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    posted a message on Lets Take A Vote!! Should Whizbang be added to the classic set??

    I feel like Whizbang the Wonderful is a very good card both for fun and also for the community at large. It should be kept around and not rotated out so future generations of Hearthstone players can add him to their collection and have the ability to experience Hearthstone at its fullest possibility.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Season 35 Begins - The Kabal

    finally the one true card back

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    posted a message on The next expansion

    how about just not disenchanting cards u dont have extras of and try to complete your collection.

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    posted a message on Too many Reno Jacksons: I am very happy he will rotate out soon.

    Reno Jackson is our lord and saviour and I hope they put him in standard format and refrain from rotating him out. he provided the game with an all new archtype and gave rise to a viable type of play to help combat the ever rising aggro based decks that run rampant in Hearthstone.

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    posted a message on To all those who are dissatisfied with MSoG so far.

    well said. dont know why people cant focus on the fun of playing instead of trying to always be mayor of value town and viable only decks for ladder and tourney play.

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    posted a message on A Friendly Game of Chess is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    Hated this in the adventure and still hated it in Tavenr Brawl. got my pack after 2 tries and dipped. 50% winrate deck you win or you lose. lol

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    posted a message on OTK Velen Back At It Again...

    I want to say yes because its an enabler for burst instead of depending only on auchenai but i know its an epic and some people might not have or be able to craft 2. id say its unavoidable but if you just cant find away to run two of them then run one and maybe replace the missing one with an azure drake or loot hoarder for more card cycle.

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    posted a message on Mill decks

    Yeah the loss of heals and defensive stall stuff like Deathlord  really hurt mill deck type. Only thing Mill got from new expansion was Darkfisher which really should have been a guaranteed draw for ur opponent than a 50/50 chance to make it really viable. Ryzen was running a build on his stream using Cult Apothecary for heals  tho but as the guy above stated most matches will come down to you winning or losing based on if you can find your Coldlights.

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    posted a message on How to report a player who added you...
    Quote from CritterQueen >>

    Sent you a hateful message including telling me to kill myself as well as calling me the 'N' word. They immediately unfriended me after saying it and all I have is a partial screen shot that I took with snipping tool to share in a discord. Now while this person didn't really upset me, I can see him possibly really hurting someone else.

    I added him as we were playing tavern brawl and he was playing a mech deck that was almost a for sure win. I managed to win and thought he might have added me to talk about the battle or whatever. Obviously i'm stupid. 

    Since I couldn't report him through the client is there a way I can contact blizzard to inform them of this person. I have the picture of his message that includes his username but would rather send it to a blizzard person through PM to save either that person harassment or others from having to see his hateful message.

     Detective Google is on the case:

    "Since the report function is well hidden and many of you might not know this yet, here's a quick guide on how to report a player in Hearthstone:

    • Step 1: Accept friend request.

    • Step 2: Tab out of Hearthstone and open your friends list from the Battle.net launcher. Right-click on their name and click on "Report". A report-window pops up and remains, even if they unfriend you.

    • Step 3: Say "hi" and wait for their response.

    • Step 4: If they harass you, copy pasta everything they wrote into the report-window, change reason to "Harassment" and "Send Report".

    • Step 5: Thank them for adding you, so you were able to report them and remove them from your friends list."

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    posted a message on Cards you LOVE for no real reason.

    Shifter Zerus cause he is adorable and trained with Goku and King Kai to master the Spirit Bomb.

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