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    Ever since conceal and oracle got HoF i knew rogue will never be the same.Then came quest rogue and keleseth rogue, and i thought hey maybe losing miracle and mill wasnt too bad, until they murdered quest rogue and keleseth rogue. Thats when i got flashbacks to conceal and oracle getting wiped off standard. Then baku rogue came around and the inferior version of miracle came about aswell. hmm this isnt too bad but the miracle rogue with spiders will never be as cool as the questing rogue or red mana wyrm rogue, Until eventually those two decks rotated out and now we have Tempo Rogue, and i thought hey another decent rogue deck, NOPE not until they murdered prep i dont even care about raiding party and miscreant but prep was way to far blizzard. literally just rename rogue to priest and thats it. rogue is garbage now.



    time to switch to hunter :)

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