amount of playable cards is reduced substantially, and even though it is necessary to keep standard fresh I often feel like the new meta settles too quickly and there's just not enough cards/archetypes to try out. This time with the core set introduction the problem seems to be more apparent than in previous years. 

    It feels like some classes were chosen to be strong whereas others were deliberately left behind, and the strong classes usually only have one viable archetype because its available cards are simply stronger than the available cards of other archetypes for that class. Warlock for example can only be played as control because of the huge amount of removal, healing, disruption and the infinite value of Jarraxus they have. This in turn makes every other control deck unviable because no other class can compare to the tools that Warlock has (especially the corrupt and soul fragment packages). On the flip side Warlock really only has the right tools for a control deck. Zoolock and the new deck burn Warlock simply don't have enough support to build a full deck around. The same can be said for Paladin and Hunter. Paladin seems to only work with the secret and libarm packages and Hunter is only strong as an aggro deck that curves into Warsong Wrangler -> Trampling Kodo. 

    In my opinion, the main difference is that these classes have functional synergies and win conditions to work with. Classes like Shaman and Priest on the other hand may have some strong cards but no real synergy to build a deck around.

    Another problem for me is the fact that we only have 4 expansions and the core set to work with. This makes it so that every class has a lot of cards to automatically include because the card pool is so small, meaning there is a noticeable lack of options. This way different decks for any class mostly feel like a worse version of the existing strongest deck for that specific class. 

    Don't get me wrong. I think the current meta is fairly diverse and fun to play, but the size of the card pool feels very restrictive when looking for new combinations and archetypes. Perhaps it would be better if Blizzard rotated one expansion at a time whenever a new expansion is released, though it wouldn't fit into their Year of the Gryphon/Mammoth/Phoenix/etc structure. 

    What do you guys think about this?

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    Knowing Blizzard they'll probably do something like 'pen flinger can now only target minions' and then take a month or two to see if that solves the problem. 

    All jokes aside, the release of forged in the barrens has been one of the least enjoyable experiences I've had in hearthstone in a very long time. It's to be expected that some cards/archetypes are overtuned on release but currently they are so blatantly overpowered that I don't understand why nothing is being done about it immediately. I love the game but I have never been so discouraged to play standard.


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