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    Chillin' in the corridor 

     your dad is forty-four.

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    While this is pretty strong, cards like these always make me realize that how broken Arcanologist is....

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    Nobody mentioned Arena yet.

    Even if you control 1 Silver Hand Recruit a 5 Mana 5/5 Divine Shield minion is decent.

    And if you're lucky enough in the draft phase you can combo this with Stand Against Darkness which is insane in my opinion.

    In constructed? Meeeeeeh, lets wait until all cards are revealed...

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    Im gona let you guys discuss the card so Im gona talk about the theme of the card.

    Its so good they printed this because this is one of the most oldschool/iconic Priest spells in World of Warcraft just like Smite.

    As a vanilla WoW player, I like seeing these kind of cards... waiting to see if this gets enough potentional though.

    And not to mention the epic artwork of the card.

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    At least we know who invented the fidget spinners

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    I dont want to be this person but... Since everyone thinks this card is bad (including myself) lets mention the art.

    Its pretty sweet. I wonder how it looks in golden (the glowing web and all of the shiny things). Sad its wasted on this card...

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    This is what really happens when you conjure a Zombeast.

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    an dont forget the thing that this is in theory a 3/2 weapon 


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    This card is really strong in Jade Druid decks.

    You know.. just defend yourself for example with  Feral Rage (often with Fandal)

    Just get to lategame and survive...

    Then just summon infinite Jade Golems and expect your opponent to remove it.

    Now with this card you even buff those creatures and get some deffense to continue swarming... Really strong card in Jade decks in my opinion.

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    Well if Gorillabot A-3 is played in Mech decks back in the days (Im only dissing standard format). This could be a good card too. It needs a setup ofc but its worth the Discover. And 5 Mana 4/5 on its own is not an awful statline too.

    Im looking forward to see this card in play cuz Discover effects are always fun and flexible.

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    Meta -Defining no matter what.

    You just have to vote for that..

    Cuteness overload.

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    I dont want to be this guy, but since everyone discussed the card already I want to talk about the artwork.

    1 word. Amazing!

    Hes gear is on fucking point. The turquoise/green/gold colors matched together...

    Damn I want to dress like this everyday.. not to mention the epic green sword.

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    4 mana variated vanilla stat minion boosted with a Holy Light effect with just 1 Overload wich can be a synergy thanks to Troggzor.

    Wow. This card is really solid in my oppinion. Not sure if Shaman is the class that needs more healing tho..

    Edit: Not to mention the epic artwork aswell..

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