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    I wouldn't call it unstoppable, as there surely are SOME decks catered to beat it. But I'll say this, Quest Mage and Quest Warlock are so unfun to play against that it's literally driven my away from the game until a balance patch comes. Just terrible. The good news is Team5 seems to already be aware, it's just a matter of wait time now. I have to agree with the popular opinion though, most of these quest were such a bad design decision. From what I can see, only Warrior, Paladin and Rogue have fun quest that are interactive and fun to play as and against. They need to consider the FUN FACTOR of a quest in the future before printing it. If a quest seems to ignore most of the aspects of interactive play, then it's probably not going to be a very fun addition to the game.

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    It's rubbish I have to agree. But at least it seems Blizzard is already aware of it, they just haven't decided which cards to adjust, but it's already been confirmed that something will be done to restore order. Therefore I am not too worried at the moment, everyone knows there's a balance problem from the gamers to the streamers to the devs themselves.

    Now if the balance patch ends up being way too mild and they let certain power decks get away with a slap on the wrist, THEN I'm gonna be back here sounding off the skies.

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    So is the new cosmetic already active or do we have to wait til the new expac launches?

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    It's pretty fun and probably will be strong at certain times in the meta, just not at this moment because it's gotten hyper aggro fast. When the meta is so fast, those infinite value plays are meaningless. The other problem is the extreme big decks that only slam down huge minions every turn the late game, they will be favored against this. Lastly the OTK combo decks will eat this alive. If you omit those 3 things this stands a decent chance.

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    Special shoutout to this particular cardback:


    Looking slick as the devil himself. Really creative how the cape is used for the corner trim.

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    I don't agree with you OP, I hated the last expansion and this one to be much more interesting. I've already been experimenting with so many fun and new deck ideas. Of course the only problem is everyone else I match just uses the same few top tier decks, but that's been the case since this game was invented. People will never stop using the best, easiest and cheapest netdecks.

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    A lot of good ideas in this thread. More than anything I'm looking strongly at Twin Slice and Dance. I think Dance to 3 mana and Twin Slice to 1dmg. If I'm to be honest, I think Twin Slice is a problem card period. We've seen it as a 0mana 1dmg, it's busted and we've seen it at 1mana 2dmg which is every better. I really can't think of an elegant way to fairly nerf the card without making it laughably bad. 2mana slice is too expensive, 1mana for 1dmg also seems ridiculous but I'd rather it be under powered than over powered which is currently what it is.

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    Hogwash. People have been saying this since HS was in beta and the discussion has never ever stopped. Every single expansion has been similar, it starts with an influx of aggro and slowly tapers into a more rounded meta. The exceptions to this would be if something was outright broken preventing the meta from correcting itself (such as HunterTaker or AoO DH) in which case card nerfs had to happen. Aggro is no better in DMF than it was in other expansion release. Soul DH is the top deck to be sure, but I think it's disingenuous to call it an aggro deck, when it's actually a combo deck comprised with 70% being healing and removal similar to Bomb Warrior but just better in every way. I agree with many that Soul DH is too good and should be nerfed, but in fact my biggest grip with it isn't even the face dmg, it's actually the insane healing, silence and AoE combined which prevents you from punishing a deck like that in the way that you normally would.

    So right now ctrl decks are able to beat aggro, the problem is they lose to mid-range tempo decks. For example, if you try a true healing/fatigue deck such as Healing Shaman or Res Priest, you'll quickly find that it's VERY hard to lose to any aggro matchup. Your losses tend to be from things like Pure Paladin, HL Hunter, Ramp Druid and Casino Mage having a powerful turn every turn from 4-8, with each turn getting progressively more difficult to answer. They also lose to wide board token decks like Zoolock, Murloc Pally and Token Druid but I feel it should be said that wide board decks equally pray upon aggro decks that try to win via face dmg and so the circle continues. When people say aggro beats ctrl, that's a lie. Aggro would only beat ctrl if you're running a ctrl deck that hardly runs anything defensive. You can't build a deck of greedy big value + some removal and get mad when someone drops bombs on your face uncontested. The anti-aggro cards have always been there, but people don't wanna run them because they aren't valuable vs other ctrl decks and that's the truth. You look at the popular ctrl deck list and it's like this thing called taunt and heal doesn't exist... If you run a lot of taunts and heals, you win vs aggro but you have to except the losses when you run out of steam vs the greedy stuff. That's meta teching, that's the game we play, it doesn't mean aggro is too good.

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    Quote from Coffeerino >>

    Reynad... Been a long time since I have heard his name. What happened to him? õ.o

     He quit playing HS to focus on making his own game. Props to him for actually going through with it, he said from the beginning that he had no intention of trying to compete with a giant like HS but rather wanted to make different kind of CCG that focused more on decision making and less on the RNG clown fest that HS has become. TBH I expected the game of a small indie dev team to look like donkey piss, but it looks... surprisingly good so far.

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    I just wanna chime in to say it's so awesome having a Paladin Demon in the game, his intro is too awesome. Also I'm having a blast playing him.

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    Rogue is so quality that it's succeeding in multiple archetypes easily. I don't think there's doing 1 particular direction Rogue goes in, not when so many different decks are working well. Gala is working, HL is working, Stealth is working, hyper aggro weapon is working, tempo is working, trap is working, even quest is working. That's what happens when a class has such a strong core set added to bonkers cards every expac. Other classes get a lot of hit and miss cards, but Rogue consistently gets cream of the crop stuff.

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    Quote from nyseK >>

    I got legend this expansion by playing highlander shaman with over a 65% winrate. Shaman is good if you know how to build and play it and cards like this only make shaman's control strategy even better than it is now 

     bullshit. Nobody gets 65% wr with HL Shaman to legend unless the total games played is from a very small sample, like less than 20 games.

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    Well this was a error in our favor if you ask me. Why would we want packs from old expansions that we already have most of the cards we want, when instead we got NEW expansion packs that feature cards we don't have. This is a win.

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    Yea but the new Gibberling will have the same text.

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