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    I'm leary of calling this busted after Fire Plume Harbinger, but this has some really good combo potential. Looking forward to trying it out!

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    The power level of this is certainly questionable, and I would have preferred...just about anything else, but it compares rather interestingly to vinecleaver. -1 attack and +1 mana, but the effect will usually be much more powerful than two recruits. Vinecleaver may not see play, but it certainly isn't a trash tier card either.

    Food for thought.

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    In the world of bad ideas I want to try...

    Cthun hunter. Heheheheuahuh!

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    I love the design and flavor but it looks so mediocre. And it straight up dies to a 3/2 with nothing to show for it.

    That being said, against ping classes it's a more powerful tidehunter, and it sets up for a very good flametongue turn, so I don't know. It's difficult to say, since we haven't really seen a spawning type minion at this low cost, what with moroes and imp master costing 3. I think it's worth messing around with at least.

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    On the topic of 10 mana combos that will never work, umbra + embrace the shadows + 2x chow + 2x mistress of mixtures + circle of healing = dead opponent. :D

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    Weasel Tunneler is going to have a hayday.

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    @Hearthpwn, perhaps you could list out the cards from the old sets that are getting changed into elementals? Doesn't have to  be in card form, just a list, would be helpful to be able to compare everything on one page though, especially with how the elemental mechanic is going to work.

    This page is fantastic btw.

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    Of note, this is the first deathrattle minion for shaman to get. Ever.


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    Al'Akir definitely takes a hit with this.

    It's not just that the alakir combo is more expensive and can't double dip, it's that rockbiter, at this cost, may not even be worth running in decks that would run alakir. It's difficult to say, but this being 2 mana makes it absolutely terrible as far as removal goes. This change is way more impactful than it looks than it looks.

    I'd have much rather they touched on doomhammer. They mention the versatility of rockbiter, including burst, but the primary burst that they're talking about is because of doomhammer, not rockbiter.

    They even mention it being one of the most widely used cards in shaman history, but... well... fireball? PW:S? PO? Those are of a similar nature, are they not?

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    Reporting for duty!

    Er, I mean... bwaaa? (Whatever sound a totem makes)

    I never commented a lot on the shaman forums, but I very much enjoyed the discussions, even post- Old Gods. Looking forward to seeing this place brighten up a bit :)

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