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    posted a message on Wisdomball is the worst treasure

    nah, the worst is the one that draws to extra cards every turn. Unless you're playing hard combo it just has no upside


    Wisdomball won an entire run for me with a perfect-timed iceblock. It also once filled my hand with Wrenchcaliburs, which sounds fun, but totally ruined my game. 

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    posted a message on It Is Time To Nerf SN1P-SNAP?

    Thanks to this card we have a super diverse meta now!

    Mech mid-range hunter
    Mech control Warrior
    Mech Combo preist
    Mech Paladin
    Mech token Druid
    Mech tempo rogue
    Mech Zoolock

    Oh wait...


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    posted a message on Dalaran Heist is a bummer

    It's... ok. At first it was fun. Now I'm just playing to get the rewards. There's a handful of treasures that are so much better than all the rest, the whole game really comes down to which treasures you're offered.

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    posted a message on The 207th Brawl Spectacular! Rise of Shadows Pack Reward

    Absolutely busted if you get infinite free Barista Lynchen

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    posted a message on Literally nobody uses original decks whether it's casual or ranked (If any, it's like less than 5%)

    I don't think you've used the term "literally" correctly

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    posted a message on Which buff hypes you the most?

    I feel like mech hunter is going to be really busted and Warlock got no help

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    posted a message on Card Nerf - Preparation
    Quote from AnonSpartan >>

    Using prep on Eviscerate and Sap? EleGiggle

     Not sure you understand how Combo works.

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    posted a message on Game of Thrones is disappointing
    Quote from Ehronatha >>
    Quote from YJHS2000 >>
    Quote from linkblade91 >>
    Quote from Everdawn >>


    2) Message turns out to be shit..Don't care if it is fantasy, action, thriller, german bdsm porn, a message must exist..Right now the only message this show sends is "you cannot escape your past" and thats a shitty message to send.. Seriously, her father was mad so she has to be mad, just lazy, lame and cliché..

     This is the part that personally bothers me the most: the nihilist message we're being given. Maybe people (like myself) shouldn't have expected a happy ending, and maybe this was GRRM's ultimate point all along, but I really did not need 8+ years of story to end with "nothing matters, you can't escape your past or overcome your deficiencies, everyone is fucked." Real life is cynical enough as it is.

    I'll paraphrase an article I read: "the showrunners said that this final season would be 'bittersweet', but they pushed too much 'bitter' and not enough 'sweet'."

     To me, one thing that could really make this ending is Queen Sansa. For all the lack of growth/reversion we've seen (Jamie, Brienne, Dany, Cersi), Sansa going from being the dumbest Stark and dumbest main character in the first few seasons, to becoming the most cunning and prescient character(super-saiyan Bran not included) has been a real bright spot (your "sweet" so to speak"). After all the horror she's endured, seeing her end up on top would be nice. It would also pacify all those saying that show treats women poorly after Dany became a crazy-pants that's surely going to die. Though I can't imagine the books ending with Queen Sansa, her character in the books is dumb beyond repair.

    At the very least, there should be some surprise ending rather than "the heroic and good male chosen one becomes the king."  He's acts just like Ned and Robb Stark, but I bet he won't suffer their fates.    

    We all know that he's going to kill Danearys and become king, although he'll feel very bad about it, I'm sure.  A very bad ending to a story that was supposedly about upending the conventions of fantasy.  

     I don't think so. I think he'll kill Dany (his Queen) and then take the black rather than become king.

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    posted a message on Game of Thrones is disappointing
    Quote from YJHS2000 >>

    This thread = Dany.

    Upon reaching the end of the show and finding that it was not as expected, the posters here have decided to go nuclear on the show destroy it completely.

    Now it all makes sense.

     congratz, after failing to make a coherent argument you basically throw it all away and go "nu-uh you're stupid"

    I guess we finally found the target demographic of people literally incapable of understanding the process of writing and therefore will eat up any dog turd fed to them

     It was supposed to be joke...

    I never said the writing was great. Its been sub par since benioff and weiss passed the source material, and worse the last couple seasons when they tried to cram too much into too few episodes. I just think all the Dany hate/shock is unjustified given all the telegraphing over the past 8 seasons of show and in the books. Could the lead-up have been handled better? Sure. Was it so bad enough to justify the Internets losing their collective shit? No.

    It was really an enjoyable episode for me. The sub par writing was far outweighed by great acting, amazing visuals, a good general story line.

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    posted a message on Blizzard fix your game!
    Quote from DiamondDM13 >>

    It is actually your fault. That is a connection problem, happens to me every once in a blue moon, but it does happen and it is because of connection issues.

     If you make a mobile app, you need account for connection issues. The problem is that the app often fails to recognize a connection issue properly. Instead it lets you play like there's no problem. After you're opponent does not play for a while, or you realize its been a while and there should have been a rope by now, it's too late. You hard-exit the app, wait 2 minutes for it to reload and rejoin your game and by then your opponent has had 2-3 turns and its over. 

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