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    Dont forget this can be discounted with 4 mana 4/4 dude, who also made it into the core set. An 8/8 minion, that if you cheat it onto the board somehow has "1 mana: get charge" and if it survives it has "1 mana: get windfury" on the following turns is just stupid.

    Oh and it also has rush as a bonus, so it can kill taunts before it goes face.

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    The questions are:

    Does the inheritance work on other "abilities"? Like taunt, divine shields, other deathrattles etc. From the way its worded, I think not (it says "these powers" referring to the spell damage +2 and the deathrattle itself).

    Does the inheritance allow stacking spell damage higher than the +2? If you have some spell damage minion (Lab Partner for instance) inherit this and then it dies, does the next creature inherit +3 spell damage, or just the +2? This one seems more plausible that it may work, but not sure.

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    I feel like in the early days of Hearthstone the RNG element was actually somewhat controllable and there was clearly a certain skill involved in making certain plays. For example:

    You have 2/2, opponent has 3/3. You got Mad Bomber in hand. If you trade and then the Bomber whiffs all three shots, youre setting yourself up for a disaster, do you take the risk? When you calculate that there is actually around 70% chance that at least one of the bombs hits, you can see its actually good idea. Yea, sometimes you get screwed, but over long period of time (dozens of games), making the "smart" choice when it comes to RNG pays off.

    Same with other older cards like Piloted Shredder - yes there was the occasional Doomsayer or Millhouse Manastorm. But that was also the part of the "skill". Knowing which 2-drops are in the pool, and how many of the possible outcomes are going to screw you and then deciding whether to go for it or not. But most of the time, it was just going to be just some random 2/2, 2/3 or 3/2 body without any significant effect.

    So if you have Backstab in hand and two 3/2 minions, if you trade one of the 3/2s into the front part of the Shredder, you can estimate that about 70% of the time, youll be able to backstab the deathrattle part, if its 2/1, 2/2, 3/2, 3/1. Around 15% of the time its gonna be 1/1, 1/2, 1/3 - so you can kill it with the other 3/2, and only around 15% of the time its gonna be 2/3.

    But today the randomness seems a bit too much "spread out". When something generates a random spell, well it can be Frostbolt or Flamestrike or Pyroblast. The variance is simply too high. Considering theres about 50 Mage spells valid in standard, it results in a situation where its actually smarter not to play around anything. Because if you do play around something, youre making the wrong choice 98% of the time.

    Lets say for instance enemy Paladin has 3/3 minion and Oh My Yogg!. You have Holy Smite and Shadow Word: Pain, so youre going to try to kill it with the second spell. But which one you play first? Is random 1-drop spell better, or random 2-drop spell better? The pool for both cards is simply too big and the number of outlier spells that can produce huge swings is high. You might think that 2-cost spell must be better than 1-cost, right? Well theres also lot more buffs for 2-mana that can buff the minion out of range of your Holy Smite... Same thing if the 1-cost spell buffs its attack (making it 4 or higher therefore nullifying the option to kill it with SW: Pain). Tell me - how many people know the ratio of 1-cost attack buffing spells vs. 2-cost health buffing spells across all 10 classes from the top of their head? In the end the best decision is just "do whatever" and hope. There are no smart choices.

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    Explosive Runes - After your opponent plays a minion, deal 5 damage to it. If that kills it, deal 2 damage to the enemy hero.

    Voidcaller - Deathrattle: Put a random demon from your hand into the battlefield and silence it.

    Kingsbane - Always keeps enchantments. Deathrattle: Shuffle this into your deck and increase its cost by (1).

    Raza the Chained - change statline to 4/6; Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, your hero power costs (1) this game.

    Archmage Vargoth - At the start of your turn, cast a spell youve cast last turn (targets are random).


    Runes is too much face damage and has no viable counterplay. Its just a minor nerf, but allows for enemy to mitigate the damage by playing something small.

