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    As a player that had about 1/2 year break and seeing how people play in rank 10-20, I can tell, that if you are a new player, there is nothing to feel bad about. You literally got to rank 16 in which people are stuck for years even with meta decks. I faced maaaany golden heroes with full meta decks at rank ~20 and even if they are not as good as people in rank ~5 they still have the deck that plays for them. If I were you and I knew what I have done, I'd be just proud of myself and just tried to get the deck I have most fun/success with and learn how to play it better. Of course someone can say, that this game is only about learning the meta decks and knowing what's in your opponent's deck from the start, but I focus more on what I'm doing and what I'm doing wrong. Used to be legend in standard in Kharazan, Loe and Naxx without even knowing what is the meta. Ofc when i met secret pally 10 times in a row I can tell what's going to happen on turn 6, but still from perspective I currently am, I feel kinda proud of what I did. I even attended some tournaments with mediocre knowledge about meta (renolock pirate warrior days).

    Now I'm just casually "griding" on wild, because I just feel like it's better that standard nowadays. But I'm more than sure that if i want to climb I can get to legend without knowing the decks and even new cards. (i won 3 games in a row with miracle rogue without noticing change to cold blood to 2 mana ._.).

    Imo, the most fun i have playing this game is just having decent success with the deck I find most fun. Even if I lose I'm having fun, becasue I played something I want to play and if I win i'm more happy than when I win with some zoolock that I just crafted to climb and have 0 interest in playing.

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    Can Bloodmage Thalnos be replaced by a Cult Sorcerer

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