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    lol maybe for climbing until Rank 20 :p

    This quest is not worth it and it straight up doesn't work.

    I just dusted it for a Rat Pack and the rats with Leok or Houndmaster have proven more deadly than any raptors you may get on turn 10+. The Hunter is a class that looses steam the longer the game drags, with Call of the Wild gone, virtually no card draw and very limited removal you don't want to be playing much longer after turn 6, you'll have an empty hand, and empty board and all your prayers won't be answered by a 3/2 raptor or a 1 drop.

    BTW I just destroyed a Rogue who completed The Caverns Below very early with No quest, No legendaries, just Rat Pack, Leok and a Nesting Roc :)

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    lol what are you smoking, Rat Pack > Hound Master, now you just blocked your opponent and got 4 rats next turn, sacrifice them into a Hyena and you just blew somebody a new asshole

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    This card has saved my life so many times I now carry a copy of it in my wallet instead of condoms

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    Meta defining my ass! This card sucks and I regret crafting it. First you have to dilute your deck with a bunch of 1drops making you defenseless and play catch up for half the game then when the 8/8 comes out it's (Of course) insta killed, what you have left is a deck full of 1 drops, an empty hand a board dominated by your opponent and your last hope is what? drawing a 3/2 raptor?? in turn 8-9??? wow...just wow...

    Now let's assume you're a bit smarter and decide to go a mix of mid range with about 8 1 drops to complete this quest as a secondary win condition. Well now you have a very inconsistent deck that you'll either never complete the quest or, if you're lucky, complete it when the game is already over.

    Worthless, I only play it for fun


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    ^ This, maybe if Queen Carnassa and her brood had charge this would be playable a Kamikazee deck, but the way it is now you're basically ruining your deck to get this out and when it does there's no payoff. Carnassa dies instantly, maybe you get a few raptors MAYBE and then what? the other quests instantly give you a big chance to win but not Hunter's this Quest has no impact at all because it's not worth the drawbacks.

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    This is why I rather buy Boosters!

    This is why I rather buy Boosters :p

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    This is specially strong if your opponent is on a cellphone xD

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    But not the one we deserve

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    Pretty worthless, it's 1 health means it gets destroyed by anything before your second turn so it will almost never cast it's effect on curve. Oh and it doesn't help that your other 1 drop minion already has Divine Shield, stick to Argent Squire instead

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    It does with Hunter since it has nothing that can be considered a serious threat besides Highmane

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