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    So I'm not the only one considering [cardFlameguard Destroyer[/card] as an alternative to Draenei Totemcarver? Are you satisfied with the card?

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    Dear Blizzard

    When the #TavernsOfTime event ends, please retain the daily quest goals and scrap the original ones.

    I’ve truly enjoyed the Taverns of Time. The extra dust was nice, the high gold rewards was nice, but the thing that made Taverns of Time really great was quest goals that can be easily achieved while laddering with your favourite deck(s). If you love Hearthstone, but have limited time to play, the normal quest goals can sometimes be a drag.

    Most players crave for gold, to buy packs, increase their collection and be able to play even more decks that are fun. So you do the quests, if you like them or not. Even the «Everybody! Get in here!» - unless your able to swap them for something better.

    If you’re spending what little spare time you have, trying to climb the ladder with your Odd Paladin or Even Warlock, playing 30 Priest cards or 6 Pirates isn’t fun. It’s just wasted time. So you throw together a stupid Pirate Priest deck, play some uninspired matches in Casual and hope you get time over for a ranked match later on.

    The Taverns of Time quest goals are SO MUCH BETTER. Taking a number of turns, drawing a number of cards or playing a number of spells can be done with most tier 1, 2 or 3 decks (ok, Spiteful decks don’t run many spells, but …). You can prove that you are an active player and earn your gold while you play the decks you like and do things that you find meaningful.

    It’s nice to promote diversity, which I think is the idea behind the original quest goals. But it must be even nicer if you can increase the time people feel it is fun playing the game. Playing decks you like is fun. Playing decks you don’t like is not fun, even when you get paid gold to do it. So do the right thing. Use the off-meta reports to promote diversity and give us quest goals that can be achieved while playing what we like.

    Best regards,


    PS. Spread the word if you agree.

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    It's definitely worth it, in my opinion.

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    Go with Murloc Paladin. The tribal synergies secures a pretty resilient board, and the ability to refill with Call to Arms and Divine Favor (when they have equipped Aluneth) also gives you reach. If you really want to punish Secret Mage, you could tuck in an Ooze and EoS too, but it should normally be quite unnecessary.

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    Quote from TanookiJack >>
    Quote from 1T0S_ >>

    Love argument with "Tech cards".... 
    Would you really put bullshit card like Eater of Secrets to counter 1 class - Mage? And what about other matchups, like zoo or rogue? Eater is dead card and your deck is much weaker. 

    Tempo mage is terribly designed deck - They can SMORc you, lose all cards and then refill hand with Aluneth.  56 direct spell damage ignoring taunts? Absolute bullshit. 
    And the worst thing? We do not have enough heals to do something with it. 

     I need a Reno!
    I'm holding out for a Reno till the morning light.
    He's gotta fast and he's gotta be strong and he's gotta be topdecked just right!
    Made a test run with Secret Mage today, and the only threat seemed to be fatigue damage from Aluneth. ;)
    But jokes aside, the win rates seem to be dropping on Metastats, probably due to the growing popularity of decks like Aggro Paladin. Unless you're lucky with your Primordial Glyphs, the deck is weak against those kind of decks.
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    Consider a future Hearthstone where card packs were no longer available.

    Instead of Gold, you were awarded twice the amount in dust. “Play 10 secrets” would grant you 100 dust instead of 50 gold, and the weekly Tavern Brawl would grant you 200 dust instead of a pack.

    Instead of buying packs, you could buy

    • Pre-purchase deal with new expansion card back and 30 000 dust for EUR 49,95
    • 400 dust container for EUR 2,99
    • 1600 dust container for EUR 11,39
    • 3200 dust container for EUR 21,29
    • 8000 dust container for EUR 49,99
    • 12000 dust container for EUR 69,99

    Interesting or not?

    For someone like myself, buying the pre-purchase package and the occasional 15 packs 3-4 times a year, it would not make much of a difference economically, but I would have a far better chance of building a collection of cards I actually want. That said, Runespear and Lynessa is nice to look at ;)

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    I've tried it, but usually the opponent is taking fatigue damage before I'm able to play the last seal.
    If you're looking for an expensive replacement for Fen Creeper, Rin is OK I guess. Otherwise she's not.

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