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    pensaer is that you?

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    Doesn't look like a ninja to me.

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    The dream: infinite giant killer.

    Reality: infinite piloted shredder fodder. 

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    The coolest part about Thoughtsteal is how it allows priests to obtain cards they normally "aren't allowed" to have. Cards like Swipe are exclusive to their class, and priest having access to those cards can make for amazing games. In my opinion, Burgle takes the idea of Thoughtsteal but increases the chance of getting "prohibited" combos (Archmage Antonidas on a rogue? Can you say "OP"?) while also increasing the chances of getting bad cards (you might get Eye for an Eye... even though nobody is going to have it in their deck). All in all, a fair balance.

    Also, I'm quite curious about the interaction between an opponent turned into Ragnaros by Majordomo Executus and Burgle... maybe it could pull from the Showdown at Blackrock Mountain tavern brawl decklist used by Ragnaros? That would be sweet as hell!

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