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    I came to this discussion to see wether it's something more than typical hating on Zeddy and it seems it hardly is. His content is about being critical about the state of the game and pointing out things that can be done to improve it. I don't know where do you guys get the idea that he is bitter, he is a very passionate person who deeply cares about the game. Also, the idea that his only or main followers are enraged children who just want to complain and complain is wrong. A lot of them just understand and appreciate his critical approach.
    My main point here is that there are sensible reasons to engage with his content, there is some real value it brings and his perspective can be useful for someone who is interested and cares about hearthstone, so boiling it all down to ramblings of an old, lonely man is ignorant, unfair and incomplete.
    I totally understand why people may not like what he is doing and his way of expressing himself, but I think those who dislike him are way too judgemental and too often act as if the only valid reason to engage with his content was to let your hate and anger on stupid blizzard devs out, which is just untrue. 
    Edit: Regarding my first line, I should clarify there are also posts that are not typical  hating on Zeddy, thanks to people who wrote them.

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    posted a message on Im on ios and I can't buy the new packs

    I have the same problem on my PC, can't buy packs.

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    posted a message on New Mage Rare Card Revealed - Iceblood Tower

    I see some perhaps serious problems with the support big-spell mage is receiving so far. The pirate from dead mines draws you a spell, the new legendary draws 2 spells and this card cheats 3 of them out from your deck, so to fully make use out of all theese cards you would have to run really a lot of big spells, like 8 or something. But if you do so, there will be times when you play Iceblood Tower for a lot of mana and you are not even guaranteed to get the spell you currently want, this is very costly spell for it's unreliability.
    What makes making this archetype work even harder is that with all the cheating out of big spells avalible you want to  avoid targeted big spells like Arcane Overflow or maybe even Deep Freeze. Your Grey Sage Parrot can also become clunky if you are cheating all your spells out with Iceblood Tower or Clumsy Courier.
    In conclusion, so far it seems like a very clunky deck idea to me. I'd much prefer if they didn't discourage big-spell mage to also put regularly costed spell in their decks.

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    posted a message on I Finally Get Why People Hate Tickatus

    Instead of trying to understand the point OP makes you are trying to ridicule it.

    Questions you ask are not important, details doesn't matter because the situation is mentioned as a source of inspiration and not a prove for anything.

    As far as I understand of course, the OP claims that among people who complain about tickatus are those who simpky don't adjust their playstyle to the matchup and then complain. Is such statement really so wrong that it doesn't deserve to be discussed in a civil manner?

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    posted a message on Honestly I don't understand why people play this game anymore.

    It surprised my how relatable your post is. I'm currently doing my daily quests in standard with deathrattle hunter I made work as well as I could and I also can't relate at all to people who play some basic op paladin. Sure, there is some skill required to play well with any deck, but I can't see in such activity much more than artificially feeding your brain with victory-chemicals. I wouldn't say it's a "wrong" way to play, but I find it shallow, much less rewarding and something I never could enjoy.

    Hearthstone isn't a game when creativity pays off much, but it is possible to still have some success with homebrewed decks and satisfaction after winning with one of them against spell mage or paladin is incredible c:

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    posted a message on [Legend] Lunacy Mage STILL GOOD! (video Guide)

    I always thought that disadvantage of playing C'Thun, the Shattered in such deck is that it makes you less likely to draw Deck of Lunacy and Incanter's Flow early.

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    posted a message on How to nerf Oh My Yogg!

    I saw someone suggesting to make it so that when your opponent casts a spell, you cast a random spell of that cost. It's still yogg-related but becomes a meme card only.  Making the spell you cast cost x more than the one opponent cast could make the card more usefull maybe.

    The idea sounds interesting to me, but I get that it would probably kill the card and Blizzard almost surely won't do it.


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    posted a message on Masters Tour: Orgrimmar - Results and Decklists!

    I just meant that saying that the meta has been figured out is a poor reply to the original comment as it implies that the conclusion it came to is correct and tries to explain it in a way that doesn't make sense.

    Pointing out that the game is in fact more diverse than it may seem is much more reasonable way of disageering.

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    posted a message on Masters Tour: Orgrimmar - Results and Decklists!

    Figured out meta can very well have more than 5 decks viable for pro play and establishing such situation should be one of the game designers' goals. They have proven it's possible previous expansions and such meta situation clearly requires changes.

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    I'm curious about one thing regarding this deck. How often do you actually play Neeru Fireblade in games? This deck has so much value that I can't imagine how games can get long enough for you to really make use of this card. I would like to be wrong though as the deck looks fun and different then your usual contrl warlock which makes me want to try it.

    Also, Neeru Fireblade isn't mentioned as a win condition in any of listed gameplans.

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    posted a message on Old Ysera's Card Pool Changes Coming Soon - With Dust Refund

    Look at this situation like this: there is this new card, Ysera the dreamer, which adds some unique 5 cards to your hand. If those cars were to good, the card would be op, therfore they need to be balanced.

    The change isn't about nerfing the dream cards, but about making new Ysera balanced, as dream cards weren't originally designed to be received 5 at once. I see your point about 'dream', as the change makes the card less interesting, but I also acknowledge that Ysera the dreamer will probably be widely played anyway and the changes were necessary to make her balanced. Old Ysera would not see any play after her new version is out, so here nerfing dream cards doesn't really matter and they won't be nerfed in classic mode, where old Ysera will probably show up.

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