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    Those that are saying Tickatus is fine as is probably don’t play much control or combo decks in high rank. One card should not be able to auto win against these decks but when combined with Y’Shaarj it’s ridiculous. Play any Paladin (especially pure) or priest deck against a decent skilled tickatus deck player and you will see what I’m talking about..I just auto concede.

    I don’t understand the reason why they haven’t nerfed Tickatus because it will limit and create problems to future expansions in control and combo decks. Either nerf Tickatus to 8 mana or make it burn both players cards. At 8 mana it’s not as easy to activate. If they nerf it to make it burn both players cards, it limits warlock to play aggressive only decks while still disrupting control or combo decks.. In conclusion, one class yet alone one card should not punish and limit all other types of control or combo decks. 

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