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    posted a message on Predictions on nerfs?

    I'm totally with you on Giggling Inventor & Branching Paths (but you could reduce the armor even further). Also think Spreading Plague is worth considering. Vilespine Slayer is definitely a strong card, but not a nerf-candidate in my book.

    Adjusting Giggling Inventor, I hope they leave Caverns Below alone this time.

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    posted a message on Tuning Even Shaman (wild)

    This is the decklist that constitutes the baseline of current Wild Even Shaman, with Spellbreaker in the flex spot.

    Main threats are Flamewreathed Facelesses, Sea Giants and The Lich King, backed up by either Draenei Totemcarvers or Piloted Shredders.

    I have bad experience with the shredders. Totemcarvers can be good, but against decks with a lot of board clears it's difficult to get value. The guaranteed 6-health (and 4-7 attack) of the Fireguard seems good compared to Totemcarvers, but apparently that is not an opinion shared by many.


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    So I'm not the only one considering [cardFlameguard Destroyer[/card] as an alternative to Draenei Totemcarver? Are you satisfied with the card?

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    posted a message on Tuning Even Shaman (wild)

    Your thoughts on Fireguard Destroyer as an alternative (or supplement?) to Draenei Totemcarver? Worst case you end up with the attack of an unbuffed Carver, but keep a decent butt. Best case, it's a 3-totem carver. Overload of one still allows you to play 4-mana another next turn.

    No one seems to be running it though, so I'm probably missing something.


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    posted a message on New Legendary Warlock Spell - The Soularium

    Call to Soularium? Seems decent in Zoolock

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    posted a message on Please Blizzard - More stats!

    The "Your Month in Hearthstone" e-mail from Blizzard is something I always look forward to. I just wish they would share more. A lot more! Maybe I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to statistics, but I love to ponder win rates, streaks and how many times I did this, to achieve that.
    Obviously I'm a heavy user of HSReplay and Deck Tracker, but lately I've been forced to do much of my playing on an iPhone, and boy do I miss my Deck Tracker, both in-game and to keep track of my success or (quite often) failure.

    I could keep notes manually while playing (many do), but I'm both forgetful and a bit lazy. And all the data is there, inside the HS software somewhere anyway. If I could just get my hands on it.

    So listen Blizzard, how about an option where you could receive a complete match log in that monthly e-mail. Make that match log available online through my Blizzard account too, and I'm actually willing to pay a small monthly subscription fee to access it.

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    posted a message on Poll: Which pre-order bonus would you rather receive? 20 extra packs or a random golden legendary?

    Tracking my packs for the last five expansions indicates an average value of 90 to 110 dust per pack. 20 packs >1800 dust, while a golden legendary is worth 1600 dust. So based on value alone, 20 packs is the better deal. Additionally, if we're talking about a new expansion and a lot of cards you don't have but need to craft, the deal is very much in favour of the 20 packs.

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    posted a message on SecretMage

    I'll follow your recommendation. Things changed quit a bit at rank 9. Could you say some words on your main reasons behind Spellbreaker and Firelands?

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    posted a message on Keep Taverns of Time quest goals

    Dear Blizzard

    When the #TavernsOfTime event ends, please retain the daily quest goals and scrap the original ones.

    I’ve truly enjoyed the Taverns of Time. The extra dust was nice, the high gold rewards was nice, but the thing that made Taverns of Time really great was quest goals that can be easily achieved while laddering with your favourite deck(s). If you love Hearthstone, but have limited time to play, the normal quest goals can sometimes be a drag.

    Most players crave for gold, to buy packs, increase their collection and be able to play even more decks that are fun. So you do the quests, if you like them or not. Even the «Everybody! Get in here!» - unless your able to swap them for something better.

    If you’re spending what little spare time you have, trying to climb the ladder with your Odd Paladin or Even Warlock, playing 30 Priest cards or 6 Pirates isn’t fun. It’s just wasted time. So you throw together a stupid Pirate Priest deck, play some uninspired matches in Casual and hope you get time over for a ranked match later on.