    Voidcaller is just super strong for its cost. Silencing still provides bunch of stats and potential for good Guldan ressurect later or a body to be Cubed, but prevents locking the game early with Voidlords / Enhanced Dreadlords / Malganis... also stops any Doomguard shenanigans.

    Agree that Kingsbane should cost more. But increasing the cost slowly the more you play seems better fit "lore-wise".

    Shadowreaper hero power is still very good for 1 mana, but it stops any 30 damage OTK nonsense. To compensate for the nerf, changing Raza to 4/6 is a buff (better statline than 5/5, also Shadowreaper doesnt kill it with its battlecry).

    Vargoth already has a good statline for a 4 drop. The ability to double up on spells is kinda insane. Especially considering the interactions with ressurects, Shadow Essence and druid Oaken Summons. This way it would need to survive a turn. In most cases this is a big nerf, but it would also enable cool play: turn 3 coin Vargoth, if opponent cant kill it, you get coin again next turn. This change kinda gives me Nat Pagle vibes... who in all honestly should be buffed from 0/4 to a 1/3.

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    Usually what happens is that when there is an update for the PC version of the game, the same update for the mobile version of HS will come like a day or two later and until then it is impossible to have the mobile running on the "current" version. That means purchases with amazon coins are delayed by a few days. At least that is my experience.

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    Oh yea, sometimes the highrolls are real...

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    All they have to do is make Wretched Tiller like 3 mana 3/3.

    Suddenly the combo completely stops working in warlock (it will clean the board before doing lethal) and in Priest, Shrinkmeister becomes a MUST include part of the combo, not just optional part of the combo. And 3 mana Tiller + 3 mana Deathspeaker + 2 mana Shrinkmeister + 3 mana Hysteria = 4 cards and 11 mana, which is very similar to other OTK combos in the game.

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    I think if you play Loot Hoarder, Acolyte of Pain, Coldlight Oracle package instead of Gadgetzan Auctioneer, it will automaticaly provide defense against Explosive Runes / Snipe / Potion of Polymorph / Dirty Rat and such tech cards.

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    Hysteria is clearly the most bonkers card. Its possibly the strongest cards from the entire Darkmoon set (including the original cards). Its 3 mana removal thats extremely flexible. It can kill two or more minions. If enemy has one big minion and couple small ones, its a board wipe. And its extremely easy to setup OTK combo card (Wretched Tiller + Deathspeaker). Its gonna break wild immediately.

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    Considering it takes on average 80 packs to get 4 legendaries, 15 bucks or 2000 gold is definitely "good value". And especially considering that dual-class cards are more usefull in general (can fit into twice as many decks) it seems like its definitely worth it. The only exception would be if you have hoarded enough packs (about 30-40 I guess) to get all the rares and you dont like the legendaries.

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    He might be innocent. Its more of Blizzard problem and their inability to do proper bugfixing. If you watch Hysterias HS Mythbusters series on youtube and you go like 6 months back, half of the bugs (and broken interactions) that are in the videos are still in the game.

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    Yea, just happened to me as well... Turn 4, gave one of my minions poisonous, opponent instantly concedes. Sometimes they dont really think these tawern brawls through.

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    Theres no strategy. Its just incredibly badly designed achievement...

    Nobody is going to play spells when they have lethal on board.

    Nobody is going to play spells if they are down to low HP and you will kill them next turn... they concede instead.


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    They just reduced the required exp. And the reduction was mostly for later levels (from 40 to 50). So unless you were already within that lvl 40+ range, you probably didnt receive any substantial amount (perhaps even zero).

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    All they have to do to fix the Akazamzarak issue is to add some new secret into the pool. That way, if you have 4 secrets and no minions, youre not guaranteed to have to have Ice Block every turn...

    Either design a new battlegrounds specific secret, or use one of the existing secrets that is not in his hero power pool yet but still would make sense in BGs (Noble Sacrifice, Pack Tactics, Effigy)

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