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    Paladin Dragon Deck
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    Running amazing. 70% win rate - struggling with a couple lucky druids. May switch blessing of wisdom for solemn vigil

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    posted a message on Is Hearthstone becoming "Cheesey"?

    At the conclusion of a season, all players are reset but receive bonus stars based upon last season's achieved rank. Now, as we ascend back up the ladder, one must deal with the vast population of lower level players. While a lot of these players remain low because of widely inconsistent "cheese" decks, it's always disappointing to lose win streaks when these decks result in lucky mulligans and draws.

    What I've experienced this season:

    Mill Rogue: using Gang Up on Coldlight Oracle.

    Freeze Mage: Resulted in Alexstrazia to Frostbolt, Ice Lance, Ice Lance, Fireball.

    ??? Shaman: Crap deck with finisher of Magylos, Crackle, Crackle, Lava Burst.

    Druid: Ramp to OTK with Savage Roar with Force of Nature, but always classically OP.

    Bloodlust Shaman: well i run a control shaman, but i do run Bloodlust cause it typically results in OTK. and i just did 40 damage in one turn to a warrior!!!

    Just getting worried that Hearthstone may move into Yu-gi-oh territory with massive amounts of autopilot decks.


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    Quote from LolBapper »

    It's funny that in every hunter topic some people come whining about hunter doesn't require any skill. It's one of the most stupid comments I've seen on hearthpwn.

    Yes there are decks that are more difficult to play but a lot of the decks played basically do the same thing all the time.

    Hunter is way more difficult than people think (at least if you want to get legend), because you play an aggro deck the room for error is marginal and because a lot of players play it, you've to outskill them in mirror matches. Also people will tech against your deck a lot.

    This is wrong and this post should be removed. As a Hunter you make less decisions on smart trading since your going face. Similar to a Mech Mage. In another words, its an ALL offensive deck. While you are correct is stating that there is little room for error, there is also MUCH less chance of error since the class does not have any well developed defensive strategies, decks and play. Much less decision making is required.

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    Quote from D00mL0rd »

    bouncing blade is going to be god-tier with grim patron and axe flinger

    yes! forgot about axe flinger. I think the combination of both of these cards will really give warrior the board clear and control it needs.

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    posted a message on Why Priest BRM hype?

    Just very disappointed. wanted to see better use of heal mechanic.

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    I've seen the hype for Twilight Whelp and people were going nuts over Resurrect. My main was Priest/Shaman and after I saw the BRM release I officially have given up on Priest. Twilight Whelp is a crap Zombie Chow because you need a card for the +1 and zombie chow has the potential to deal dmg to the enemy if you have soulpriest. Lastly, Resurrect will be crap. It should be a 5 mana card were you can can CHOOSE the minion from the graveyard. Having it be random creates WAYYYY too much inconsistency and luck. I do not know what Blizzard was thinking.

    IMO of BRM.. RIP. Priest + Warrior. Blizzard just doesnt seem like they know where to take these classes =(.

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    Quote from Gilliamgaming »
    Quote from Zamber »
    Quote from Gilliamgaming »

    Yeah, spell damage only affects any damage amount that is given on spells, not on minion effects. However, you could see Flamewaker itself as a +2 spell damage minion in some situations (if you play Arcane Missiles or if you Fireball the opponents face while your opponent has no minions it deals 8 damage). For a 3 mana minion that also has good stats, that is just insane imo

    I see value if you can cast AT least two spells. So it will probably work best in a Mech deck, but then thats nearly the same thing as a goblin blastmage.

    I think that Flamewaker will do fine in a mech deck, but mech mage already has so many 3-drops to pick from. I think the deck i linked will get possibly even better value off of the Flamewaker since the Sorcerer's Apprentices make all the 1 mana spells cost 0.

    Good point!, how do you think having a ton of low cost card will work mid and late game? or the draw strength to have a hand of the low cost cards?

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