    The Taverns of Time quest goals are SO MUCH BETTER. Taking a number of turns, drawing a number of cards or playing a number of spells can be done with most tier 1, 2 or 3 decks (ok, Spiteful decks don’t run many spells, but …). You can prove that you are an active player and earn your gold while you play the decks you like and do things that you find meaningful.

    It’s nice to promote diversity, which I think is the idea behind the original quest goals. But it must be even nicer if you can increase the time people feel it is fun playing the game. Playing decks you like is fun. Playing decks you don’t like is not fun, even when you get paid gold to do it. So do the right thing. Use the off-meta reports to promote diversity and give us quest goals that can be achieved while playing what we like.

    Best regards,


    PS. Spread the word if you agree.

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    posted a message on SecretMage

    I think you're on to something good. Have gone from rank 17 to 9 with only 4 losses this season with something similar.  Differences being

    - 1 Lackey   +1 Ice Lance (3-mana 7 dmg combined with Frostbolt is tremendous. Might also stall the opponent for one extra turn)
    -2 Glyphs   +2 Mad Scientist (feel Glyph being too inconsistent. Scientist helps thinning the deck, increasing the chance find your burn spell finishers)
    -1 Apprentice  +1 Arcane Intellect (running out of steam is the only thing stopping this deck. Apprentice gets killed so easily)
    -2 Firelands  +2 Forgotten Torch (Firelands is great, but torches can give you 6-mana 9 dmg, and this deck has the cycling speed to give you all the torches. Also find Firelands and Pyroblasts too expensive and inflexible)
    - 1 Spellbreaker +1 Potion of Polymorph (to secure value from Scientists/Archonologists and increase cycling)

    I found that Ice Block is mandatory, Feel half of my victories have been on my dying breath, the turn after Ice Block was popped.

    Wish you all the best in your future play with Secret Mage.


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    posted a message on Preorder for the first time???

    It's definitely worth it, in my opinion.

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    posted a message on What is your favorite Hearthstone Battlefield/Game Board?

    The Excavation Site - because of the bouncing coins.

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    posted a message on Something needs to be done about warlocks


    Quote from Velrun >>


    Quote from captram77 >>


    Quote from Velrun >>


    Quote from captram77 >>


    Quote from Velrun >>


    Quote from Laysson >>

    - Best boards clears, check
    - Best healing, check
    - Best draw mechanics, check
    - Best Dk hero card, check
    - Solid Taunts

    And he's not going to lose that much with the rotation next month, so what is Blizzard waiting to fix this messed class ? next expansion will just offer him more and certainly better cards to mess with and it will them another 3 months to react and nerf the wrong card, seriously, this is just getting stupid here.

    Warlock became the strongest class because they nerfed Priest.
    Were you also one of the people who called for a Priest nerf?
    We warned you: If you want to nerf 1 thing, then another will take its place. Learn your lesson now! 
     I'm sorry but this is just wrong, pally decks been top dog for months, even before the nerf.
    LOL ;) Paladins’ were not ‘top dog’ as you so funnily call the aggro decks that got destroyed during the Razakus meta before CubeLock was a thing. 
     Aggro decks they be but, both pally decks were 1st and 2nd in winrate decks, even during raza. Raza was strong, but was still listed as teir 2.
    According to your source but not the rest of the world. Or can you provide the data?
     Things have gone a little back and forth, but according to Blizzpros Ladder Optimizer, Paladin were pretty good at the end of 2017.
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    posted a message on Dave Kosak is on an Important Mission!

    Judging by the teaser orb, Duskwood seems more likely than Crystalsong Forest to me.

    Perhaps we’ll see the new tribe Worgen and neutral legendaries like Goldrinn – your worgens have +2 attack and Baron Silverlaine – deal 2 damage to all worgens, plus some worgen minions like Bloodmoon Initiate and Bloodmoon Raider?

    And how about Mage Legenday Archmage Arugal - your secrets cost (1), or minions like Raven Hill Grave Robber, Malvolent Dark Rider and Corpseweed?

    Grinding gold and preparing for an exciting expansion J

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