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    Zephyros is one of the most unique, fascinatingly programmed, and all around useful cards Hearthstone has printed in years, and it practically revitalizes the highlander genre, with the help of some other highlander support cards in certain classes.

    So why, why, WHY did they give one of the most obnoxious voice lines in the game?! 

    Reno Jackson: "We're gonna be rich!" (confident, inspiring, hopeful)

    Kazakus: "Behold the power of the Kabal..." (Intimidating, mysterious, threatening)

    Zephyros: "Your wish is my command, duuude!" (Annoying callifornia surfer dude voice)

    Like, seriously? You couldn't give him some mystical, epic egyptian accent? I know, I know, hearthstone isn't a serious game, but if I'm going to be hearing this voice line for the next two years as he's put into every other deck, you could at least make it appealing.

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    posted a message on New Priest Spell - Forbidden Words

    You people aren't seeing the big picture! This may not be as value oriented as pain or death, but it's SO FUCKING FLEXIBLE. No matter what stage of the game, if you draw this, you can use it. It's SO FUCKING GOOD.

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    posted a message on New Warlock Legendary - Arch-Villain Rafaam

    Okay, so I know what you're thinking - this card is kinda bad. And yeah, it is. I mean, the legendaries are random. However, it's probably the most fun card I've ever seen in the game - just flat out, no conditions, change your deck. I'm sorry, but I LOVE this, and will be memeing it into all my warlock decks no matter what you people say. It's a last resort card. I love it.

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    posted a message on Did anyone else's rhastakan portrait change?

    So the new rhastakan shaman portrait was... ruined, for lack of a better word. I know this is phenomenally petty, but it used to be fine, and now there's a big, obnoxious, flashing green glare over it which obscures the cool art half of the time. It really just makes it a lot worse. I hate it. Does anyone else notice that?

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    posted a message on The Pepper Thread - Share your good vibes!


    I just bought 25 rhastakan packs for christmas.

    out of 12 packs, I got THREE LEGENDARIES.


    Like, I can't make this shit up.

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    posted a message on Can I just say how much I love rumble run? (poll)

    Okay, I know everyone loves to hate on this game for some reason, but I gotta say.... I fucking LOVE rumble run. It's easily my favorite of the single-player-adventures so far.

    For starters, for the first time since freaking NAXRAAMAS (arguably kharazaan), We actually got enemies who respond to our emotes appropriately. And not just one boss with responses to the emotes - ALL NINE OF THEM HAVE PROPER RESPONSES. It's like fucking christmas for flavor. 

    In addition, there are all sorts of little touches which make it so much more enjoyable. When you have lethal, there's actually a chance for an audio clue from your character - even if it's something you wouldn't otherwise expect. My guy said I had lethal when all I had was a Hallucination in hand - I hallucinated a Blessed Champion, which gave me enough for lethal. Or, when the enemy takes out their shrine, they acknowledge not only it, but also YOUR CLASS. Like, if they kill the frog shrine, Jeklik says "ready to croak?" or something like that. There's multiple responses like that. It's so freaking cool, such a great touch. I'm sorry but I can't emphasize this enough - Hearthstone has been lacking in flavor quite a bit, even with the single player adventures, and this really helps make you feel like you're part of the world.

    And then there's the shrines - they give you three distinct ways to play for each class, so there's basically 27 highly supported archetypes in the format. I kind of hope they make a tavern brawl with these things.

    And despite the shrines, it's still balanced! I mean, yeah, the opponent gets a shrine too, but even then, this is a legitimately tough mode, despite how broken your build can get. It may just be me being bad, but still, I really do think that this mode is pretty tough.

    I don't know why, but I'm having more fun with this mode than I've had with Hearthstone in a LONG time. What do you guys think?

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    posted a message on What happened to that whole "discarding opponent's cards is against our policy" bit?

    “We want a combo counter!”

    ”Here’s a niche counter card.”

    ”This makes us angrier for some reason!”

    Im not angry about it - i'm freaking ecstatic that they gave us a combo counter and a bunch of Thanos memes. I'm just confused as hell.

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    posted a message on What happened to that whole "discarding opponent's cards is against our policy" bit?

    Blizzard: "We don't want to give players the ability to discard opponent's cards, because that might take away the fun of the game."

    Also Blizzard: (Makes spell which literally destroys half of opponent's deck)

    I mean, did their design philosophy change when I wasn't looking? What is this?

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    posted a message on New Warlock Spell - Void Contract

    (2 champions playing, one about to draw his shudderwock combo on turn 9)

    Warlock: "...You should have gone for the face."

    Shaman: "NO!"

    (Warlock snaps, drops Void Contract, half both decks dissolve)

    Shudderwock: "Mr. Thrall? I don't feel so good..."

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