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     Surely they will nerf hunters at some point. They are broken right now. To the OP according to Hearthpwn it is currently 66% of the top 15 by win rate.

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    Just rank 15 and no you can’t. It is very hard everybody has insane top tier decks and has incredible luck. I have tried all kinds of supposed good decks and best I ever did was 19. No matter what I have or what I do everybody has a perfect counter and always has the most perfect card on hand to beat me no matter what. 

    I just ran this supposed tier 3 deck that can get you top 50 and I am sill 0 stars at level 20. I won a few but most the time I lost. Everybody has crazy decks. 


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    I lost 10 in a row at level 20. This deck sucks. I just fought a priest that had a card that gave them 40 health and unlimited cards with taunt, blood mage, and armor. It seems everybody has insane decks and alway draws perfect cards. There seems to be an unlimited number of 10k decks at level 20. 

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    i really like the shaman class, but I can seem to win very often. After like a zillion I got to 19 but keep getting back to the bottom of 20. Everybody seems to have very aggressive decks or 10,000+ dust decks. Why is it so hard to win at 20. Why are they not ranked higher. 

    I really screwed up spending dust on decks that suck. Seems like half or more decks are agress8ve hunters. 

    Is there any shaman decks that can get me to 15?


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    I am so sick of going up against insane expensive decks at level 20.  Does nobody ever level higher? Every deck has tons of legendaries and high dust cost meta decks. Is there any place for people to play who do not have every damn card or do they just quit playing after they realize how stupid this game is. 

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    Do not waste dust on this stupid deck. You can win but it is rare. Best case this is 40% win deck. It is very hard to get the cards you need.  

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    The shaman hero power really sucks. It should only cost one mana crystal to make it kind of good and to make it as good as the rogue, mage, and paladin it should cost 2 mana crystals and summon 2 random totems. 

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    I just ran into this card. The guy used it twice. I left this game after the first year and now I remember why.  I come back to this junk.  What is the point of a game with an I win card? That is just stupid. I refuse to give Blizzard any more money. 

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