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    The Bladeslinger

                                             The Hero                                    The Hero Power


    The Hero Power, Concealed Blade, has multiple token weapons, similar to the Shaman Hero Power. There are three Knives in total:

    The Bladeslinger class is a Jack-of-all-Trades type, so he can pull out one of his knives in any situation. Bladeslinger cards have a great variety of uses, covering all the possible bases, but this variety comes at the cost of card efficiency.

    Showcase Cards:

    I've got a nice assortment of rarities for the showcase cards today!

    Double Throw: A basic card for a Basic set. Double Throw is an example of some possible removal for the class. It can be risky to play while ahead though, so watch out. (I also had to include it to show some available synergy with the Loa!)

    Pathcarver: A simple common from Journey to Un'goro . This explorer will drop his tool for you upon his untimely demise. While this might be a bit above the curve, it makes more use of Bladeslinger's themes of using whatever they have at their disposal... even if it belonged to a dear friend. May he rest in peace.

    Spirit of the Viper: The spirit for Bladeslinger's Rastakhan's Rumble set. I'm sure you can already see the synergy with the Viper Loa. It doesn't stop there however, as I have ideas for making Poisonous a theme for Un'goro as well, so you'll be sure to see more as time goes on.

    Recluse's Retreat: Easily the wackiest of the showcase cards today, as Epic-rarity cards frequently are. And, yes, Bladeslinger will use Secrets , as Rogue always should have. This Secret acts as a flavorful form of protection for a weak Bladeslinger, as they go into hiding. But be careful; if your opponent advances, or you make too much noise, you'll be found out!

    Sseratus, the Viper: Behold, the Bladeslinger's Loa of Vipers and Snakes! This vicious reptile will call upon its underlings to feed upon those made weak by your spells. The vipers of course become even more dangerous with Poisonous from the Spirit.

    I have some plans laid out for each and every set we are going to make cards for, so make sure to vote to see what is to come!


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